Picture Post: campaigners are “visionaries”, says shadow minister on visit to shale gas sites

180831 Barry Gardiner Refracktion 7

Barry Gardiner MP visits Preston New Road near Blackpool, 31 August 2018. Photo: Refracktion

Labour’s climate change spokesman, Barry Gardiner, today visited Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road shale gas site near Blackpool, where fracking is imminent. He also went to Altcar Moss, a site near Formby earmarked for fracking by Aurora Resources.

Mr Gardiner, the shadow secretary for international trade, energy and climate change, met campaigners at both sites. In a tweet this afternoon he said:

“A real tonic to meet the campaigners against fracking at Altcar Moss and Preston New Road. Visionaries dedicated to a clean sustainable future. If only everyone saw things so clearly.”

180831 Barry Gardiner visit to PNR

Mr Gardiner’s visit to Preston New Road follows those by senior Labour figures, the shadow business, energy and industrial strategy secretary, Rebecca Long Bailey, and the shadow chancellor, John McDonnell.

Cuadrilla has said it expected to begin fracking at Preston New Road in quarter 3 of this year (July-September). An application for planning permission to drill and frack at Altcar Moss is expected in the coming months.

A spokesperson for Frack Free Lancashire said:

“Barry Gardiner addressed a crowd of over 100 local people, engaging in conversations with local residents who expressed their worries over the removal of local democracy and the damaging impacts of fracking upon the environment and communities.

“He reiterated Labour’s complete commitment to ban fracking as soon as they are elected and promised to relay the community’s concerns back to Labour HQ.”

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  1. They have been called Luddites. Not true. Luddites were trying to protect their trade. This lot are just trying to destroy the economy and the ecology with lies, distortion and disruption.

    • So let’s develop our shale gas industry, cut out CO2 intensive LNG cargoes, kick coal into the long grass. Team up gas as base load with intermittent renewables.

      Switch to electric vehicles also CNG trucks which cuts out petrol and diesel from the energy mix

      All of the above drastically reducing our CO2 Emissions

      Couple this with prosperity and self sufficiency for the U.K and lower energy bills because we are not importing expensive LNG, diesel and petrol

      Shale gas Companies paying £Millions of tax directly into the treasury

  2. Good Morning everyone…

    Good news…

    This month the first U.K shale gas will start to be recovered…

    Days to go now…

        • Dormant? Aren’t fossils dead things? That is the very definition of terminal isn’t it? Or are you thinking of raising the undead?

          Recycling would be a lot greener, and there are plenty of ripe methane gas rich collection points that the residents would be only too pleased for you lot to rummage through it to your hearts content?

          There are jobs on the local refuse collection rounds if you ask nicely enough?

          Job solved!


          Everybody wins!

          Much better than poisoning the environment with the old hardened stuff and much more productive and socially responsible isnt it?

    • Kisheny – you’d better tell AJ Lucas then – they’ve been telling the world that hydraulic fracturing at PNR is not expected to commence until October 2018.

      Or maybe Cuadrilla are telling you stuff they don’t tell their investors – that must be it.

      [Typo corrected at poster’s request]

    • Well when you keep telling people you are trustworthy and then deliberately breach your TMP you can get away with it once Martin. Nothing to be too proud of though really is it?

    • Hmm – “the whole process of developing a well typically takes from 3-5 months. A few weeks to prepare the site, Four to six weeks to drill the well and the one to three months of completion activities which includes 1-7 days of stimulation ”

      This doesn’t sound much like Cuadrilla’s experience at Preston New Road now does it Paul?

      I mean at Cuadrilla’s rate of development (1 pad prepared in 7 months, 2 wells drilled in 13 months, and no fracking yet) a 40 well pad would be being developed for decades not months wouldn’t it?

      • No it wouldn’t. Each successive well drilled will be a lot faster than the previous as they go through the learning curve and optimise the drilling operation and design. Range Resources are now drilling 12,000 ft horizontal sections in the Marcellus shale in a couple of months (recently>18,000ft horizontals). They are producing around 2 billion cubic feet per day of gas. Thats equivalent to the whole UK Southern North Sea in the 1980’s. It would not be unusual for Cuadrilla to sell some or all to a company like Range and let them operate. Break the back of the learning curve.


        Range’s economics do not look like a “Ponzi” scheme?

  3. Over 300 arrested at PNR. Nothing to be proud of, is it refracktion?

    At the end of the day, the antis values are different to mine. Perhaps 300+ arrests have dictated that Cuadrilla and the police adjust their policies accordingly.

    • Let’s see; number of wells Cuadrilla have fracked – one with 50 seismic events;
      experience world wide – zero;
      bring in the big guns claim some – ‘ang on a mo arn’t they the lot who have buggered up the US?’

      It seems those impatiently waiting on the inevitable balls-up are getting a little bitchy, eh?
      Take a chill pill and all will be revealed in time, although not September am afraid……

      Happy Sundays!

      • Yes, we will know in the next couple of months. Commercial or not…. Additional info on Cuadrilla from Edison – AJ Lucas coverage including Preese Hall flow rates:


        “AJ Lucas has interest in 256,000 net shale acres, and is currently participating in the drilling and completion of up to four horizontal wells at the Cuadrilla operated Preston New Road (PNR) site. Initial results from PNR are expected in Q418, with potential to be followed by an extended well test during which produced gas is sold in to the local gas grid. Whilst there is significant uncertainty around productivity,
        Cuadrilla is confident that results from the planned c 1km horizontal will exceed those of the nearby Preese-Hall 1 where gas flowed from the Bowland at 400-500mscfd in 2011 from three vertical frac stages. Consultancy, Anderson Thompson, has constructed probabilistic-type curves for the Bowland using US analogue and core data, implying that a mid-case EUR of 6.5bcf and 30-day IP rate of c.15mmscfd (Edison interpretation from published data) is achievable from a 2.5km lateral. Confidence in our valuation will increase once a type curve (initial production rate, decline rate and gas recovery) has been established.”

        “Cuadrilla has planning permission to drill up to four horizontal wells from its Preston New Road (PNR) location in the Fylde, Lancashire.
        The current programme includes two wells with the remaining two wells to be drilled at a later stage. The location has been chosen in an area with the best well control and where there is a high confidence in the subsurface stratigraphy. Vertical drilling was completed in January 2018 through the Upper and Lower Bowland which was cored and logged. Based on the data gathered from the well, Cuadrilla has chosen where to position two 1000m horizontal wells which will be hydraulically stimulated with 45 stages per well. Each well will then be flow tested for up to 90 days. This initial test may be followed by an Extended Well Test (EWT) which would likely last for 18 to 24 months and would allow Cuadrilla to gather longer term production data with the option to sell produced gas in to the local grid.”

  4. So The Labour Party are against fracking?

    Greater Manchester a Labour run Council are heavily invested in fracking to the tune of £989,047,680… Hmmmm…

    Lancashire Council has £184,600,000, is that what saying no to fracking means?

    Oh and Scotland £972 Million

    Wales £Billions, lost track now

    In fact £9,000,000,000 is invested by Local Councils in the U.K into fracking…

    Nimbyism on a Billion Pound scale…

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