Updated: Two sides plan meetings on Isle of Wight drilling

191130 UKOG leaflet

UKOG leaflet

Opponents of onshore oil and gas exploration have responded quickly to news that UKOG is preparing to submit formal plans for two exploration sites on the Isle of Wight.

The company has distributed leaflets to local homes about an information meeting later this month.

It also published a notice in the local paper, the County Press.

UKOG said it had identified two exploration sites on the island.

One is west of Arreton and the other south west of Godshill.

One oil and gas well may be drilled at each site, the company said.

But it said fracking would not be needed to extract hydrocarbons.

The Isle of Wight branch of the Green Party has organised a meeting for tomorrow (Tuesday 3 December 2019) to discuss the proposals.

The party said “The damage to our countryside, our water supply, our roads, our entire biosphere and tourism and agricultural industries will be substantial.”

Frack Free Isle of Wight said it was organising a meetingin Newport next week (Tuesday 10 December 2019). It is asking local people to check its webpage and Facebook page for news updates.

UKOG said its representatives and consultants would be available at its information meeting to explain the projects. It said:

“Feedback from the information event would inform the planning documents and environmental assessments, submitted in support of any planning application.”

Sylvia May, of Frack Free Isle of Wight, urged people to attend:

“It is essential that as many people from both the local and wider communities attend this meeting with UKOG in December.

“However it is also imperative that key questions are asked and their responses recorded.”

She added that the group had been preparing information, questions and guides for the public which it planned to distribute just before the UKOG Community Meeting.

“We have been working hard over the past few days preparing our outline action plan in anticipation of December 16th. All members of the Isle of Wight Council and other community groups have been notified by us of the UKOG meeting and encouraged to attend.

“This is such a busy time of year both politically and in the run up to Christmas which is, I am sure, why UKOG have chosen this particular date for their required community liaison.”

UKOG has been making statements to investors about exploration plans at Arreton for nearly two years. But the timetable appears to have slipped.

In March 2018, the company said it had secured a site and was preparing a planning application.

In January 2019, the company announced it expected to submit a planning application in the first quarter of the year for a test pilot hole and horizontal wellbore.

At the same time, UKOG acquired Solo Oil’s 30% stake in the Isle of Wight licence area, PEDL331. The company now holds 95% of the licence.

Meeting details

The Green Party meeting is at 6.30pm on Tuesday 3 December at the Riverside Centre, The Quay, Newport PO30 2QR. Details

Frack Free Isle of Wight meeting is from 6pm-8pm on Tuesday 10 December, Castle Pub Stable Bar, 91 High Street, Newport PO30 1BQ.

UKOG’s meeting is from 1pm-8pm on Monday 16 December at Newclose County Cricket Ground, Blackwater Road, Newport PO30 3BE.

Updated 3/12/2019 with details of Frack Free Isle of Wight meeting on 10 December 2019

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  1. I find it very interesting that UKOG would like to listen to peoples concerns & talk to them on a one to one basis.

    This avoids pressure groups like Frack free Isle of White putting local people in a difficult positions.
    This allows local people to make up there own minds on the merits or not of the project.

    Not every one agrees with Frack free Isle of White.

    UKOG has strong environmental credentials as seen at it’s Horse Hill site in Surrey. It can bring many benefits to the Isle of White & its people without disrupting community life, agriculture, tourism or endangering the health & safety of people as many would have them believe to stop the projects going ahead.

    Contrary to common belief the oil & gas industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the country ensuring, health & safety, & environmental protections.

    UKOG only use conventional methods in oil production so Fracking does not apply. This makes Frack free Isle of Whites assertions about fracking irrelevant.

    These methods of oil production have been used safely Whych farm in Dorset for more than 30 years without issue, greatly benefiting the community or affecting tourism.

    I wish the Isle of White good luck & good fortune.

  2. I have a key question!

    Why is this meeting any concern to Frack Free IOW?? This is nothing to do with fracking. Bit like the vegetarian society campaigning against the local green grocers!

    Get a sat. nav. from Santa.

    Mind you, there are organisations that call themselves Democratic, and then show they are not. Seems there are a few who still believe the many are gullible.

  3. Martin

    The FFIOW website has a link as per below.

    It spins the facts a bit, for some reason ( the moratorium app!ies to all of England, not just the North, and any fracking not covered by it, could be found in the North, not just the Weald).

    Plus in the 5th paragraph acidisation ( below fracture pressure ) is called fracking ( by associating it with acid fracking ).

    This may be why FFIOW are involved ( or worried ).

    The green party seen to have a broader church… Local Oil and gas free IOW ( locally produced but arms open and welcoming to imported stuff in support of the tourist industry? ).

  4. Yep, the ferries to the IOW have to dodge the oil tankers coming into the Solent most days! Wonder what powers those ferries??

    Good job the refinery is improving the water quality in the area-which is at a disadvantage from so much marine transport.

  5. Pathetic!

    Good job the oil refinery is cleaning the water for them, and the salmon running up to the R.Test, so they can swim up past the oil wells along the way in some of the cleanest, clearest salmon/trout waters in the world. Mind you, perhaps it could do even better if more of its oil was produced locally rather than thousands of miles away and then shipped to Fawley.

    A lot of us learning what “going Green” means (to some) at the moment as local candidates emerge. Truly “alternative”.

  6. Well said Martin Collier.

    Lots of these know it all’s against oil & gas have no idea that the American shale & gas revolution has significantly reduced emissions that were previously produced by more polluting energy sources.

    Also the oil has not had to be transported half way around the world to get there as it is home produced.

    I am looking forward to more home produced oil to reduce emissions & bring many benefits to the people of the UK through community reward programs, taxation & improve the UK balance of payments where we are importing oil when we have no need which will also create jobs within our economy for our benefit.

    So Win, Win Win & many more for the UK & it’s people.

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