Updated: West Newton lorry protest ends after 27 hours

190605 lorry surf UWOC2

Lorry surfing protest outside Rathlin Energy’s West Newton site in East Yorkshire, 5 June 2019. Photo: Used with the owner’s consent

Updated: A man has spent 27 hours on top of a lorry leaving Rathlin Energy’s West Newton oil and gas exploration site in East Yorkshire.

The protest, known as lorry surfing, is the latest in five days of actions this week against drilling a second well at West Newton.

It began on the morning of  Thursday 6 June and ended this morning (7 June 2019).

He was arrested and interviewed by Humberside Police. DrillOrDrop has asked the police for details for charges.

Eye witnesses complained that the protester was refused food and water by police. His supporters were allegedly threatened with arrest if they provided food and water. We have asked Humberside Police to respond to these allegations and will update the post with any response.

At the start of the action, the protester said:

“After the recent declaration of a climate emergency without any concrete commitments or action,  coupled with the recent high court decision (Boyd, Corre vs INEOS) deeming slow walking lawful protest, which Humberside police have denied at every turn, I feel this is the only action I have left.”


Earlier this week, two women locked their arms together in a reinforced tube blocking the road outside the site. The protest, which began on the morning of 3 June 2019 ended after 38 hours. The women were arrested. We’ll update this post with details of charges when we have them.

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