Second eviction outside East Yorkshire well site


Belongings remaining after the removal of structures from the West Newton Monitoring Station, 22 March 2019. Photo: West Newton Gateway to the Gasfields

A camp established to monitor operations at an oil and gas exploration site in East Yorkshire has been evicted for a second time.

About 30 bailiffs working for East Riding of Yorkshire Council cleared structures and tents from the verge outside the Rathlin Energy site at West Newton. Eyewitnesses said more than 30 police officers supported the eviction.

The West Newton Monitoring Station was established earlier this year to report on work at the site, where Rathlin Energy has permission to drill and test a second well. It has been recording operations at the site for about the past eight weeks. The council removed a previous camp last month.

During testing of the first well in 2014, observers reported concerns which resulted in the Environment Agency recording at least 14 breaches of conditions of the environmental permit.

The bailiffs arrived at about 9am this morning and began clearing the structures at about 11.30am.

One of the monitors, Ross Monaghan, said:

“After the first eviction we had a lot of support from the local community. We really thought that, rather than these snap evictions, the council officers would come and talk to us.

“We didn’t think they would want to spend thousands of pounds on another eviction.

“I am surprised and quite disappointed. It demonstrates that the local council is not listening to local people.

“We did say we would have a 24-hours a day presence and we do not intend to give up on that. We just have to figure out how to do it now.”

A spokesperson for the council said:

“East Riding of Yorkshire Council continues to have serious road safety concerns about the encampment at West Newton.

“The safety of road users and the safety of individuals at this encampment is our top priority.

“These are narrow, unclassified roads with no road markings and are used regularly by farm machinery and heavy goods vehicles. Obstructions and hazards, such as the tents and wooden structures erected, on the sides of these narrow roads can cause visibility issues for all road users and drivers, and therefore increase the risk of accidents.

“Because of these road safety concerns, the council, supported by the police, have taken appropriate action to remove all the items from this area.

“This action was taken under the emergency procedure contained in section 149(2) of the Highways Act 1980.”

Two caravans moved in the first eviction are still at a council compound. DrillOrDrop report

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  1. They are not only ‘monitoring’, they are actively trying to impact the drill- jumping on lorries, slow walking and generally being unpleasant.

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  2. The council knows full well there’ve been 14 breaches of the environmental permit. Unmonitored shale gas drilling, that makes us world leaders. I’m disgusted with the ERYC.

    • There are those on Drill or Drop who think that the reason that ERC are victimising Independent public monitoring and hiding the failures to comply with regulations during the operations of Rathlin at West Newton, is apparently to do with highway safety Stuart?

      Perhaps that old adage of “following the money” would be a more lucrative albeit narrow high, if not low-way to pursue?

      Something rotten in the local government heart of East Riding perhaps?

      And 30 policemen to evict half a dozen publicly spirited peaceful independent monitors when police numbers are down by 20,000 countrywide?

      Operation Manila Envelope has a lot to answer for.

      The local criminals and thugs must laugh all their free unopposed unpoliced way into someone’s smashed back door?

      It’s the children I feel sorry for, all those knives on the streets and no police presence because 30 police are diverted from their public duty to evict half a dozen peaceful public spirited independent monitors.

      • Paul

        Shale gas is unmonitored ( by these people ) as they are there and not at a shale gas site. Maybe they can move South and join the Misson Group who are not monitoring shale gas drilling either it seems, so would welcome some monitors?

        They can then enjoy being at one of the most monitored onshore shale gas sites ( by the regulator and public ) in the world, which makes us world leaders. Win win.

      • Monitoring: As per the Oxford Dictionary.
        A device used for observing, checking, or keeping a continuous record of something.

        1. A person operating a monitor.
        2 .A person who observes a process or activity to check that it is carried out fairly or correctly, especially in an official capacity.
        3. A person who listens to and reports on foreign radio broadcasts and signals.

        Are these not all statements potentially with a purpose for benefit of a system, process and recommendation to monitoring a system and process?, These tenants have no intention of monitoring a system and to make recommendations. they are there for a cease and desist of all exploration, prospecting, drilling and potentially fracking. Most of these camps are illegal, and are more dangerous than the legal and licenced oil and gas sites which have been sanctioned and approved by the government. They should be applied for and approved, if not they are removed and rightly by the local constabulary who have the right mediation and training for such a removal. either that or the Army!

  3. The breaches of the environmental permit Rathlin will doubtless make as before will be far more damaging and dangerous than the traffic risks. Indeed these risks are exacerbated by all the heavy traffic necessitated by the fracking Rathlin are doing!!!

    • Ruth Penny

      That Rathlin are not fracking is an issue noted here before.

      While conventional oil and gas exploration and production has its issues, fracking poses an additional set of risks and subjects to debate, which are the subject of discussion on here. One of which is the additional traffic resulting from fracking, something completely absent from conventional wells ( and warming to the subject, gas wells do not have oil tankers leaving the site).

      I am not sure why a number of people are of the opinion that Rathlin are fracking when they are not. Maybe it is a wind up?

  4. Exactly Paul.

    Strange as well that those who claim to be worried about Health and Safety are unable to practice it themselves, and worried about fossil fuel but utilise vast quantities of plastic!

    Probably needed 30 police to make sure no emergency workers were assaulted (allegedly, by Lincolnite.) How’s that one going?

    • This is interesting isn’t it, the more we see these heavy booted PR “expert contributors” descending on a subject, the closer to the bone the subject matter is.

      Clearly there is something here which needs the heavy booted treatment, perhaps the fossil fuel PR hotdeskers will trawl the tumbleweed strewn corridors to supply 30 more “fossil fuel police (ffp) ” to bully and attempt to evict any other comment here?

      Oh but of course, there are not 30 available are there? Only three so far, and from Paul Tresto’s comments, we doubt those too don’t we boys and girls?

      Maybe they will have to “trott” out a bunch of multiple ID clones to reinforce the eviction of the subject?

      Shall we count them ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls?

      Lets see how many they can conjure up to descend mob handed and dominate the subject here shall we?

      Let’s also play a little game too, shall we count the number of anti anti trigger meme words and personal comments here too?

      Because that is all they have left any more.

      Let’s count them at the end of the day shall we?

      And let’s flag up the first mention all those empty discredited bandied about memes too shall we?

      I’ll keep score on each subject post just for fun.

      [Typo corrected at poster’s request]

      • Thats Tresto, not Tresti, sorry Paul, the spell checker thinks its something to do with fountains in Rome apparently.

        Could that be changed please?


      • Phil C

        Your score is

        Personal comments. 1

        Phil vitriol trigger meme words and phrases 15

        Heavy booted
        PR expert
        PR hotdeskerd
        Strewn Corridors
        Fossil Fuel Police
        Multiple ID Clones
        Mob Handed
        Personal Comments
        Discredited Band
        Following the money

        Looks like a large score for antis to surpass

        • Good, excellent hewes62. Now you are getting it.

          Now you are understanding at last. Talk about employing a sledge hammer to crack a nut?

          Of course i did exactly the same as was thrown at me, that was the point of this second exercise

          The first strategy last week was to totally ignore everything you lot said, so both strategies were was to see where it all went. And now we know where it went dont we.

          I am glad you are finally beginning to see how stupid all this empty diatribe is, I can return like for like and i have done so often, but that is not achieving anything is it? Your colleagues and you occassionally have been doing this for years, so this second strategy was to illustrate that you reap what you sow.

          Now, you must ask yourself, how do we continue? With more of the same? Or do we return to a rational intelligent debate?

          that is up to you and your colleagues, i will either return like for like as i have done here, or we can actually debate without the attendent personal diatribes and empty memes.

          I am listening to question time at the moment and they are talking about death threats and threats of violence towards MP’s and we see that everywhere on the media and internet now, this is where we are going if we continue this trend, so we need to all ask ourselves here on Drill or Drop, do we perpetuate the growing insanity that public debate has descended into or do we try to find a way out of this suicidal trend?

          How do you want to proceed?

          [Typos corrected at poster’s request]

              • Many debates on Question Time and Any Answers, some dreadful died in the wool diatribes but also people are looking for answers to brexit and solutions for this countries future, one not referred to yet if at all, is the fossil fuel situation of course, but i am sure that will follow here and elsewhere.

                What i find heartening in some ways, is that this utter brexit disaster has triggered some very fundamental questions amongst those who are demonstrating in London right now, and those who are speaking on Any Answers.

                The Chinese word for disaster also means opportunity, perhaps we will find our way out of this present political disaster situation into a saner more intelligent future yet?

                I guess it depends on whether we feel a future is possible at all, in all avenues of human interaction, or whether we feel we are stuck in the old inertia and cant see a way out of it. One thing that is becoming apparent, is that many no longer have any faith in politics and politicians, that may transform politics in the UK and enable us to seek more and better systems of government.

                Once bitten, or rather in this governments case, many times bitten, twice shy perhaps.

                Interesting times indeed.

          • Phil C

            Gardening and a run interrupted the discourse.

            You raise an interesting point tho I do not agree fully with your take on how the discourse goes on DOD.

            What attracted me to DOD is

            1. The reporting ( which we no doubt all cough up a bit to support whether we fully agree with everything or not ).

            2. The wordy jousting that goes on here over points raised in the reports or by contributors.

            The comments section is not a place where rational intelligent debate always takes place, more a place where various opinions are challenged and information swapped about. Although from time to time sanity breaks out and we all sit back while the experts discuss such issues a defining the Pentre Chert, why all faults are critically stressed ( or not ) and so on.

            But primarily ( as Phil P a few others noted some while ago ) most issues here are a repeat of past issues recycled in the context of the latest report.

            So … DOD looks to be as close to rational debate as we can get on the issue in this particular medium. Certainly no one well be radicalised on here, something they may well do if they stick to discourse on exclusively for, or against web sites.

            So.. I am happy to proceed by continuing to challenge opinions or facts I disagree with while reading the various links supplied, and I am sure you will continue to do the same.

            • Good morning Hewes62, thanks for your reply, as you say we have a different take on how discussion or discourse or debate happens on Drill or Drop.
              I still maintain that there was a time when at least a degree of discussion or discourse or debate could take place on Drill or Drop with just those few notable exceptions.

              However now the reverse seems to be the case, where proper debate is becoming more and more rare and replaced with something less palatable.

              Looking around the media and on internet forums, i don’t post anywhere else myself, nor do i use any social media, but i see what passes for communication these days.

              Certainly Drill or Drop is the best and most carefully researched and independent forum for proper debate and is the only forum that i know of that provides real independent journalism on uk fracking and its associated operations and consequences for the onshore oil and gas and the reporting of the reactions to it and as such is beyond reproach.

              So thank you both Ruth and Paul for this forum and the best investigative reporting on the onshore fossil fuel exploitation and speculation in the UK, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

              It is Paul Seaman’s efforts to moderate the more volatile elements that have preserved the small core of real debate that is still as yet, possible considering the clear efforts by some to debase the discussion further into farce.

              So i thought it important to say that the standard of communication could benefit from some careful consideration here.

              I see that you are happy preserve the current standard of discussion, and that you see no room for improvement, of course, that is your choice and thank you for saying so.

              I do feel that what we see here now is only a pale shadow of just how further debased the efforts to debate rationally can sink.

              But i had to try, if only to express my concern, so thanks for your thoughts anyway.

              I must say i am not one to let things stay as they are, if i think that improvement is warranted, and when i see communication falling so far from rationality into these chaotic and divisive memes, i will say so and hope that other people will agree. Perhaps other contributors will also have their say, we will see.

          • sherwulfe
            The Guardian do not link to the data they use for the headline, and do not discuss it further in their report.

            The Labour Party analysis seems hard to find .. so maybe Jeremy has quoted from an as yet unreleased analysis?

            So we are none the wiser for reading the Guardian article as to how the Labour Party determined that the gov frack plans ( maybe half of our gas use ) will release the same CO2 as 29 coal fired power stations.

            At present we are using 30GW, with 6 from nuclear, 15 from renewables and the rest from gas and imports.

            So we only need 5 new coal fired power stations to fill the gap and get rid of gas, or just 18 Coal fired power stations to power us up in the absence of any renewables or gas.

            If someone out there has a link to the analysis, I am sure some further discussion will follow.

            • Am sure hewes, that like all good journalists, the source has been checked and verified. If you need this information I suggest you contact either the Labour Party or the Guardian.

              In the meantime, it appears that fracked gas is a danger to the planet; next.

              • Sherwulfe
                I am sure that the source has been checked and verified, it comes directly from the Labour Party. But the content is cut and past. Not that this standard of journalism is specific to the Guardian. I doubt that the journalists have read the research they mention.

                Re fracked gas, yes, it sits on a list of issues causing a danger to the planet, being in the fossil fuel bucket.

                Other risks are our good selves, agriculture, travel ( in which the subset ..Tourism sits ), and so forth.

                • And we can list all of these until the proverbial cows come home. If we cannot see the danger, we cannot address it. If we hide it amongst the rhetoric, we talk a lot and in the meantime the air literally runs out.

                  What would you prefer, an earth you can live and breathe on, or to keep arguing that fracked gas is the way forward?

                  NO fossil fuel is good for the planet. We must change, not try to substitute energy sources. Time is ticking…

                • Sherwulfe

                  I think we can all see the danger but balk at laying out what would be required in fine detail.

                  Easier to pick on fossil fuel and those nasty companies who produce a fraction of the worlds oil ( most is produced by gov run companies ) or maybe just the rich. As if just moving to renewables will save the planet!

                  As the Swedish studies note, the best thing you can do to save the planet is

                  1. Cut your CO2 use. Don’t travel, do not own a car, live in a small house, wear more clothes ( for is up North ), eat less, use less, wash less …..for some immediate relief, while developing carbon free heating and transport, grow your own food where possible.

                  2. Do not have children

                  In one generation the earth will sail on quite happily without Homo Sapiens. Maybe within a million years or so megafauna will reestablish themselves across the globe. Fragile ecosystems will no longer be fragile on the face of farming.

                  Or is the discussion, how can we continue to cover the planet in cities, farms and mines without causing a warming that may result in 2 above whether we want it or not?

                  Victory is not a battery powered Range Rover and holidays to the amazon on an electric ship, but it helps I guess.

                  Meanwhile DOD reports on issues and we all like to comment. If we all agree that hydrocarbon production onshore in the UK is bad and that its prevention will save the world then I guess DOD can shut up shop as there would be nothing left to talk about.

                  Maybe DOD would become Wind or windscale, Solar or storage?

                • Thank you for your points Hewes, a pity they are second hand…..as 95% of the world will go out today and find or grow their own food, not have time to kick back and watch TV, or reach for food provided for them from a local feeding station and pause to make a case for more destruction by supporting shale [all energy intensive pastimes, and in most parts totally unnecessary], I would agree in part with the studies – that we, the 5% are killing the planet and refuse to take responsibility.

                  So next time you type out support for fossil fuels, pick up your phone, watch the latest media kick whilst eating oil infused food, just remember, you cannot eat words, you cannot breathe oil.

                • Sherwulfe
                  Forgot to say
                  Are not all our comments second hand if we refer to a link, book, article or research to make the point?

                • Sherwulfe.

                  Where does that 95% come from?

                  It looks to be less than that globally



                  Bye the bye, I am happy to support renewable energy, and happy to see more radical moves by the government to grow the uk sustainable energy pot and work out how to improve the grid and solve the issue of supply reliability.

                  I even have a soft spot for tidal energy. I think the money wasted on HS2 could build a number of barrages into which you can plant turbines ( the barrages will have a life span > 100years ). I will get no benefit from HS2 but expect to pay for it.

                  Easy to write against hydrocarbons on here, but for many to whom DOD is something they know nothing about, difficult to practice it.

                • Sherwulfe

                  Yes, seeing for yourself is always good.

                  Which ones are second hand ( not seen for myself ) of the issues raised by me above?

                  I am sure there are a few, but it is not a clean sweep.

      • Jack TL

        The letter notes that the plant will shut down, if required to implement the directive, even though its emission levels are 10% of those in Middlesbrough.

        It seems a reasonable request for a small plant built in the 1970s and nearing the end of its operational life.

        Perhaps the local council and residents should have a say in the matter.

      • That’s one way of looking at it, Jack. Another would be WHO is attempting to keep a factory going in the UK and looking for assistance from the Government to do so-who then go and leak the correspondence for their own ends (Greg seems to be quite expert at that). Suspect he knows the car factory is already lost to UK and is protecting his rear-but he will be gone soon, so hardly matters other than to his ego.

        If you look at Sir Jim’s letter to Junker you can see what is happening to the European chemicals industry. Fortunately, in USA it is booming thanks to their booming financial boost called FRACKING, and new plants are being built, to the tune of $200 BILLION. Similar in China, but not to the same standards.

        Meanwhile, Sir Jim and his friends, comprising 0.15% of the population pay a total of £35.1bn in income tax and capital gains tax-the equivalent of the defence budget (according to HMRC).

        A recent investigation by the Times found that almost a third of billionaires have moved to tax havens in the past decade. That’s what happens, John Mc., when you start chattering about how you will raise money from them.

        So, Sir Jim will simply invest more in USA. Simples-but unfortunate for those in N.East.

        But Orwell puts it better: (Found in all good UK libraries-if they are still there after local authorities have wasted their budgets!)

        “In times of deceit, truth telling is a revolutionary act”.

        • Greta Thunberg speaks to Donald Trump, or is it Jim Ratcliffe?

          Billions and Billions and Billions and Billions and Billions and Billions and Billions and…..

  5. The concerns expressed by the Council should possibly have been considered properly during the planning and appeals processes.
    Then like Roseacre the site would not have been authorised to operate.

    • Considering the subject matter of this blog, that of victimisation of independent peaceful public service monitors and the efforts to close them down. The possible purpose of that is to have only “official” data that is never published except when it fits the intended agenda, we have seen how at PNR, Cuadrilla had a timely “failure” of their monitoring equipment during an unauthorised release of cold vented methane. Perhaps independent monitoring or even properly funded and staffed EA attendance monitoring would have revealed a less comfortable scenario.

      This is the follow up to The Corbett Report on “The Crisis of Science” and how most scientific papers and reports are subject to false positives and “pea hacking” of scientific papers in order to publish only those statistics which fit the intended narrative.

      This is a video which proposes the all ready active movement to get scientific data made freely available on the internet for all to draw their own conclusions about the possible interpretations of the data.

      Those efforts are clearly under fire by the old establishment guards who want to make data and its interpretation exclusively a private and secretive preserve and hidden behind impenetrable pay-walls and establishment only access for a price. All ready there are forums who will re-analyse freely published data and reveal that many such papers and reports would actually result in “no conclusion” rather than the apparent spin that has been attributed to it previously.

      Well worth watching,

      Solutions: Open Science on Bitchute:


      Or on you tube:

      • Well good morning ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls it is the 22nd Sunday since fracking was resurrected by Cuadrilla and again faded away and is apparently being attempted to be re re-re-resurrected again with images of a fizzing core and a convenient failure of neither independent nor public but private monitoring equipment during a cold vented release of methane gas, and apparently little else.

        So what with the subject matter and the Corbett Report about open science mentioned above, i thought we ought to have a song about science, perhaps Laurie Anderson’s “Big Science”, but then i remembered this from Andrew Bird called “Imitosis” and the lyrics are quite appropriate, so here are the lyrics by:

        Andrew Bird


        He’s keeping busy
        Yeah he’s bleeding stones
        With his machinations and his palindromes
        It was anything but hear the voice
        anything but hear the voice
        It was anything but hear the voice
        That says that we’re all basically alone

        Poor Professor Pynchon had only good intentions
        When he put his Bunsen burners all away
        And turning to a playground in a Petri dish
        Where single cells would swing their fists
        At anything that looks like easy prey
        In this nature show that rages every day
        It was then he heard his intuition say

        We were all basically alone
        And despite what all his studies had shown
        That what’s mistaken for closeness
        Is just a case for mitosis
        And why do some show no mercy
        While others are painfully shy
        Tell me doctor can you quantify
        He just wants to know the reason, the reason why

        Why do they congregate in groups of four
        Scatter like a billion spores
        And let the wind just carry them away?
        How can kids be so mean?
        Our famous doctor tried to glean
        As he went home at the end of the day
        In this nature show that rages every day
        It was then he heard his intuition say

        We were all basically alone
        Despite what all his studies had shown
        That what’s mistaken for closeness
        Is just a case of mitosis
        Sure fatal doses of malcontent through osmosis
        And why do some show no mercy
        While others are painfully shy
        Tell me doctor, can you quantify?
        The reason why

        Have a great Sunday with family and friends and perhaps look at the present political and scientific fiefdom that is being manufactured around us as we speak, and consider, that maybe open science free for all to see and analyse may well be a way of returning to sanity on this benighted planet.

    • The Council cannot claim that the camp at PNR is obstructing anything or anyone. You may not like it but the fact is the authorities, including the police, have a legal duty to facilitate peaceful protest. They already carry out their obligation to do this in a very obstructive, grudging and sometimes downright peevish and vindictive fashion. It’s clear for all to see that the playing field is certainly weighted in favour of Cuadrilla.

  6. Ruth or Paul, was any reason given as to why, two of the four caravans seized during the first eviction still remain in the council yard at Skirlaugh?

    • TW; substitute electric cars for phones; these are and have been for so long the killers.

      Those companies that charge you over two thousand for a new phone, which cost less than 500 to produce….where is the money going? To feed and provide protection for the miners and their families? No, to line the pockets of those 200+ who have ordered super yachts, have multiple homes, fueled by small investors and pension funds that make ‘something for nothing’.

      Take your phone out of your bag/pocket and take a good look at it; you are the one who now has the knowledge to make a change….

      • Made in China, Sherwulfe! Take a look at their $ reserves-that’s where the money is going.

        Probably very similar to your computer. Seems your knowledge has not produced a change.

        Perhaps you should direct the remarks to the striking children, who insist on the modern ‘phones, and other devices?

        However, one brighter note. It appears many have wishes to become scientists, according to recent research. Now, isn’t that a great step forward from pop stars and footballers? If they get back to their studies they may achieve it.

        • Or maybe Martin, you too could ditch the phone and your laptop and help those you keep using as fodder to argue the justification of more fossil fuels [which will kill infinitely more]…..stop dodging your responsibilities.

          • They are YOUR responsibilities, Sherwulfe. If you have those opinions, fine. You take action to reflect them, don’t ask others, who don’t have your views, to do what you will not.

            My ‘phone is used very rarely-probably three or four times a week for family connection, and appointment arrangements with NHS. I do have a Nokia 3120-antique value now- that sits in the car for emergency use, and costs less than £10/year. My passport was allowed to lapse last year as I have no need to fly anywhere.

            However, I do use oil products, gas and electricity and will do so until I am gone, so I take an interest in where it comes from. Unlike some, I take a bit of time to do that. Shocking way to live ones life, but it is mine not yours.

            More fossil fuel will be used world wide simply because there will be increases in population who will be middle class. I am not calling for more fossil fuel in UK, simply a replacement of what we import, if that is possible. The stuff we are importing could be left in the ground, or more likely, mopped up by that increase in population.

            • A little defensive, Marty; have I hit a nerve?

              No your life is not mine, thank goodness, but of course, your life affects millions, and will continue to do so whilst you support more fossil fuel production.

              As BP et al have stated recently they all want to be the last oil and gas producer standing. It is very clear that any oil and gas produced in the UK will be a replacement, merely an addition to the ever increasing production of energy intensive past times of a lazy nation……

              Whilst this attitude pervades, then it is only the proverbial ‘we’ that can make the difference. You may think it okay to leave the world in the mess it is, but you have enjoyed privileges beyond 95% of the planet.

              What your conscience will allow, so be it.

              [Typo corrected at poster’s request]

              • Not defensive at all, Sherwulfe. Suggest you get someone to read for you, although you suggest “any oil and gas produced in UK will be a replacement” so, you do occasionally see the reality.

                Your conscience allows you to continue your use of plastic, reaction adds his diesel to that. At least I steer clear of hypocrisy.

                • Dear me, you really have a problem with a certain individual’s car…a diversion of course, instead of meeting the shortfall head on….yes definitely defensive and now pretty agitated…..I would challenge your last statement, for sure 😉

    • TW

      I think that the link provided by Paul Tresco below can be used to make the point that most Cobalt will come from large mines and miners such as Glencore, rather than small hand picked mines, which are very high cost low output.

      These large mines are owned by large corporations, with shareholders, an expectation of making a profit and sometimes run at a loss ( shades of Ponzi schemes for some observers).

      So in the long run Cobalt will be as safely and environmentally sourced as it can be from the Congo et al, leaving those who at present vent their ire on greedy profit seeking capitalists to vent it on Cobalt Miners ( as they once did for coal, although I have yet to determine who was big coal here in the UK ( maybe the NUM)).

  7. Not only dying from the mining, dying from exposure to the cobalt, but also dying from Chinese buyers ripping them off, so they can produce electric cars for the West.

    • Stop talking Marty, and get out there and make a difference; help these people……..action not reaction.

      • Why doesn’t the Green activists call for a ban or boycott of battery related renewables?? It would be a great help.

        • Maybe TW, when the fossil fuels have come under sensible control, this exploitation by other capitalists to buy more yachts instead of protection for workers can be addressed? You could, of course, start now; let me know when your first protests take place, will be happy to join you……

      • Oh, I do exactly that, but I can also do both.

        Unlike some on DoD I have tried a hybrid-two exactly-heaps of rubbish! So back to petrol.

        Don’t be so nasty to reaction. He just likes puffing around in his 3 litre diesel.

        (Not to worry, they will soon start undersea mining for cobalt. That should take a few minds off plastic.)

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