Teaching union votes against Ineos sponsorship of the Daily Mile

Chesterfield SSP fun run

Independent fun run in north east Derbyshire in 2017. Photo: Chesterfield Schools Sports Partnership

The largest UK education union has formally opposed Ineos sponsorship of a children’s running scheme because of the company’s interests in fracking for shale gas.

The Daily Mile encourages children to run or jog for 15 minutes every day, with the aim of making them fitter, healthier, and more able to concentrate in the classroom.

The National Education Union (NEU) said it supported the idea of the Daily Mile, with its reported benefits for physical and mental health.

But the national executive voted this month to object to Ineos’s sponsorship, now in its third year.

Amanda Brown, Deputy General Secretary of the National Education Union, said:

“The NEU is opposed to fracking which encourages reliance on fossil fuels and takes the focus away from investing in renewable forms of energy. It is not the solution to the UK’s energy challenges.

“The young people taught by our members recognise this and are demanding change, as witnessed when thousands of students walked out of school to demand climate justice as part of the youth strike 4 climate movement.”

A map on the Daily Mile website indicates that more than 5,000 UK schools have signed up to the initiative. The scheme’s website, name and logo are trademarks of the Daily Mile Foundation, with the same Hampshire address as the Ineos Group.

Ineos Upstream holds the largest number of licences for onshore shale gas exploration in the UK.

Ms Brown said:

“The NEU fully supports the notion of the Daily Mile and its intention of improving the physical and mental health of young children, instilling in them a lifelong habit of exercise.

“However, we strongly object to Ineos sponsorship of this initiative. Ineos holds multiple licences to frack for shale gas and, for the sake of the planet and particularly our children’s futures, we need to move quickly away from a carbon economy.

“We are also concerned about the manufacture of plastics by Ineos; many of the children taught by our members are alarmed at the effect of plastics on marine life.

“Schools are beginning to discover that the Daily Mile is sponsored by a company which is profiting from climate change as a significant player in the oil and gas market, and as a result are withdrawing.

“Sponsorship by Ineos will not encourage participation in the Daily Mile. We would urge Ineos to consider its position and Daily Mile to urgently seek a replacement sponsor.”


Last week, a climate change action group, Parents for Future, invited members to ask schools participating in the Daily Mile to withdraw and join an alternative scheme.

Ineos also sponsors the children’s Go Run for Fun initiative, as well as cycling’s Team Ineos, Ineos Team UK (Britain’s 2021 America’s Cup sailing challenge) and the Eliud Kipchoge attempt to break the two-hour marathon.

DrillOrDrop invited Ineos to comment on the NEU vote. This post will be updated with any response.

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  1. Of course they could ban all plastic from their schools. No computers, not much sports equipment, probabily no chairs, no transport for teachers or pupils, no lighting or electricity etc etc. Yeah lets see how they get on!

    • How could teachers “teach” without Giggle?? Might save the University lecturers a lot of work, if they did, having to wean students off the habit. Mind you, it seems some on DoD have missed out on that service from higher education.

      Back in my day they taught us some science. One area was about the waste products the human body produced, and in our post war society we had developed ways of treating that material and stopping it getting into the sea, or causing other pollution. (Was all taught within the context of a rapidly expanding world population, the lesson of no more world wars maintaining that population growth, and the responsibility of that new world family to manage the world.) Took a bit of commitment by the UK authorities, (in respect of sewage) but eventually good progress was made, and still underway. We could see that waste, if recyclable, just ermm, needed recycling.

      Wonder why the modern Giggle teachers find that a difficult concept?

      All my “soft” plastic generates electricity. Maybe not the ideal solution for everyone, but it works well. Hard plastic separated and recycled.

      Perhaps if there were not so many idiots in the world who have threatened and blackmailed supermarkets regarding contamination of product, we could have a lot less material packaged in a way to protect against that?

      Whole cooked chicken collected by my local litter picker recently. Just waiting for the campaign against chickens!

    • So clearly Daniel, you are of an era where your school was made of plastic? Perhaps you could look up ‘what we did before plastic’ and realise all of those items you listed had and have an alternative; perhaps you should also return to said school and complete your education as that was the most pointless argument for continuing the destruction of the planet ever written?

      • And you still use the old wooden keypad, Sherwulfe!

        Perhaps complete your education regarding hypocrisy. Alternatively, tell the little dears their I pads are to be removed. Both should be an interesting learning exercise, just like the recent survey from Sky News that indicated the majority have no intention of reducing their air travel.

        • Is your name Daniel now Phileas? Or just foggy? Or is ‘Danny boy’ one of your many ‘imaginary fiends’?[not a spelling error]…

          ‘little dears’ – how patronizing you have become in your ‘old age’.

          Here’s a young lady of school age who makes your comments look more than their usual ‘silly’…perhaps you should join Daniel at his re-sits.

          • Perhaps have a look at another Daniel who was 11, and had to learn all about fake news at his school and he found that some people actually lie on the Internet.

            Yes, my grand child is a little dear-because he is very little and he is dear to me. Sorry, can’t accommodate your nonsense there.

            Wonder how Greta’s train was built? Hewn out of the woods of Sweden and the steel produced and shaped from elves making charcoal in same forests?

            But, nice to see Tesla have rushed out some software to stop their cars spontaneously combusting. Can’t have Greta worried about that as well.

            • Sorry, not Daniel, but Dominic. Apologies to the bright chap-I was trying to get the dog ready for his vet. visit at the same time.

              • ‘bright chap’ – dear me; am pleased ‘he found that some people actually lie on the Internet’; perhaps he has been reading about a certain company or two?

                • No, he was referring to activists who tried to use him and his class mates to promote their own narrow view without knowledge of the real situation. Should be familiar to you. Except you haven’t a clue to the situation I refer! Wonder why?

                • Oh dear, Martian, you must be really desperate to not only try to repeatedly drag a vulnerable child into his arguments [edited by moderator]

                  Or are we returning to that earlier totally discredited claim, since quietly withdrawn, about a vulnerable child who was criminally reported to have been “influenced” by protectors in the media, but as it turned out that was a complete and utter fabrication [edited by moderator]

                • Just because you don’t read the newspapers doesn’t mean it has not all been there, in the public domain for some while. Not sure if it made RT.

                  So, you continue to focus upon Greta. Some others will widen their horizons and find there are quite a few children in the world making the news. And not vulnerable as he proved.

                  Another one who hasn’t a clue to the reference therefore it can’t be true! Fits. However, it is true, and you don’t have a clue.

                  Maybe you missed the more detailed version provided some days ago, or you didn’t and just decided to post garbage anyway.

                  Seems a pattern for you commenting about something without knowledge and showing it.

                  [Edited by moderator]

                • Whoops! That got to you didnt it? No Martin as usual you are quite wrong and you clearly don’t know what i said at all on the subject, probably because either you didnt read it or it didnt penetrate beyond those total black out blinkers of yours into the grey matter, perhaps it didnt have much of a chance there I guess either.

                  I neither know of, nor am i interested in the vulnerable child you post so much about as if it has any significance at all, or what is the truth of what the child actually said, nor would i care to do so in such a desperate way as you do. Frankly, compared to the millions who said otherwise and will continue to do so, none of it bears any resemblance to what you gleefully and continually avoid by posting here.

                  I dont read the media rags as clearly you do, nor will i ever want to, judging by what i see occasionally when i glance at some of the total garbage that other people read.

                  It was precisely this situation that i said we should be very careful to avoid and how we treat the children in this media feeding frenzy situation, apparently that fell on theirs and your deaf ears and blind eyes just as we have seen right here.

                  I work with vulnerable children most days and some nights and i know the law concerning vulnerable children and how to treat their safety and anonymity with great care and respect [edited by moderator]

                  The media, and apparently you, have quite blatantly turned vulnerable children into a polarised media feeding frenzy diversion, setting one side against the other, with the children in the middle, rather than to concentrate on actually doing something about the real threat of climate change which will deeply effect us all if we do nothing to prevent it getting worse.

                  Climate change science is a subject i see you carefully avoid like the plague, i wonder why?

                  Well now we see just that personality cult playing itself out right here don’t we, but apparently you just decided to post your usual reams of inconsequential personality cult garbage anyway.

                  No, I dont read the RT (Radio Times??) perhaps you do, or perhaps you only read the Daily Fail? That would figure wouldn’t it.

                  So, you continue to focus upon a vulnerable child. Perhaps some of those widened horizons are far far too wide to see the dangers of personality cults relating to children and are worryingly trying to weaponise children in just the way you demonstrate here.

                  No, Martian, you are wrong again, i do not “concentrate” on Greta Thunberg at all, in fact i have deliberately avoided that, something you should emulate, i simply post the reports if they are relevant and state what is said, what i dont do, is to make some dreadful scary circus out of it and desperate point scoring like you do.

                  But i see you have no such qualms and you continue to perpetrate this most worrying attempted spurious sainthood or devilry personality cult garbage just to support your political biased point of view.

                  Your entire argument seems to concentrate on a single child, whilst simultaneously ignoring the 1.6 million children who went on school strike for the climate and the hundreds of thousands of people worldwide that protested that nothing was being done to prevent further climate degradation, not to mention all those who could not attend on those days.

                  Do you also report those? No, of course not.

                  You also carerfully avoid the fact that the anti antis did just the same last year by dragging that vulnerable child into the anti antis pernicious little schemes because he was falsely said to have been “influenced” by environmental protectors when nothing of the sort occurred at all. That wasnt true either was it.

                  Sad Martian, very sad, but judging by your past behaviour here, not in the least bit surprising.

                  [Edited by moderator]

                • So, you didn’t know about the topic, but still had to post as if you did! Par for the course. And, no, he is still not a vulnerable child. Just an intelligent one who has seen how some try and manipulate the Internet.

                  As you are not inclined to read the news, you will probably have missed the exclusive interview with Sir Jim!

                  Let me share a bit:

                  …..” a miniscule minority of objectors, most of whom are frankly ignorant about what shale gas is about”

                  He probably thinks the same about diesel production. In fact he would probably be horrified at the level of ignorance concerning it, having graduated in chemical engineering. He would recognise, as someone else does now, that some would still like to use the Internet to create fake news stories around such subjects-so, folks, just make sure you DYOR to prevent ending up in a miniscule minority.

                • And…..Hey Presto! (Tresto? No, Presto!) those infamous creaking cracked corporate plastic Martian total black out blinkers descend with a resounding CRAP! Only to trap its own sticky fingers in jimbos back pocket, no change there, at least, none of his own?

                  And while you dip into the dodgy depths of personality cult and zero worship, lets talk about “Sir Jim” shall we? Lets have a look at the sort of concise and precise accuracy that particular source of….that blinker descending sound again…reveals to the good ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls shall we?

                  Let me share this bit with you Martian:

                  “All you do is pump water down.”

                  Well stone the bleedin’ crows and diddle me dumb ass doodah!

                  If that was only true, then we would not even have a website called Drill or Drop would we?

                  And millions of people and children across the world would not have strike and protest on the streets to speak out against the pollution of the air the water and the land for generations to come would they?

                  Then we have the earthquakes, the non existent gold standard world class regulations which are not even obeyed, the invasion of our countryside, the attacks on democracy and the now discredited in junk shams, the financial and corporate lobbying of government to preserve fossil fuel monopoly and disincentivise renewable energy, the highjacking of the police into a private corporate enforcement agency, the sixth major extinction event in history, the rapidly deteriorating climate and the theft of the childrens future and the sheer greed and arrogance of ineos et al.

                  …..” a miniscule minority of objectors, most of whom are frankly ignorant about what shale gas is about”????!!!!

                  Millions of people across the world and tens if not hundreds of thousands that did attend in UK, and almost certainly many many more that could not attend.

                  And how many marched in support of fossil fuels? Errr……none.

                  No, old thing, “Sir Jim” the Martian Chronicals are nowhere near the truth at all baby, you both had better get used to it, because this is only the start of things to come.

                  So do i take anything that “Sir Jim” says as even remotely true in this respect?

                  Not a chance old thing, and nor does anyone else.

                  Awww, shame.

                • “It’s like the Luddites again”.


                  One good thing you can say about Sir Jim. He states the reality, clearly and concisely. Others are left to flounder around in huge self generated fog banks, using the fake cloak of speaking for everyone. A distinct defence mechanism found in many species to pretend they are not really a miniscule minority. Some species get away with it because other species are frankly ignorant-so, quite simple, DYOR.

                • Whooahhh horsey! You still chasing your own tales?

                  “All you do is pump water down.”

                  Well well, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Elvis has finally left the building! And disappeared in a puff of Martian illogic?

                  “All you do is pump water down.”

                  “One good thing you can say about Sir Jim. He states the reality, clearly and concisely.”

                  “All you do is pump water down.”

                  Well i am sure we can all say quite a lot about “Serve Jim” not all of it repeatable in polite, or even Police or Teacher or Fire Brigade company?

                  “All you do is pump water down.”

                  Reality?? In which particular fantasy world is that pray? Malice in Blunderland? The Mad Fracker?

                  “All you do is pump water down.”


                  “All you do is pump water down.”

                  So, “quite simple” is perhaps an unintended Freudian slip on The Martian Chronicles part, so ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and the millions of people worldwide, and the 1.6 million children, are you going to “Do Your Own Research”?

                  “All you do is pump water down.”

                  Oh! But yes, i see you all ready have done your own research haven’t you? And that is why millions of you protested all around the world?

                  “All you do is pump water down.”

                  “All you do is pump water down.”

                  “All you do is pump water down.”

                  Nahh, still not convinced……

                • Meanwhile, In Australia, where they also speak concisely,

                  “Uncosted climate policies send Labor to shock defeat”

                  “Australia is more vulnerable to climate change than any other developed country and a poll showed voters were worried. Labor saw its emissions cuts as a big vote winner but Mr. Shorten (Labor Party Leader) was unable to provide the full cost of the policy.”

                  Sounds familiar! Voters obviously not so ignorant as some would hope. Strange how connections play out. Wasn’t there a Green politician with an Australian accent who suffered the same problem?

                • Nahh ya drongo, this is Pommieland not Straya mate!

                  I’ll be stuffed if theres a Buckley’s chance in a dunny of pullin off the old dumb ass “All you do is pump water down.”! Its as dry as a dingos dongler down there an the mossies will eat ya pommieass alive!.

                  That load of old Kanga must have got loose in the top paddock if Ineo’s gonna try an’ frack the rack downgusunder, if ya know what i mean?

                  An’ old Jim the Scrim es’ gonna come a gutser and cream ‘is seam, cos theyre mad as cut snakes with a six pack down there!

                  They got a whole bunch a’ yella vested drongo’s madder than a bonkers bunyip an’ they dont take to poisoners kindly! They gonna Lock the Gate an’ throw away the key mate!

                  Off ya go then.

                  Missin’ you all ready…..

                • Unconventional Gas – Impacts on Environmental Health and Human Rights

                • Still didn’t get the votes!

                  Maybe the MAJORITY (oops-taboo phrase) believed Professor McKay:

                  “There is this appalling delusion that people have that we can take this thing (renewables) and we can just scale it up and if there is a slight issue of it not adding up, then we can just do energy efficiency. Humanity really does need to pay attention to arithmetic and the laws of physics.”

                  He could have added economics as well.

                  Could have been an avid reader of certain posts, where 7-0 was a narrow margin, less than 50% suddenly becomes a majority, and 8000 deaths from energy poverty related illness are collateral damage that couldn’t be eradicated via extra tax revenue from a new industry.

                  Meanwhile, in the words of the yellow vests, “elites can focus on the end of the world, while we’re worrying about the end of the month”.

                  Or, Adam Boulton of Sky,

                  “You’re like the incompetent middle class, self indulgent people and you want to tell us how to live our lives. That’s what you are, aren’t you.”

                  Looks as if the Australians, whilst worried, are still realists.

                • This Australia trip is a very long diversion from the Teaching union votes against Ineos sponsorship of the Daily Mile and school children?

                  But perhaps you have never seen The Bentley Effect? Never mind, you can buy a dvd and then your education will be complete.



  2. The problem with oil based plastics is, once again our separation from the natural world and our “throw away” society, we cease to think what happens to the packaging once it goes into the bin, plastic single use simply reflects that attitude.
    If we must have single use items we can return to natural packaging items such as paper and wood, bamboo, corn, and many other natural sources, that break down naturally into non toxic harmless elements.

    Plastic containers bags, packing etc are deliberately made to be single use throw away convenience items. What we need to address is to change all packaging to either a refundable returnable status, or a multiple use status.
    Also a price could be paid for returned plastic and other dumped items, you collect and get paid to return it for recycling or breaking down to basic elements, that would transform our throw away society to a recycling society and we can begin to tidy up the planet.
    Perhaps we could encourage teams of collectors who get paid to collect and return, organisations would soon take that opportunity to make a business of it, laws also need to be put into place to fine heavily for dumping, councils are all ready using drones in that respect, perhaps offenders could be made to do ten years of community service to clean up entire areas with other offenders.
    The problem then of course is how we deal with the resulting mountains of difficult to recycle materials. But perhaps once we see the results of our throw away society, we will be embarrassed enough to actually do something about it, and investigate the technology of breaking down complex plasticised items into their constituent elements, and not ship it off to some remote country for them to deal with.
    The purpose for single use needs to be entirely re evaluated to at least make the items compostible, or to be made to be recycled into items that have a longer use before they are recycled again and again. Maybe a number could be shown to display how many times an item can be recycled.
    The throw away plastic clear packing could be cellophane again, a natural plant product, and bins supplied to compost them locally. Compressed paper is all ready being used for some items, we don’t really need plastics for packaging, it was just a lazy short term thinking convenience that has caught up to us.
    What we actually need to do, as we need to do in every aspect of our lives in this fragile ecosystem that we have damaged so severely by our ignorance, is to totally evaluate everything we do and assess what the results will be if we act on short term throw away thinking.
    We need to assess everything on a long term responsible plan that enhances the planets natural ecological systems and not treat it like a dumping ground that we can turn our backs on and can be forgotten about.
    [Typo corrected at poster’s request]

    • Unearthed:

      Single use plastics drive climate change: A new study finds that plastic contributes to greenhouse gas emissions at every stage of its lifecycle, from its production to its refining and the way it is managed as a waste product. The expected boom in plastic production – the big hope of the oil industry – means that by 2050 plastic will be responsible for up to 13% of the total “carbon budget”, nearly 3 billion tonnes of Co2 a year.
      UK opposition plans solar panels on 1.75 million homes: Labour have announced plans to fit solar panels to 1.75m homes lived in by socially housed or low-income households as part of its promised “green industrial revolution” to try to combat climate change and boost jobs. As part of the Labour plan, the party has committed to making sure at least 60% of the UK’s electricity and heat comes from renewable sources by 2030. The plan will involve what Labour calls a “just transition”, allowing people currently working in carbon-emitting industries to move into skilled green jobs.
      Extracting UK North Sea oil reserves will contribute to catastrophic climate change: The oil industry thinks there are between 10-20 billion barrels of oil and gas in the North Sea but an analysis by Oil Change International and Friends of the Earth Scotland found even extracting the 5.7 billion barrels which are currently available would be incompatible with avoiding climate breakdown. The industry says the focus should not be on how much oil we extract but rather how much is burnt without carbon capture. A policy of drill first, mitigate later which is pretty ubiquitous in oil industry messaging right now.
      Good reads
      Bloomberg has an interesting note about electric cars and efficiency. No, seriously, stay with me. It makes the point that most of the energy we take out of the ground is not actually burnt to make cars go forward etc, but is lost in refining, transport and – above all – thermal conversion to power in cars. The internal combustion engine, in short, is a bit pants. What’s the point here? Electric cars are far far more efficient and get their power from a much more efficient source – renewable or even thermal energy from a power station. The more electric cars we have – in short – the less energy we waste.
      Also on Bloomberg – a facinating read about the state of Luoisiana’s plans to move residents away from areas at risk from flooding due to climate change offering compensation for residents and support for recieving communities. Louisiana is losing almost a football field’s worth of land every hour, driven by a combination of rising seas and the nature of its soil, which is subsiding at a fast rate.“This isn’t just about managed retreat,” said a state official. “Some places are going to have to retreat. And some are adapting through other measures, because we recognize we’re going to have people in the coast.”
      And finally, Research has shown that beneath every forest and wood there is a complex underground web of roots, fungi and bacteria helping to connect trees and plants to one another, now an international study has produced the first global map of the “mycorrhizal fungi networks” dominating this secretive world. The study matters because some funghi can play a much more important role in sequestering carbon than other types, but that carbon sequestering mechanism is – itself – at risk from rising temperatures. It could also guide efforts to reforest, ensuring that tree species are preserved and prioritised.

      As in all things we must change our entire fundamental political, economic, and social relationship with this fragile life system we have so ignorantly abused to date.

      Only those fundamental transformations back to an intelligent sane and responsible attitude towards the Earth will allow for that, simply fiddling around the edges and trying to window dress the image to preserve the present destructive insanity is simply suicidal.

            • Phil C

              Agreeing with

              Throw away society. Certainly once binned easily forgotten. I support local recycling and waste treatment, if only that your own tip and incinerator may help the cause being a continual reminder of the issue ( rather than just protesting about it and hoping that maybe China would take the garbage ). Just as no one likes a rendering plant nearby, but like meat ( and pets).

              Single use plastics for convenience ( rather than specific medical use etc ) are wasteful and support moves to reduce and replace use.

              A financial incentive to recycle is good.

              Teams of street sweepers …. collectors were a commonplace sighting Vietnam cities and towns but the country has a problem if not just for what comes down the Mekong River ). The village ( here ) has one who does a good job and people are willing to pay. Heavy fines on dumping would be good though detection is key, as the 150 ish old tyres which lined the road around Doddington would attest to.

              Meanwhile some assistance to a number of countries will help and good to see they are already taking action.


  3. Much of the debate on here is concerned with plastics which are of course a major source of pollution of land, sea and water. And the production of plastics pollutes the air and releases ghgs. INEOS not only produce plastics, they do of course invest in fossil fuels, buying offshore interests/pipelines and fracking. Fossil fuels are destroying our climate and poisoning our air. Tens of thousands are dying prematurely in the U.K. because of air pollution. But not only that INEOS and Jim Ratcliffe were exposed by Freedom of Information that they were lobbying the government to have climate change legislation rolled back, green taxes cut and for the government to allow them to continue breaching environmental laws at their plant in the North East. The teachers were absolutely correct to vote against INEOS’ sponsorship of the Daily Mile.

  4. But, you still type away on the plastic, that has utilised large amounts of fossil fuel to be brought to you, KatT.

    All very strange. Meanwhile, thousands die in the UK from fuel poverty related illness.

    • ‘Meanwhile, thousands die in the UK from fuel poverty related illness’ – proof please foggy; and it’s poverty not fuel poverty…

    • That is a very childish comment Martin and in no way addresses the issue of the suitability of INEOS sponsoring health initiatives for children. The sooner we reduce plastics and have far more plastic alternatives the better. And the sooner we phase out fossil fuels the better.

      • Nonsense. Where do you think the tax comes from to address such issues as fuel poverty mortality??

        INEOS have been sponsoring health initiatives for children, in this country, and elsewhere for a long time. You antis, and teachers, have just caught up with it and want to penalise kids.

        So, you appear complacent around thousands of people dying or kids being penalised and being directed into a life of obesity influenced health conditions and poor academic performance to support your dogma! Lot of collateral damage encouraged within the anti arena.

        Your better is your choice. Meanwhile I will have some empathy for others that are being helped and some who could be helped.

        You can feel so superior whilst others suffer. I would prefer to be “childish”. Oh, and by the way, INEOS is a global business, which didn’t even start in the UK, so if UK does not want such donations then they can just expand what they do in other countries and maybe move their headquarters at the same time. I’m sure you will make up the tax difference!

        Next, you will want the Weston family excluded from providing £hundreds of millions to very good causes because they happen to own Primark and have clothes made in certain countries.

        Looking as if the nasty party has some competition.

        But, the good news is I have just received my new Volvo that we discussed! STILL no electric version available. Even “children” can be accurate KatT.

  5. Wrong on the latter. There are many who die of diseases brought on caused by being frightened of huge energy bills and living in the cold who do actually have resources to pay for the energy. Some do so because they want to pass something on to their kids, so they are frugal to extreme, some because they worry about what care costs may be round the corner, so are also frugal to extreme and some actually do both.

    You can find your own proof, Passepartout. There are official statistics on the subject. You just need to pound away on that plastic and hey presto, you will be educated, courtesy of Sir Jim. I’m a great believer in self education-so, off you go.

    To help you out, the last data I saw showed around 8000, but most serious commentators, including the medical professionals suggest it could be a lot higher but there is a wide reluctance from most quarters to accept the reality. Seems certain of your group also find it inconvenient and thus it should be denied. But, that’s par for the course. Of course traffic lights don’t get adjusted to improve traffic flow either-they just get left as they were originally phased because it is more important that the original be supported than they get adjusted and improve outputs.

    • Similar to those that try to deny the harm that fracking causes to physical and mental health then?

      • I thought the mental health issue was from antis trying to create fake news, KatT? How are you now with piling for new houses in UK after Sherwulfe corrected you?

        Perhaps within the most litigious country in the world, that pulled out of Paris because of that (amongst other things) that would be why fracking has failed so dismally due to all those lawyers making so much easy money forcing the industry out by claiming all that compensation?

        Oh, hold on a minute! Seems some disconnect here with reality.

    • So foggy you have no evidence; again…the last data? If you have it post it….

      It appears this person you revere is only in it to make money; uses the system because no one challenges.

      Neither do they have an inkling who you are?

      ‘Oh, hold on a minute! Seems some disconnect here with reality.’ – self praise is no recommendation…

      • Have you an English version of that Passepartout?

        Managed to DYOR on St. Keverne yet?

        Seems you expect to be educated by others. If you need that there are teachers available. Oh, hold on, they are too busy trying to spoil the futures for children. Fallback to Giggle then-I have provided the references.

  6. INEOS products make a significant contribution to saving life, improving health and enhancing standards of living for people around the world. INEOS produce the raw materials that are essential in the manufacture of a wide variety of goods: from paints to plastics, textiles to technology, medicines to mobile phones – chemicals manufactured by INEOS enhance almost every aspect of modern life…

    • Why Simon – it seems like only yesterday that you were claiming “Ineos treats the majority of UK drinking water, an essential service which the majority of us appreciate.”

      You are not one of the industry’s professional protesters are you?

  7. Yes, you found some education provided yesterday-all free of charge and provided via the benefit of the plastic keyboard. Probably millions of children doing exactly that today. Shame they will have a “control” upon them from discussing the Premier League at break time because of the other evil fracking company supplying funding. Running gone, support of your Premiership team gone, playing computer games gone, Facebook gone, I Pad gone etc. etc. (better miss some of the etc.)

    Poor kids. And then, to run the risk of contaminated water! A Dickens of a life.

  8. Sir Jim Ratcliffe brought up in a council house in Lancashire and Yorkshire invests £Billions in the U.K and employs thousands of people.

    His Company enhances almost every aspect of our lives and should be applauded…

    • Yorkshire, where he was educated, after the family moved there for his fathers work.

      Time yet delayed!

      • Why our economic model must change – VPRO documentary

        Why is our economic model all about growth? Is growth the only way for our economic model to be successful? Or is there another economic model that is much more sustainable and less outdated as the one we are living in? A documentary about our economic model and the idea of a new one.

        In Doughnut economics by Kate Raworth, we see that markets are inefficient and growth is not the holy grail. It’s time for a new economic model: the doughnut economics. Kate Raworth’s plea for the ‘doughnut economics’ casts doubt on the credo of economic growth for sustainability: there are hard limits to what you can do to the planet. Kate Raworth’s doughnut economics could change our future. Let’s have a look.

        Hurray, the economy is growing again! We have done a lot of shopping after the increase of our purchasing power. However, CO2 emissions and inequality are rising just as fast. What can you do about this? The British economist Kate Raworth uses a powerful image for a new circular economy: the doughnut, thus introducing the doughnut economics. Our economic activities should not fly out of the curve but grow within its limits, in an ideal circle.

        Is our economic behavior at the service of growth and profit or does it serve man and planet? With that question, economist Kate Raworth, a researcher at the ‘Environmental Change Institute’ in Oxford, set to work. Instead of rising lines and rising graphs, a different ideal image emerged: our economy should function according to the doughnut model.

        How that works exactly, Raworth described in the book ‘Doughnut Economics’, which has achieved true cult status among connoisseurs. Raworth’s plea for the ‘doughnut economics’ casts doubt on the credo of economic growth for sustainability: there are hard limits to what you can do to the planet. From the start of your business, you have to think and act circularly. Anyone who undertakes in this way, for example, remains under the ecological ceiling of a maximum of 1.5 degrees Celsius warming of the earth and at the same time sets the minimum wage for employees at a fairer social level.

        Using video fragments, various round attributes, and a special table, Kate Raworth shows how our economics can fundamentally be structured differently. With growth, but within the set limits. Or is reality squarer?

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