Picture post: 20 hour lock-on protest at West Newton drill site

190603 West Newton Darren Dennett 1

Lock-on protest outside West Newton drilling site in East Yorkshire, 3 June 2019. Photo: Darren Dennett

Two protesters have blocked the road outside Rathlin Energy’s exploration site at West Newton in East Yorkshire for about 20 hours. 

The pair locked their arms together through a reinforced concrete tube on Pipers Lane, the road leading to the site.

The protest began at about 4am this morning.

Police have not attempted to release the protesters or make arrests.

Operations at the site have continued. Rathlin Energy is drilling a second well at the site to explore for oil and gas.

190603 West Newton Darren Dennett 2jpg

Lock-on protest outside West Newton drilling site in East Yorkshire, 3 June 2019. Photo: Darren Dennett

Update: The protesters were released by a specialist police team at about 2am on 5 June.

190510 West Newton uwoc

Protest outside Rathlin Energy’s West Newton oil and gas exploration site in East Yorkshire, 10 May 2019. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

This is the most recent of a series of protests staged by opponents of operations at the West Newton site.

Last month, a lock-on protest in the site entrance continued for more than 50 hours. Two people were later charged with obstructing the highway and obstructing a police officer (details).

In April, another lock-on protest closed the road to the well pad for eight hours. Police left the scene in mid afternoon and the road reopened when the protesters released themselves. There were no arrests (details).


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  1. Since when is cobalt Green, Jack? And, have a look at the comments regarding supply limitations of cobalt from the SSMR. The reality of that is that ocean mining of cobalt will be pursued. That should provide a somewhat different slant upon the Blue Planet! Should remove plastic from focus.

    Hardly well researched these “alternatives”!

    “Sold on the open market to the highest bidder”-well, that looks okay for the UK-a country with more demand for gas than it can currently meet and next to no gas storage! I thought the Beast from the East demonstrated the simple demand/supply/price equation.

    Do the antis actually bother to consider what they post?

  2. MARTIN ,

    That wild, unfounded and baseless ” off the cuff ” comment you make , quote, ” Do the antis actually bother to consider what they post? ” highlights how weak your arguments really are on the topic .

    MARTIN , I still await your comments on this , regarding the devastating effects climate change will have on humanity .

    Do you care about your childrens and grandchildren future, or is it just the here and now that counts most ????

  3. Oh really Jack. Why do you think you have a monopoly on caring? Virtue signalling doesn’t achieve anything. It usually signals insecurity regarding reality.

    I disagree with the methods of the antis and disagree with your ludicrous non technical “solutions”, that fall apart when examined. (Like where does the cobalt come from. Too difficult for you to address that one?) Sorry that is difficult for you, and of course no one notices that the real issues are avoided and no real solutions are produced-but, actually, many do.

    Do you remember that converting to diesel was part of the answer? Hmm-before you head off to China take a little wander down to Bridgend, via London and pay the charge as you trundle through. Think as you go that increased energy prices* in UK means less competitive industry and larger imports from places like China, which will actually work against your childrens futures-unless they are Chinese.

    * ONE WIND FARM COSTING £500m PER YEAR IN EXCESS COSTS FOR INDIVIDUALS AND INDUSTRY TO “ENJOY”. (Don’t ask for the “link” I have already provided.)

    But, maybe you would prefer the views of one of my sons who is a builder and asks how he is supposed to build houses for expanding population without plastic pipes, ducts etc. and diesel for his diggers, cement mixers etc.? He is outside of the Yurt market, and local clay has long gone.

    • WELL MARTIN , DO YOU CARE ???????

      Fracking has been shown to be DANGEROUS to humans and the environment , thats a FACT that professional medical experts , scientists and engineers are saying.

      Fracking is one great plump PONZI scheme that only exists with HUGE amounts of on going debt . Don’t take my word for it , just take a look at what financial experts are saying…. The HUGE bankruptcies and $ 100s billions of debt in the USA are eye watering .

      Do you want to put our vital services like the NHS, care for the elderly and the vulnerable at risk by exposing the UKs fragile financial resources to the real and possible risk of £100s billions of debt like the US shale industry has ?????

      If you disagree with my above comments , please say , as it will give me the ideal opportunity to provide you with an endless stream of LINKS, from professional bodies ,that will show you why you are wrong .

      The future of our children and grandchildren lies with clean energy , not scrapping the bottom of the fossil fuel barrel with the likes of fracking.

      Destroying our health and that of the planet is total insanity.

      Once again I ask , your thoughts on this please .

      MARTIN …….. this is what is called a LINK.

      • MARTIN ,

        As far as your comments go regarding the Chinese .

        Most of what you buy in the shops these days , is Chinese made .

        If you want to compete with the Chinese, then initiatives that support UK manufacturing is the way forward, that in turn will provide proper jobs with proper pay for UK citizens ..

        We also , should not be selling off our blue chip companies to foreign investors.

        Costly, polluting industries like fracking , won’t help one bit the UKs competitiveness with China.

        • Err, no. What I buy in the shops I buy having decided where I want to source from. So, yes, I will pay a bit more for galvanised items made in the West Midlands but they do not rust after 18 months. It’s known as DYOR Jack-I can recommend it.

          Yes, to compete with the Chinese requires to Err-be able to compete. So, who wants UK labour costs to be doing that? No hands? So, what other costs do we need to control for UK manufacturing-oh, energy costs! Wonder if British Steel think differently?

          Foreign investors? Quite agree-sell everything to Sir Jim-maybe Chelsea FC as well. See he has plans to build a new house overlooking the IOW. That should help a few builders. Probably not Chinese.

          Competitiveness with China. Are they not looking at new technology to advance their fracking? Goodness. Chinese now into Ponzi schemes!!

          Have you ANY toes left Jack?

          • MARTIN,

            Of course you pay a little more to buy British MARTIN , proof please …. OH I forgot, you have a habit of saying things and never backing them up ….

            UK manufacturing will not ZOOM forward on the back back of home grown energy supplies from fracking.

            Do you want to see LINKS to professional organisations and people that back up what I say …… Fracking is costly , dangerous to human health , dangerous for the climate and environment and is nothing more than a debt ridden, great big , Plump Ponzi scheme .

            HOW ON EARTH is that going to help UK manufacturing ??

            BRITISH STEEL ………. you talk about needing to control costs for British Steel ……. Currently British Steel is owned by a private equity firm , with offshore accounts in Jersey , that has a history of asset stripping companies and sucking them dry ….

            Apart from energy costs which costly Fracking won’t help reduce by one single penny ….. British Steel I’m very sad to say, looks like it has far greater problems .


      • You want my thoughts, Jack?

        What a load of tosh!

        Would you like a link to Elvis working in a chip shop? That would make it so? I could provide loads of links regarding sexual relationships but I fear you would find the reality somewhat different. (Surprising what you can find on the Internet!)

        Missed your plane to China/Australia to REALLY make a difference? Notice you didn’t try and answer Paul regarding Kenya. Why? Just concerned you would not be able to answer regarding the many HUNDREDS of others planned?

        Fusion and hydrogen, Jack, plus a bit of off-shore wind and some gas, and petrol/diesel to supply where “grids” are remote. Lovely jubbly. But, no chance of getting there if £ billions are wasted on stupidity. My thoughts are you represent the problem in that respect, not the solution.

  4. Where is your link to the members of the forum thoughts, Jack???? Have you the records from the tea leaves?

    Oops, toes all gone, getting near to the Achilles heel now. Queue 2013 Lord Brown!

    You mean the private equity firm that recently bought a French steel company? But, what has that to do with energy costs? Are you trying to tell me Chinese energy costs for steel production are more expensive than UK? This is a very serious matter, and I would bet the Australians would be happy if you were correct-but you are not..

    “Fracking is costly”-shall we just focus upon that one? Perhaps explain that to the Saudis who thought that was the case, and decided they could force the price of oil down so US fracked oil could not compete. How did that go? Oh, US frackers reduced their costs and competed and Saudi ended up compromising some of their reserves for no result. Wonder what CO2 fracking might do for costs?

    Yep, it looks like tosh.

    However, England 1-0 so far, so I am off to see if they can achieve a “narrow margin” of 7-0, but I may be expecting too much.

  5. MARTIN ,

    I enjoy your random twisting of the topics…. I know I have you on the ropes when your diversionary tactics come in to FULL SWING …

    Fracking can not compete with the Saudis quite simply because it’s tooooo expensive …… It’s as simple as that .

    I will wait to see the overall results of Fracking with CO2 , before passing judgement. Although I do very much welcome any advancement in science that reduces pollution , use of resources or energy consumption during its process .

    Although my opinion is and that of world leading scientists, is that we should be moving very quickly away from fossil fuels for the sake of the planet and humanity .


    WARNING from WWF ( world wildlife fund )

    AND of course there is this , that I’m hoping we can discuss in great detail. That’s of course if you stop pretending you can’t see it

  6. “Fracking cannot compete with the Saudis” TOSH.

    It can and it does. Take a look at USA. Still importing??? Err, no. Exporting??? Err, yes-including 372k barrels per DAY to UK.

    “US set to eclipse Saudi Arabia as world’s biggest oil exporter The US trade deficit will evaporate and its foreign debt will be paid quickly, thanks to the swift rise of American oil and gas exports.”

    (Rystad Energy report, March 12th.)

    Not bad for such a Ponzi scheme Jack. Don’t think even Prince Charlie will deflect from that.

    So many links from you Jack, and so little reality. Perhaps focusing on the latter rather than the former may help the accuracy? But, that would defeat the objective.

    Now asset stripping! Hmmm! What assets have been stripped, Jack? Can’t see much of a profit in this one for the owners. Wonder if Sir Jim might be interested but I doubt he will be looking to make his vehicles in UK, so would then probably be down to whether they could make some good quality gas pipes!


    You must lead a very sheltered life . Where have you been all these years ??????

    IHAHA the USA you say ……..

    The USA……. In the land that has almost abandoned ALL restriction and regulations for the shale industry , they still CAN’T compete with Saudi Oil .

    The only thing the US fracking industry has done is rack up some of the biggest debts in American history.

    Fracking in 2018: Another Year of Pretending to Make Money.

    From the above LINK ……. The numbers don’t lie. Despite the highest oil prices in years and record amounts of oil production, the fracking industry continued to spend more than it made in 2018

    The Fracking Ponzi is going to make the American Subprime financial Market scandal look like child’s pocket money .

    The Next Financial Crisis Lurks Underground

    Fracking Could be Heading Us Into the Next Financial Crisis

    The fracking revolution has led to private equity’s highest allocation of investment in fossil fuels in 20 years, but is it basically a PONZI SCHEME

    MARTIN ………. I can show you plenty more evidence …… After racking up over $ 240,000,000,000 in debt and let’s not forget that’s debt at a record, near ZERO % borrowing interest rate . American shale , still CAN’T make it pay

    VERY IMPORTANT …… Who is going to be saddled with all this debt from the endless stream of banktrupcies within the shale industry ????????

    That’s right, you guessed it ,the good old American Tax Payer .

    Whose going to be saddled with the on going maintenance costs of abandoned wells from ” here to eternity ” ?????

    That’s right, you guessed it, the good old American Tax Payer

    • MARTIN , for your eyes only

      U.S. Oil Companies Face $240 Billion Debt Mountain

      MARTIN….. and you try and talk up the American shale industry , are you having a laugh ?????.

      ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE …….. What do you think all this debt is going to end up doing in America ??????

      That’s right, you guessed it, this will mean more cuts to vital services and poverty on the streets of America .

        • Links to TOSH, Jack.

          You keep spouting obvious tosh and wonder why I will not look at links from you. You have simply devalued whatever you may want to contribute by continuing to post tosh.

          “Although the US has been the world’s largest oil and gas producer since March 2014 it is also the most energy-thirsty country on the planet. It was only in 2015 that Congress lifted a 40-year ban on oil exports. Now, US exports 8 m bpd oil and NGL in 2018, Saudi 9m bpd.”

          So, not competitive? Tosh. Why is UK purchasing, for one?

          Oh, and “the cradle of the turnaround has been the Permian basin, a vast oil field in west Texas and New Mexico where production has quadrupled in the past eight years largely thanks to advances in hydraulic fracturing. The Permian is now the second most productive oil field in the world and on pace to overtake the Ghawar field in Saudi Arabia in the next three years.”

          Perhaps you just need to do some arithmetic and calculate the approximate value of those exports and then add the energy-thirsty bit. You will see $240 billion is peanuts in contrast. “Humanity really does need to pay attention to arithmetic and the laws of physics.” (Professor McKay.) You could start there Jack.

          Good job they are so skint otherwise who knows what they could have achieved! They had better re-fill some of that Strategic Oil Reserve.

          Or, if you really want some bigger sums, Philip Hammond calculates that net “zero” for UK by 2050 would cost £1 TRILLION, producing “profound implications for households, business and the exchequer.” Yet, the antis are willing to push that sort of cost (debt) but are worried about a tiny $200 billion debt in USA!!

          Bit of a problem, arithmetic?

          • MARTIN ,

            PLEASE STOP ,your splitting my sides with laughter .

            America is exporting Oil but running up HUGE DEBTS , that’s a FACT …

            More than $ 240,000,000,000 of shale debt and growing, that’s a fact .

            However you try and twist and turn , those are the facts. The American shale industry has witnessed HUGE multi billion $ bankruptcies and that’s in a country with almost ZERO % borrowing rates and almost ZERO regulations and control over the shale industry.

            AND industry in general , still can’t make it pay.

            One more VERY IMPORTANT point to remember ……. The $ 240 Billion debt which is growing larger by the day and it DOES NOT take in to account the ongoing future maintenance cost of abandoned wells from ” here to eternity ” …..

            Think about it with almost ZERO regulations in the US shale industry, does anyone want to hazard a guess as to how many BILLIONS future on going pollution clean up costs will be ????????

            Well do you MARTIN ??????

  8. MARTIN ,

    Closing your eyes to the facts won’t make the problems go away .

    That’s you problem MARTIN , you won’t face the facts ….. I have shown you clear and indisputable evidence and by your own addmision you admit that you won’t even look at it .

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the forum please take note , MARTIN has NO BASIC knowledge as to what is going on in the world today, because he point blank refuses to read any evidence that contradicts his very narrow, narrative on world financial matters and the shale industry ……..

    PLEASE also note, MARTIN never , NEVER backs anything up he says up with any evidence . Therefore you must take note and accept that what he says is ONLY HIS own opinion .

    AGAIN I ASK YOU ……… What are your thoughts on this future prediction ????

    • Jack-don’t get hysterical! I have provided you with the evidence, so do not say I have not. Forgotten the Rystad report already?

      Fabrication does not add anything to your speculation. “You must…ONLY HIS own opinion”? Oops, evidently detailed as not the case Jack. You seem to be very worried around reality and wish to create a fantasy world. Your choice, but I don’t think you will convince many to join you via fabrication.

  9. What I think about Jack is you disrespecting others on this site with such TOSH.

    But, don’t let me stop you. If you want to exhaust any remaining credibility, carry on. But, I suspect there are few anti or otherwise who will recognise your arithmetic. Did you do the exercise? No, looks like you prefer to speculate, but if you are in a Giggling mood what was the value of the recent merger? Or, you could take a look at Sir Jims letter to the EU regarding the investment into new chemical facilities as a result of cost competitive energy, and the environmental benefit that will bring. Or follow the pathway of those exiting the N.Sea.

    $200 billion-peanuts.

  10. MARTIN ,

    AS USUAL , you have nothing to offer.

    Your return comment , addressing NONE of the points I raised. Clearly shows to all the readers , how you are well and truly on the ropes .

    MARTIN , please PLEASE , are you EVER going to acknowledge these grave warnings and pass comment on them,??????

    A warning from NASA

    • NO, NO, NO MARTIN ,

      You have provided NO evidence to anything you have said …

      Let’s see the LINKS please ……. To ALL the statements you make…

      PS …….. I still await your comments on the above two LINKS

      • Yes, yes, yes-now that was a scene to remember!

        To give you something MORE to enjoy that the ladies and gentlemen will already have reviewed, why not take a look at the US rig count from Baker Hughes? Giggle will take you straight to it-you can do a little research surely? Goodness, these N.Americans retreating to the hills seem to be spending a lot of their time drilling away whilst they do so.

        To help you along Jack, it shows that N.American drilling is not far behind the rest of the world put together. Really keen to lose their money, aren’t they?

        Now, don’t get too excited about the slight decline against last year, you will be able to see that the numbers tend to reflect the oil and gas price. Isn’t that strange? LOL

        Not sure whether the same pattern is showing in Middle Earth. Perhaps you could enlighten us?


        (There will be a test next week, so do not skip your homework.)

        Hate to leave you but I have things to do and Baker Hughes should keep you company.

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