UKOG prepares to test new Horse Hill oil well

1909 Horse Hill UKOG

Drilling rig at Horse Hill, Surrey, September 2019. Photo: UK Oil & Gas plc

The first horizontal well at the Horse Hill oil site near Gatwick Airport has been completed, UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) has announced.

The well, called HH-2z, will now undergo an extended flow test, expected to begin early next month (December 2019), the company said.

In a statementto investors, UKOG said the well would undergo a “full clean-up” and then be flowed for at least 90 days. It said oil storage capacity would be significantly increased at the site.

After the extended well test, HH-2z and the original vertical HH-1 well would move into production, UKOG said. This transition would need consent from the Oil & Gas Authority. Planning permission for 25 years of production was granted in September 2019.

The HH-2z well has a 2,500ft long section within the Portland reservoir’s most productive oil zone or sweet spot, which should deliver “significantly greater flow rates” than those seen in HH-1, UKOG said.

UKOG’s chief executive, Stephen Sanderson, said:

“Horse Hill’s first optimally placed horizontal is now poised to enter its next key phase, the eagerly anticipated flow testing campaign.

“We remain confident that the 2,500ft of permeable Portland sweet-spot reservoir section, 70 times that seen in HH-1, can deliver significant rates. We look forward to safe and successful EWT operations over the coming months.”

The company said oil production in the extended well test on HH-1 would continue during tests on HH-2z. Total production from HH-1 now stood at more than 78,844, the company said.

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  1. Drill or drop

    Thank you for a straight forward news article.

    Some of my previous comments on bias have come I think because when a good news article is written by you it then is not kept separate from what maybe should be a separate news article on demonstrators or there opinions which is also a valid individual arrival.

    This IMO. gives an impression of bias especially when more time in an article is given to one side or the other which may be down to the amount of news flow or information available.

    I defiantly prefer the writing style which is newsworthy rather than seeming to cause confrontation as it will allow readers to make up there own mind on individual issues from a independent journalist.

    Hopefully it will also help the messenger not feeling that they get shot all the time!

  2. I agree MH a good unbiased reporting unlike previous reports which promoted confrontation. I honestly believe that we all need oil and oil related products including natural gas even hybrid cars need fuel. Surely until the acceleration of renewables is delivered its better for all to use home grown oil rather than imports from half a world away. I would like to stress that horsehill is an entirely conventional drill and is not fracking as often promoted by its detractors.

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