Picture post: 20 hour lock-on protest at West Newton drill site

190603 West Newton Darren Dennett 1

Lock-on protest outside West Newton drilling site in East Yorkshire, 3 June 2019. Photo: Darren Dennett

Two protesters have blocked the road outside Rathlin Energy’s exploration site at West Newton in East Yorkshire for about 20 hours. 

The pair locked their arms together through a reinforced concrete tube on Pipers Lane, the road leading to the site.

The protest began at about 4am this morning.

Police have not attempted to release the protesters or make arrests.

Operations at the site have continued. Rathlin Energy is drilling a second well at the site to explore for oil and gas.

190603 West Newton Darren Dennett 2jpg

Lock-on protest outside West Newton drilling site in East Yorkshire, 3 June 2019. Photo: Darren Dennett

Update: The protesters were released by a specialist police team at about 2am on 5 June.

190510 West Newton uwoc

Protest outside Rathlin Energy’s West Newton oil and gas exploration site in East Yorkshire, 10 May 2019. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

This is the most recent of a series of protests staged by opponents of operations at the West Newton site.

Last month, a lock-on protest in the site entrance continued for more than 50 hours. Two people were later charged with obstructing the highway and obstructing a police officer (details).

In April, another lock-on protest closed the road to the well pad for eight hours. Police left the scene in mid afternoon and the road reopened when the protesters released themselves. There were no arrests (details).


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  1. Oh, toxic legacy!

    Ermm, have a look at DRC Jack and the kids suffering major health problems from digging out TOXIC, CARCINOGENIC cobalt. Coming next to an ocean near you. And then it all has to be recycled! Alternatives are NOT toxic free, just alternative toxins.

    Or, you might like to look at decommissioning costs for oil and gas in N.Sea. Quite usual, and part of the industry. Nothing to get excited about. Maybe the Norwegians are reserving some of their $1 TRILLION Wealth Fund generated from oil and gas for that?

    So, Tesla operates on huge debt. It may not survive. If it does not, will it mean the end of all car manufacturers??? No, it will mean one operator operated badly.

    In terms of predictions Jack, there are never ending lists of those! How about the one in USA where a tourist area has to replace all their signs that stated their glaciers would be gone by 2020? They are still there and show no signs of having gone anywhere or reduced. Just another cost to be added to the growing list. Armageddon is a long and well trodden road.

    And yes, of course glory days are numbered for oil and gas in USA, as they are elsewhere, Jack. It is a finite resource. Shock/horror.

    But, don’t worry-then the price will escalate and other sources will be accelerated. Those lucky AJL shareholders!

    • MARTIN

      Ladies and Gentleman nay I have your ATTENTION PLEASE ………. I thought in this day an age they had long become extinct ….. So this rare example of a fanatical Fossil Fuel Dinosaur is a real GEM.

      ( PLEASE READ posts between myself and MARTIN on this page )

      YES……..[edited by moderator] Not even NASA can shake the narrow minded opinion of this example .

      Please take note on how this ultra rare example.

      ( 1 ) Uses diversionary tactics to NEVER address the difficult topics put forward.

      ( 2 ) Has an ability to completely shut down its eyes an ears to ALL climate change change evidence . Please not how the MARTIN TARBOSAURUS has by his own words said, he NEVER reads posts that prove strong links between the burning of fossil fuels and extreme climate change …

      ( 3 ) Only ever gives an opinion , never, NEVER presents any evidence ( LINKS ) to back up his comments .

      ( 4 ) Has a hatred of ALL things enviournmently friendly ……. PLEASE note the deep seated anti American hatred for the electric car maker TESLA. PLEASE note how this Dinosaur avoids talking about other the world’s leading car manufacturers , that are now looking at going in to FULL SCALE production of electric vehicles.

      ( 5 ) WARNING ………… when trying debate with the MARTIN TARBOSAURUS……. You will find that this type , when trying to bolster their ultra weak fossil fuel stance . Will say they have worked in any particular profession and/or know people that have to try and get an edge over you .

      ( 6 ) MOVE over J K Rowling , this beauty has the ability to dream up some real full on fantasies …… Look at their above and final paragraph … The AJ LUCAS dream is a real corker.

      A TRUE GEM we have here ladies and gentleman…… I would of suggested a museum , but feel that this Dinosaur needs to remain online in full public view to ALL children of the world as a lasting reminder ( monument ), to show them that even in the face of indisputable evidence from the world’s leading scientist . There were still people trying to dumb down and deny the increasingly growing devastating effects of Climate Change and it’s link to fossil fuel burning ……. AND there were still people trying to talk down ALL green projects.

      WARNING from NASA about Climate Change .

      [Typo corrected at poster’s request]

  2. I love you too Jack!

    Not to worry, no one noticed you lost on the issues so had to make it personal.

    Oops-yes they did, again.

    That moral high ground will be the first place to lose the oxygen.

    Meanwhile, how is the US rig count going?

    I have no “hatred” for Tesla-it is however a good example of the Green alternative which when scrutinised looks really suspect. No point having a hope to move to something if the something is under question.
    As Sir David McKay said “humanity really does need to pay attention to arithmetic and the laws of physics.” Even Mr. Musk, who is good at number 2, could find number 1 too much of a challenge.

    (This is such fun, but your cries for help from the ladies and gentlemen are starting to reveal what you want to hide.)

    • MARTIN ,

      Your above post…….as you would say ,is a load of , quote, “TOSH.”

      You set the stage for my above comment and as well you know, nothing I say towards you is said with any meaning of harm , nor has it ever .

      As I myself, do not take any of your belittling comments towards me as harmful…

      What we say towards each other is only to be taken in the context as good healthy debate .

      Regards , Jack

      • No meaning of harm?

        Some may let you off with calling me a liar without any evidence (No.5) but I do not.

        I did suggest you shouldn’t get too excited after reading the rig data (ref. given), but together with the Rystad report (ref. given), or Sir Jjim’s letter to the EU (ref. given) it seems that suggestion was not taken on board. I try and lead to the water-no compulsion to drink.

        No, I do not belittle you Jack. I ridicule and correct some of your more ridiculous posts. That is quite different. I certainly claim no moral superiority or greater concern for children (except the ones the antis ignore who are mining cobalt.)

        13 degrees C today in my part of England after one of the coolest Mays in decades. Perhaps that’s why I’m not over heating?


          Re …… ( No.5 ) of my above post and your response…… I’ve beard witness to it myself on quite a number of occasions and so have others who have also mentioned it to you . Words are cheap on a forum….. I could say I’ve been to the Moon, but without evidence , whose going to believe me. ?????? That’s why I ALWAYS back up anything I say with evidence ( LINKS )

          No harm intended good fellow,

          I’m not ignoring COBALT, but your diversionary tactics away from difficult, uncomfortable topics that you choose to close your eyes to are worthy of an Oscar and a beautiful example of the desperation of a Fossil Fuel Dinosaur , flapping and lashing about , in its final throes before extinction .

          Referring to your above post , you say on several occasions, you have given me a ” reference ” to something ….Explain yourself please and forward the information plus LINKS so that I can correctly respond.

          Thank you

          • I have provided you the references Jack and detailed them. If you are too lazy to follow them without links, that is your problem. Do you not have a search engine facility?

            No, cobalt is not diversionary. You wish to remove one huge global industry without looking at the reality of what would replace it. I know and you know that is a big issue for the antis, so, no, it is not diversionary to point out some of the issues. You may wish to be able to just ignore by deflecting from “difficult, uncomfortable topics” but sorry, I have another one for you:-

            Please could you identify one airport from B’ham to the south coast that has not planned significant expansion over the coming years? Looks as if not so much flapping but jetting is what the population want-even actresses who need to attend ‘photo opportunities! Plus the other 82% of the worlds population who have yet to set foot on an aircraft. Might increase Donalds exports to UK for more aviation fuel to be manufactured. Or, perhaps it might come from somewhere more local to the refinery and the airports? I know which I would prefer from an environmental and economic perspective.

    • I told you not to get excited about that Jack, and the reason why!!

      Not a good look when you are seen to ignore the evidence to fuel your own agenda-even after being given the info.!

      • MARTIN ,

        Please explain your above post, what I am not to get excited about ?????

        Ignore what evidence to fuel what agenda ??????

        What ” info ” are you talking about ???????

        You did ask the question about the American shale industry and I answered it with a supporting LINK …..
        The rig count is going DOWN , the US shale industry is shrinking .

          • My thoughts?

            Not failed as yet, as it has not started so it can’t fail. Whether it does start is now down to legislation/regulation and that will only be clarified once the Brexit issue is out of the way, and who replaces existing Ministers.

            How about “Solar panels in the UK don’t make much sense”, or “Tesla has failed”?

            All such statements a little premature.

        • For the attention of the Climate Change sceptic and fossil fuel champion, MARTIN.

          Is this not something we should all be very concerned about, as it affects the whole of humanity.

          QUOTE, ” Scientists think that sea levels are now rising at the extreme end of what was predicted to happen.”

          Antarctica ‘thinning’ at ‘extraordinary rate’ as experts reveal 100 METRES of ice sheet thickness has vanished since the 1990s – and risks ‘drowning coastal cities around the world.

        • My post of 7th-5.51pm-Jack!!

          If you had followed my reference you would have not only seen the rig count but nice graphs including oil/gas prices and rig counts, over time.

          Then you could quite clearly observe the shocking correlation that N.American rig counts are influence by the oil/gas price. I gave you that summarised on the 7th Jack, but you were so excited that you thought you could just ignore the info., and make a totally false comment to fuel your own agenda.

          The US shale industry is not shrinking, it is following exactly the same pattern as oil and gas around the world. Activity increases as prices increase, and then falls back in line with prices. Most other commodities follow exactly the same pattern.

          Not sure how many of the ladies and gentlemen you call upon are unaware of that-but, you may be lucky and may have reached one or two yurt dwellers after they have trekked to the nearest Internet café.

  3. MARTIN ,

    For the attention of MARTIN TARBOSAURUS……. ONLY

    It’s becoming a habit here you say something and your good old friend Jackthelad has to correct you …… Don’t worry I’ve made it clear that this post is ” for your eyes only.”

    Let me help you , wrong MARTIN the rig count on the US has sharply DECLINED

    RIGZONE ( Friday 7th June 2019 )

    QUOTE, ” This brings the nation’s total active rig count to 975, which is 87 fewer than one year ago when active rigs totaled 1,062 ”

    The shale industry is on its knees in the USA and that’s in a country with almost ZERO regulations ……. How can it possibly hope to make it pay in any other country with anything ABOVE ZERO regulations ?????????

    The American shale industry is one great big plump PONZI scheme propped up with endless borrowing at near zero % interest rates and guilable private investors who were once promised a lot and have continually been given nothing …….. Fracking in the USA has seen some of the biggest Bankruptcies in history and the shale industry collectivelyis over $ 240,000,000,000 in debt and rising by the day .

    WHO DO YOU think is going to be saddled with this debt and the on going costs of abandoned wells and pollution for ever more ???????? That’s right the US tax payer.

    Exposing the economic lies behind the fracking hype.


    Taking note of the above…….. you MARTIN want to put our fragile UK financial economy at risk ……. Services like the NHS, care in the community for the elderly and vulnerable could all be put at risk with the introduction of fracking in the UK if the American disaster was to be duplicated over here ……AND thats doesn’t even touch on the COSTS of Climate Change, Public Health , Pollution Costs ……… NOR the devaluation of Homes in Fracking areas.

  4. Absolute TOSH, Jack. Ask for a new script-the old one you keep repeating has been discredited.

    But, maybe the script can’t change:

    “President Trump has begun to exploit the enhanced political clout that this gives the White House on the world stage. Freed from his predecessor’s concerns about the impact of energy embargoes on domestic petrol prices, he has levied sanctions on Iran and Venezuela, two big oil producing nations. The increased global supply through the growth of Texas crude oil exports has forced down oil prices, weakening the economies of Russia and Saudi Arabia and compelling them to respond by cutting back their own production to try to prop up prices.”

    “The US trade deficit will evaporate and its foreign debt will be paid quickly thanks to the swift rise in American oil and gas exports”. (Rystad report-found it yet Jack?) Risky isn’t it, or alternatively, “an economic powerplay that has SEISMIC geopolitical implications”.

    When you do find it Jack, you will also see:

    Top six countries to where US exports:

    No. 6- UK, Dec 2018:

    372k barrels PER DAY, total crude oil and NGL products.

    (By the way, Mexico at No.1, 1094k. So, maybe they will end up paying for the wall!)

    Reality rather than speculation-although I do admit the comment about foreign debt is a little OTT, for the time being.

    Of course Jack, it could all be a mirage caused by climate change, so stick with the old script until the new one is ready.

    • MARTIN ,

      Your beginning to be hard work , although I can fully understand the reasons why .

      Ladies and Gentleman please forgive my friend MARTIN TARBOSAURUS, complete and utter lack of financial knowledge and current world events on planet earth

      In this Fossil Fuel Dinosaurs own words , he never reads any negative comments or actual evidence egainst his first love, the fossil fuel industry……He also refuses to accept climate change and the melting of the ice caps, because of course , it could hurt his beloved fossil fuel industry .

      IF YOU would open your eyes MARTIN and stop ignoring the indisputable evidence your friend jackthelad keeps placing before your very own eyes , you would learn a lot about real world events .

      WE then , would not have to keep going around in circles because of YOU continually saying the same things and me repeating myself, giving you the same answers ( backed up with LINKS of course .)

      AS shown in my ABOVE POSTS , the US fracking industry has a debt of $240,000,000,000 which is growing by the day ……… The US Oil and Gas industry is collectively LOSING MONEY ………. That’s a FACT

  5. Manchester Utd have a debt Jack. No need for anyone to buy a season ticket!

    Close London down as a financial centre. No one is to have debt.

    You really are struggling with that script Jack. Why not dust off the one about the NT with everyone loving it because it is a charity-just like Oxfam? Oops.

    Learning a lot about real world events? Nah, couldn’t manage that Jack as I can’t visit a library if a pay wall exists. Oh, sorry, that was an echo.

    We have discussed climate change before Jack-or, with someone of the same name. I accept climate change is happening, however I do not accept the so called solutions to mitigate will address the issue in any real way. Yes, some will be tried and I suspect some more will be found wanting and the reaction of the population at large will be “that was a waste of time and money, count us out going forward*”.

    However, just had the lad to service my heat pump so nice and cosy for a bit longer. Reminds me, parked next to another specialist service van yesterday with a sign advertising professional cleaning of solar panels. * Neighbour learned that lesson already. Kerching for some but not all.

    No, it is not a fact Jack, even if you plonk it in capitals. There is another word for it….

    • MARTIN ,

      This is very basic financial knowledge , debt is ONLY a good financial tool when you can manage that debt and service the re-payments ..

      It’s true , some companies will borrow during hard times or to maybe purchase new equipment or invest ……… BUT and here’s the BIG BUT , the idea is to pay it back, not to continually fleece gullible private investors or financial institutions with pie in the sky promises of amazing returns that never happen ……..Take a read of this.

      Exposing the economic lies behind the fracking hype.


      MARTIN, just try this ……….. Why don’t you pop on down to your local BANK and ask them to borrow you some money , inform them that you will be back each week for the same amount and then tell them that you have no intention of paying a single penny back ……YOU WILL BE LAUGHED OUT OF THE BANK .

      As I have shown you with my above LINKS, the American shale industry is one great PONZI scheme with debts that are growing by the day ….. If you require more evidence please ask , many more LINKS from reputable sources available …..

      I say it again , collectively the US shale industry is losing money .

      • MARTIN ,

        I’m very pleased that you are now accepting that Climate Change is happening …… I hope that my posts have helped with your change of mind.

        I do have several question .

        ( 1 ) Do you now accept that the burning of fossil fuels is a major factor in climate change ?????

        ( 2 ) Do you now accept that global warming has caused the ICE CAPS to melt at an alarming rate ?????

        ( 3 ) Do you now accept that Climate breakdown will cause extreme problems for the human race ?????

        ( 4 ) Do you agree that extreme , costly forms of energy extraction like fracking, not only use a lot of energy/resources to extract a little….Also that the process can cause pollution and has health implications for local residents ……. Plus that it causes large devaluation of home values within fracking areas ??????

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