Anti-fracking protest blocks Manchester supply company

190415 Mantank Manchester protest2

Lock-on protest outside Mantank Ltd in Greater Manchester, 15 April 2019. Photo: Roz Aroo

Two campaigners locked themselves together in a protest outside an industrial cleaning company early this morning.

No vehicles have entered or left the premises of Mantank Ltd at Little Hulton in Greater Manchester. The company has reportedly supplied the IGas shale gas site at Misson in north Nottinghamshire.

The two activists, a man and a woman, issued a statement:

“We are trying to highlight the dangers of this industry and actively encourage contractors not to support this for health impacts and environmental reasons.

“We would like a public announcement from Mantank to say that they are stopping backing fracking as many other companies have done up and down the country.”

They also criticised the behaviour of Mantank drivers visiting the Misson site.

190415 Mantank Manchester protest

Lock-on protest outside Mantank Ltd, Greater Manchester, early on 15 April 2019. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

At the time of writing, the protest was still underway.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said:

“Officers are there and engaging with protesters. They are facilitating a peaceful protest”.

The spokesperson later added:

“A man and a woman were been arrested on suspicion of aggravated trespassing.

“A 45-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of public order offences.”

DrillOrDrop asked Mantank to comment on the protest and the campaigners’ criticism. No one at the company was available.

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    • Tom?? Meaning that you don’t think every single person is entitled to an opinion about fracking, regardless of their appearance? These people are beautiful, and by putting their bodies on the line to stop this toxic industry, they become heroes in our time!
      It’s your water, climate, health, future and future that will suffer, and if you have them, your children or nieces/ nephews who will be impacted by this dirty fossil fuel! I should be saying thank you, tmrather than making shallow abusive comments.

      • Well, you have said thank you, Jenny.

        But, strangely, others may have a different point of view from yourself. I know it is “accepted” that the antis are more intelligent and caring than those who do not support them, but only by a minority. I believe Tom does think that every single person is entitled to an opinion about fracking. He seems to be within the majority who are not against it. Many of the rest may be typical “silent” majority, but don’t be surprised when some do not stay silent.

        I have children. They also would like to see fracking tested properly in the UK. They both use oil and gas, as you do, and would prefer it is sourced from within the UK so any benefits can be beneficial to them, rather than to someone over the horizon producing and sending it over to the UK. Maybe one of the benefits would be some tax to pay for the part of the NHS having to cope with the problems from passive smoking?

          • I brought them up to be able to look at all sides of an issue, WD. So, their reliance upon Giggling about Pennsylvania is tempered by their ability to see that within UK controls will be a bit different.

            Equally, they are aware of the environmental problems with oil extraction in countries such as Venezuela and Nigeria, but that does not turn them against oil extraction when done properly elsewhere. It does mean they are more interested in it being done elsewhere and properly. Just the same sort of decisions we make with regard to food we eat. We don’t stop eating.

            Pretty responsible my guys. Neither of them inflict passive smoking upon others.

            • Pro frackers continuing to fill their houses with imported Chinese goods but oddly object to importing oil and gas from Norway. What a strange bunch.

              • Not strange at all, John. It is called operating within a budget! Most quite like buying items they believe are cheaper. Many would buy UK goods if they were competitive. That’s why many were so supportive of N.Sea oil and gas!(In that case not so much cheaper but a source of taxation to reduce individual taxation resulting in a stronger budget within a household.)

                Maybe the reason some would like to see gas from UK fracking-to see if that might be the case also?

                So, pretty sensible bunch. Amongst them, those who return the favour by now exporting much of the crab harvested along the south coast to China. Which is interesting as it demonstrates the way China middle classes are determining trade patterns via consumption.

                • Getting even stranger

                  ‘return the favour by now exporting much of the crab harvested along the south coast to China’

                  That sounds reasonable until you state that you don’t want to import LNG from Qatar.

                  The UK ranked as Qatar’s eighth largest trade partner, with a total of $3bn worth traded goods in 2017, al-Kuwari said, adding 79 British companies and 672 Qatari-British companies are operating in the engineering, consulting, contracting, IT, commerce and services sectors in Qatar. Additionally, 35 British companies are licensed and fully operational under the umbrella of the Qatar Financial Centre.

                  Such hypocrisy

                • Except, I haven’t said that John! Oops.

                  Neither do I believe bartering is the same as trading. (Think you have been reading about ancient times!)

                  Norway trades hugely with UK. Doesn’t mean they have to buy British in return!

                  (I did try that one when I used to sell to Norwegian clients. They were somewhat unconvinced!)

    • So Tom, ‘Their appearance tells everything.’ Absolutely. Couldn’t agree more. Fancy not donning a smart business suit to perpetrate such a heinous crime. Reminds me of an interesting fact, that the financial meltdown, most fraud and many wars are caused by people in business suits and ties and most climate change deniers wear them too. So perhaps these are actually decent people doing what they believe in. Shocking eh?

  1. So, they wish to improve the environment and health impacts-by smoking!

    Oh dear, oh dear!

    Are these people funded by the fracking companies? Not a lot of grey cells contributed to this image.

  2. Drivers from this company have driven tankers at peaceful locals near the gates. They were not being blocked in any way. Dreadful way to behave

    • When you say “driven at protesters”

      you mean

      “Protesters were standing in the road, and had only themselves to blame”

      Of course.

  3. Really Sue? Then why not take action against that activity? Seem to be able to record events pretty well-if you avoid the hypocrisy shown within the recordings.
    Hmm, wonder why not.

  4. MARTIN please let me help you,

    There’s NO need to say thanks for the following link which clarifies the support for the industry

    Figures show ,

    ONLY 13% support fracking

    35% oppose fracking.

    The rest have NO opinion, because they are not sure of the process, but there are many who are now helping to change that …. The public are now beginning to understand the dangers associated with fracking and how it fuels rapid climate change.


    MARTIN, I can show you a list of reputable organisations, Professors and doctors of medicine, science and engineering who all strongly opposing fracking , if that would help ??????

    You may have children , but let’s clarify this matter for JENNY , they are not in the CHILD age group.. They are in fact FULLY grown adults.

    I remember you saying one was connected to the ambulance services and what their oppinion was against the protesters who were supposedly hindering the emergency services at the PNR fracking site.

    ALSO , you said one was in the building trade when you were trying to bolster a point you were making in a debate we were having .

    • I’d just like to clarify that the accusation that emergency services were hindered by protectors at PNR was shown to be unsubstantiated. When asked for details the ambulance service stated they had no record of this happening.

      • YES , PAULINE,

        You are correct , it was shown that the emergency services were NOT hindered in anyway at the PNR Fracking site .

        • That is NOT what Pauline stated, Jack.

          Check with someone in the ambulance service regarding “record” and event.

          Interesting little insight there into massaging of a comment. Pauline was quite correct in her statement-but, it is not the same as you make out.

    • Ermm, Jack! Ever heard of GRANDCHILDREN?

      DOH! So much “clarification”, but with so little focus upon reality.

      The majority are NOT against fracking in the UK. You can spin it how you wish but that is what the data shows. Also, I think you will find most of those with NO opinion are in that group because they have not seen any benefit to them yet-which is standard for such surveys. Hence your continued speculation, usually based upon historic speculation, there will be no benefit-but, that does not seem to have swayed them as yet. Patient lot, the silent majority.

      So, a minority are against it and you would “suggest” that minority contains the superior intellect. Hmm. Forgive me for suggesting that is the same argument utilised by some who led the most profoundly damaging events within human history. Meanwhile, Chevron just investing $billions, following other major companies into what is predicted to be a SECOND surge in shale in USA. I suppose you would have us believe these companies do not employ top scientists, or that they are all giant Ponzi schemes?

      But, with US and EU about to start trade talks again, and predictions of tighter US controls upon EU trade if the talks stall, good old UK could just increase imports from good old US! You should have a word with Wandering. He/she seems to believe that is a danger to health in Pennsylvania, even though they should have loads of tax from our purchases to fund healthcare-if/when they sort that issue out.

      Only a minor issue, as we will all have been poisoned by chlorine washed chicken in the interim!

      Catch up Jack. Many are now quite capable of spotting fake news.

  5. It says its an industrial cleaning company That would imply they do not carry out fracking therefore what are they hoping to achive. ? apart from stopping Working folk earning a Living.

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