Surface water from Cuadrilla fracking site to go into nearby brook

pnr 171025 Alan Finney - Copy

Preston New Road, 25 October 2017. Photo: Alan Finney

Cuadrilla has got the go-ahead to pipe rain water falling on its fracking site near Blackpool into a local brook.

The Environment Agency (EA) said today it had approved a study by the company about the effects of discharging water from the Preston New Road site into the Car Bridge Brook and Ribble Main Drain.

The EA said the study, required by the company’s environmental permit, aimed to prevent flooding.

Cuadrilla applied in December 2017 for a change to its permit conditions. Previously, the company had to send the water by tanker to an offsite treatment facility.

The EA approved the change in April 2018, allowing Cuadrilla to process the water on site before it was piped to the brook.

The decision was opposed by local campaigners. Frack Free Lancashire said Cuadrilla “appears to be able to move the regulatory goal posts at will”.

Preston New Road was photographed in 2017 and 2018 with surface water flooding. In 2017, the EA told Cuadrilla to improve its surface water management after breaching permit conditions.

Modelling by the company showed that flooding was likely to happen first upstream of a culvert under Moss House Lane, the EA said.

The regulator said Cuadrilla had established protocols to monitor the water levels in this area. It would discharge into Carr Bridge Brook only when water levels were low enough to prevent flooding.

The protocol also set a flow rate for discharging surface water from the site, the EA added.


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  1. As I stated “righteousness”!!!

    If that is why you chose a car, that is your choice. However, that is not the way most people do, and that is their MAJORITY choice.

    So, instead of individuals paying all those costs for their ability to be righteous, they will have those costs “reduced” by extra taxation, or as you call them subsidies!! Strange sort of economics you follow. For me, if someone wants to feel that warm glow of satisfaction let them pay for it, and those who feel differently can not pay for others warm glows. They just might be struggling to feel any warm glow after energy price rises in UK of £1.2 billion in the last 5 months, and would like some taxation from UK energy producers to help reduce that. But, Donald is very appreciative and he now has another 400 miles of wall planned.

    Meanwhile, the European car industry is in turmoil as many buyers decide not to buy. Another little bit of collateral damage the antis are happy to gloss over. Suggest if you visit Swindon or Bridgend better not to raise that.

    Abandoned wells? So, none in the N.Sea that will require decommissioning? Maybe Norway will take some dosh from their $1 TRILLION Wealth Fund created by oil and gas to decommission their share?

    Think you will find on shore a lot cheaper and easier to decommission, so if that is a genuine concern you should be happy to support on shore oil and gas, even if you ignore the statistics for maritime collisions and sinkings. Out of the mouths of babes and Lads! Oops.

  2. MARTIN,

    Did you not know, the parties over on planet earth .

    The continual trashing of the planet and poisoning all of civilisation has to STOP..

    Thats if people care about their own health , their children’s health and that of the future of the planet.

    YES , indeed there will be a costs , but the cost will greatly increase with the endless , ” kicking the can down the road.”

    I recommend you watch SKY NEWS , this week , they are currently running a number of in depth reports on the effects of Climate Change and showing what devastating impacts it will have as it gets worse … …… MONEY would appear to be a driving factor in your arguments , therefore what will be in £ TRILLIONS , the financial cost of runaway Climate Change ???????

    We should be able to feel warm in our homes, through where possible renewable energy sources …… Restrictions also should be put in place to limit the wasting energy ……….. For instance , things like the flying of a Jumbo Jet filed only with half a dozen auper rich people , should be stopped……. Attitudes to energy conservation must change .

    I suggest if you want to do your bit MARTIN , you should put on a jumper instead of tuning up the central heating .

    Okay , fuel poverty is a major issue for the poor , but so is the eye watering taxation on heating energy by companies that suck what profits they make out of the UK…….. ALSO, if poor people had quality jobs, instead of zero hour , two bit jobs with minimum rates of pay ….. They would be in a far better position to pay their energy bills .

    Your economics argument is poor…….. If we had carefully managed NORTH SEA resources and revenue, like Norway , we to could of had the same sort of wealth fund .

    The plants in Swindon and Bridgend are in the predicament they are, simply because we are not competitive enough with other countries , UK industry does not get the same level of support that other countries get from their government , costs are to high and last but not least , as the only cars we build , we build for foreign owned companies. It’s natural they would want to close them in other countries first, before closing them in their own country .

    • MARTIN ,

      Onshore Oil and Gas extraction through the likes of FRACKING, or should I say the scrapping of the bottom of the fossil fuel barrel is,

      ( A ) not cost effective
      ( B ) shown to be dangerous to human health .
      ( C ) dangerous to animal and plant life.
      ( D ) greatly fuels Climate Change.
      ( E ) endless maintenance costs of abandoned/ orphaned wells for future generations.

      I CAN supply credible proof in the form of LINKS to back up the above , if required….

      No MARTIN , the future clean up starts with electric vehicles that are powered by, where possible, clean green 100% renewable energy sources ..

  3. Why not supply experience, Jack???

    I have asked you for your own experience regarding what you preach regarding hybrids/electric cars but zilch!

    If you can’t be bothered to walk the walk, talking someone else’s talk via links is as good as supplying a link to Elvis working in a chip shop.

    You are rumbled. A keyboard warrior unwilling to do what you preach so that you can provide the ladies and gentlemen with your own experience to convince them.

    Perhaps if you had invested in Shell, you could have afforded the premium and would be able to let us know all about it from your own knowledge?

    By the way, the Norwegians I used to meet knew why UK “wasted” the N. Sea revenue. They knew it was because UK was an economic bankrupt basket case that needed total (expensive) economic overhaul. They used to comment exactly that when I used to visit, and then when I entertained them in London were genuinely surprised as to the improvement. (But, by then Boris was Mayor. Not so sure they would be so keen to visit now with Mayor Khant.)

    Zero hours? I used to call it piecework when I was a student, and loved the opportunity to make some money for the next term. Perhaps check the actual research on zero hours now. Still very popular amongst many of those that do the work, especially students, not popular amongst the Unions and their puppets. People faced with redundancy also quite like zero hours as they provide an opportunity to seek other employment. Interestingly, now much greater controls introduced by the Tories to avoid any problems with such contracts. Not much roof fixing done before 2010, although the sun was shining quite a lot.

    Anyway, just back from A&E so time for my Horlicks and a dram to drown out the coming thunder storm.


    ( The fossil fuel dinosaur )

    I know I have you well and truly on the ropes again ……. Your class act of, response without substance and of course then cue the bitterness is legendary and very predictable.

    It would appear that your attitude for people to work like dogs in two bit jobs is a positive one ….. It’s no wonder that there strong growth in FOOD BANKS throughout the UK and you indicate that these type of jobs are ” popular ” in a good way……..

    Low paid, low skilled jobs that people are fored in to by extreme poverty and desperation .

    Of course you would have meetings with the Norwegians……. Is there anyone of influence and education you don’t know, any place you haven’t been or anything you haven’t done ??????

    If I’d of talked about the people living in the Arctic Circle suffering because of the melting ice caps …….. You’d know someone there of status who says it’s not true .

    The thing is MARTIN , I could say I’ve walked on the Moon , played golf with Bing Crosby and sang a duet with Elvis Presley, but I can’t prove it,, so it means nothing …… Unless you can show evidence , I’m afraid my fellow Keyboard Warrior,
    forum members will just have to take what you say with a pinch of salt .

    Not that this matters to our debate in any way ……. I have owned a Hybrid car , but now choose to where possible ride my bike, walk or take public transport ….
    The stress of driving on our heavily congested roads and trying to find that elusive , expensive parking space is a challenge I would rather not have.

    • PS……….

      Will you MARTIN ,

      Be watching this week, the SKY NEWS series of short documentaries on the extreme and dangerous problems runaway CLIMATE CHANGE will cause ???????

      • MARTIN ,

        One last thing , just for the record…… I’m 100% behind UK Plc ( within reason ) and hope that we can see a strong growth in quality manufacturing jobs within the very near future .

        I do not own shares in SHELL ENERGY , but am very pleased to hear the positive news for UK investors who have ……. I also wish to congratulate SHELL ENERGY in its approach and supply of 100% , clean , green renewable energy and wish it every success in the future.

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