Election results round-up

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DrillOrDrop has compiled election results from areas with oil and gas sites. We’ve also reviewed the results for key politicians in the fracking debate

Please let us know about missing results which you think should be included.

Results from key sites

Altcar Moss

West Lancashire – Labour hold

Labour’s Rosie Cooper, who has campaigned against fracking plans by Aurora Energy Resources at Altcar Moss, held her seat but with a reduced share of the vote. Ms Cooper took 27,458 votes (52.1%, down 6.8%). The Conservative candidate, Jack Gilmore, took 19,122 votes, a share of 36.3%, down 1.1%. Aurora’s planning application for the site on the edge of Formby is currently with Lancashire County Council.

Arreton and Godshill

Isle of Wight – Conservative hold

The Conservative, Bob Seely, increased his share of the vote to hold the seat with a majority of 23,737. He took 41,815 votes (56.2%), compared with the Labour candidate, Richard Quigley, on 18,078. UK Oil & Gas has organised a meeting on Monday (December 16 2019) about its plans to drill for oil at Arreton and Godshill.


Horsham – Conservative hold

Cuadrilla drilling rig leaves the Balcombe, West Sussex, UK site

Drilling equipment leaving the Balcombe site in 2013. Photo: David Burr

The Conservatives held on to the constituency, which includes Angus Energy’s Balcombe site in West Sussex. Jeremy Quinn, first elected in 2015, had a majority of 21,127 (56.8%), down 2.8% on 2017. The Liberal Democrats, who said they would ban fracking, increased their share of the vote by 11% to 23.4% (14,773). Angus Energy has applied for planing permission to carry out long-term production testing at the site. A decision is expected in 2020.


Louth and Horncastle – Conservative hold

The Conservative, Victoria Atkins, held this rural constituency where Egdon Resources drilled an oil exploration well in January 2019. The well was sealed a month later after failing to find its target. But Egdon’s partners have raised money to drill a sidetrack at the site. Ms Atkins took 72.7% of the vote (38,021 votes), up 8.7% on 2017. Labour’s candidate, Ellie Green, who came second, was down 9.2% (9,153 votes).


Mole Valley – Conservative hold

Sir Paul Beresford, who has been sympathetic to anti-drilling campaigns in the constituency, kept his seat with a 12,041 majority. His share of the vote, at 55.4%, was down 6.4% on 2017. The Liberal democrats increased their share by 15% to 34.3% (19,615 votes). The constituency includes the Angus Energy oil site at Brockham and the planned site at Bury Hill Wood, near Leith Hill, never drilled and now abandoned by Europa Oil & Gas. Lisa Scott, a campaigner against oil operations in the region, came fourth for the Green Party (1,874 votes).

191101 Lee RowleyBramleymoor Lane

North East Derbyshire – Conservative hold

The Conservative, Lee Rowley, who opposed Ineos’s permitted shale exploration plans, as well as fracking locally, held this seat. He also welcomed the government’s announcement of a moratorium on fracking. He took 28,897 votes (58.7%), up 9.5% on 2017. Labour’s candidate, Chris Peace, was second with 32.6% (16,021 votes), down 11% on 2017. Labour had held the constituency uninterrupted since 1935 until 2017.

Broadford Bridge

Arundel and South Downs

The Conservatives held Arundel and the South Downs – which includes UKOG’s Broadford Bridge site – with a new candidate. Nick Herbert, who had opposed plans to fast-track shale gas through the planning system, did not stand for re-election. His party’s replacement, Andrew Griffith, took 35,566 votes, a majority of 22,521 over the Liberal Democrats. The Conservatives share of the vote was down 4.4% on 2017.


South West Surrey – Conservative hold

Boris Johnson’s rival for the Conservative leadership, Jeremy Hunt, held on to the seat which now has a proposed UK Oil & Gas exploration site at Dunsfold. Mr Hunt polled 32,191 votes, a majority of 8,817 over the Lib Dems. He had slightly reduced share of the vote (-2.4%). Labour came third. There were no other candidates. The Dunsfold planning application is due to be decided by Surrey County Council early in 2020.

190328 Justin Madders parliament tv

Justin Madders, speaking in parliament on 28 March 2019. Photo: Parliament TV

Ellesmere Port and Ince Marshes

Ellesmere Port & Neston – Labour hold

Labour’s Justin Madders, who opposed IGas operations in the constituency, including at a public inquiry, held his seat with 53.3% share of the vote and a majority of 8,764 seats. His vote was down 5.8%. The Conservative candidate, who took 35.4% saw her share fall 1.4%. The seat also includes the Ince Marshes, where IGas has said it wants to frack two wells. It has said it will wait for the decision of the Ellesmere Port appeal, which will be made by the local government secretary.

Harthill and Woodsetts

Rother Valley – Conservative gain from Labour

The Conservatives took this seat held by Labour since the constituency was formed in 1918. The party’s candidate, Alexander Stafford, said he opposed fracking at Woodsetts, where Ineos is waiting to hear if it has planning permission for shale gas exploration. He said he would “fight tooth and nail” to protect Woodsetts and other villages from fracking. He won the seat with 45.1% of the vote (21,970 votes), pushing Labour into second place with 32% (15,652). Ineos has planning permission to drill for shale gas at Harthill. Rother Valley had been held by Labour’s Sir Kevin Barron, who had been elected nine times but stood down before the election.

190614 woodsetts inq site visit WAF1

Site at Woodsetts earmarked by Ineos for shale gas drilling with panels representing height of proposed acoustic barrier, 14 June 2019. Photo: Woodsetts Against Fracking

Horse Hill

Reigate – Conservative hold

Crispin Blunt held Reigate for the Conservatives, with a majority of 18,310 over Labour. The constituency includes the Horse Hill oil site, which was granted permission for long-term oil production and five new wells in September 2019. Mr Blunt increased his majority in 2017 by nearly 700 votes but saw his share of the vote fall by 3.5%. Jonathan Essex, the local Green Party councillor and campaigner against onshore oil and gas operations, came fourth with 3,169 votes (6%).

Kirby Misperton, Third Energy’s permitted fracking site

Thirsk and Malton – Conservative hold

Kevin Hollinrake, who has supported fracking nationally and in the constituency, increased his share of the vote on 2017 by 2.9% to 35,634. Dinah Keal, a local Lib Dem councillor and opponent of fracking, came third with 6,774, increasing the party’s share of the vote on 2017 by 5.1%.

North Kelsey

Gainsborough – Conservative hold

Edward Leigh held the seat which includes Egdon’s Resources’ oil exploration site at North Kelsey site, near Caistor in Lincolnshire. He took 33,893 votes (66.4%) with a majority over Labour fo nearly 23,000. No work has been carried out at North Kelsey since the site was first granted planning permission in 2014.

Preston New Road

Fylde – Conservative hold

pnr 191211 Maxine Gill

Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road shale gas site, 11 December 2019. Photo: Maxine Gill

The Conservative, Mark Menzies, has called for a ban on fracking in the constituency since Cuadrilla’s operation at Preston New Road caused earth tremors. He increased his share of the vote by 2.1% and polled 28,432 votes. The Green candidate and MEP, Gina Dowding, took 1,731 votes, the share up 1% on 2017. Labour came second with 11,821 seats, the share down 8.1% on 2017.

Springs Road, Misson

Bassetlaw – Conservative gain

The Conservatives took Bassetlaw from Labour. John Mann, who left parliament in October 2019, had opposed plans to fast track shale gas exploration. He held the seat since 2001 and Labour had represented it continuously since 1935. The new MP, Brendan Clarke-Smith, took 55.2% of the vote (28,078) and had a majority of 14,013.

West Newton

Beverley and Holderness – Conservative hold

Conservative Graham Stuart held his seat which includes Rathlin Energy’s oil and gas site at West Newton. He took 33,250 votes, a majority of 20,448 over Labour. His share of the vote, 67.2%, was up 3.7% on 2017.


Brigg and Goole – Conservative hold

Conservative Andrew Percy held this constituency north of Scunthorpe, where Egdon Resources wants to carry out long-term oil production at the Wressle site. A decision on Egdon’s appeal was held up by the election and could now be imminent. Mr Percy secured 30,941 votes, a majority of 21,941. His share of the vote, on 71.3%, was up 10.9%.

Scunthorpe – Conservative gain

North Lincolnshire county councillor Holly Munby Croft overturned a Labour majority of more than 3,400 to take the neighbouring Scunthorpe constituency. She polled 20,306 votes, increasing the Conservative share by more than 10%. Mrs Mumby-Croft had previously opposed proposals by Egdon Resources for the Wressle site. The former Labour MP Nic Dakin came second with 13,855 votes.

Results for key fracking politicians

180912 100 women Mike Amesbury

Mike Amesbury MP addresses 100 Women protest, Parliament Square. Photo: DrillOrDrop

Labour’s Mike Amesbury just clung on to Weaver Vale in Cheshire with a majority of 562. Mr Amesbury has campaigned against fracking in his constituency, which has Ineos shale gas licences, and the wider region.

Ed Davey, now one of two joint acting leaders of the Lib Dems, held Kingston & Surbiton with an increased share of the vote. He polled 31,103 (51.1%), ahead of the Conservatives on 20,614 (33.9%). Mr Davey has claimed that his traffic light system on induced seismicity, introduced during the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition, had stopped or suspended many fracking projects.

Labour’s fracking supporter, Caroline Flint, lost her seat in Don Valley. The seat, held continuously by Labour since 1922, went to the Conservative, Nick Fletcher, with a majority of 3,630. The constituency has exploration licences held by IGas and Egdon Resources

The anti-fracking Conservative, Zac Goldsmith, lost his seat in Richmond Park to the Liberal Democrat, Sarah Olney. She polled 34,559 votes, a majority of 7,766, increasing the Lib Dem share of the vote by 8%.

Andrea Leadsom, the business and energy secretary who announced a moratorium on fracking last month, held Northamptonshire South for the Conservatives. She took 41,755 votes (62.4%) with a 0.1% reduced share of the vote.

190920 climate strike Brighton Office of Caroline Lucas

Caroline Lucas MP at climate rally in Brighton, 20 September 2019. Photo: Office of Caroline Lucas

Caroline Lucas held her seat for the Greens at Brighton Pavilion, increasing her share of the vote by 4.9% to 57.2%. Labour came second and the Conservatives third. Ms Lucas has campaigned against fracking and the UK onshore oil and gas industry. She was arrested but acquitted of obstructing the highway after protests outside the Balcombe oil site in West Sussex. She remains the only Green Party MP in parliament

Labour’s Chris Matheson held City of Chester, where IGas holds exploration licences. He gave evidence at the IGas inquiry into plans to test for gas at Ellesmere Port. His share of the vote fell 7.1% but he had a 6,164 vote majority over the Conservatives.

190503 DennisSkinner

Dennis Skinner MP at Westminster rally, 5 March 2019. Photo: DrillOrDrop

Labour’s veteran and an anti-fracking campaigner Dennis Skinner lost Bolsover to the Conservatives. He had held the seat, where Ineos now has shale gas licences, since 1970. Until last night, Bolsover has returned a Labour MP since its creation in 1950. The Conservative, Mark Fletcher, took the seat with 21,791 votes (47.4%), a majority of 5,299.

Angela Smith, the pro-fracking former Labour MP who joined the Lib Dems, came a distant third in Altrincham and Sale West. She took 6,036 votes (11% of the vote) behind second-placed Labour and the Conservative, Graham Brady. All the other former MPs who left Labour and the Conservatives failed to be re-elected.

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  1. On Lee Rowley and the Bramleymoor Lane fracking situation – the Conservatives have been re-elected there with a clear majority, so we need the areas MP Lee Rowley to press his Government into passing legislation to place a full ban on fracking which goes well beyond an easily removable moritorium on the matter. If the matter is not covered in the coming Queen’s Speech, then he needs to push the matter in the subsequent debate. For the Government’s proposals in the coming Queen’s Speech is the first issue to be debated and voted upon in the new parliament. If Boris gives Rowley even a very junior Government post, this will block him from criticising Government failures – including any errors and ommissions over fracking.

    • Harry Barnes.If he was awarded a government post, Lee Rowley could criticise the government but he would have to resign that post. It depends if he values any position he’s given more than the views and welfare of his constituents.

      • If Rowley is offered a front bench role, the Tory leadership will first have worked out that he is not likely to rebel over the fracking (or any other) issue. For they now have plenty of MPs to select from. For instance, Rowley is a close friend of free enterprise capitalist interests as is reflected in his co-chairmanship of FREER and the regular articles he writes for their publications. Ideologically, he is close to the interests of free enterprise freeks such as Jim Ratcliffe of INEOS. Rowley only took up an anti-fracking stance in the last parliament because he felt that he needed to do it to hold onto his parliamentary seat. But now that he has a larger majority, he might feel that he is “freer” to follow his free enterprise beliefs on this matter.

      • Pauline Jones

        Does his position not depend on the direction the gov is travelling? If he has a gov post he may will be in a better position to influence and inform government policy than he would as a protesting outsider.

    • Yes, interesting to note that in the environmentally enlightened days, that the Green Party was the biggest deposit loser in the 2019 December election, failing to meet the required 5% threshold in 465 constituencies.
      The Greens lost a total of £232,500 – marginally up from the £228,000 lost on 456 candidates last time around.

    • What a horrible thing to say. Apart from which the Greens have helped the anti-fracking community in the Midlands. No political party is perfect or free of undesirables.

  2. On Mark Menzies,
    He only called for a ban on fracking, which hasn’t happened by the way, after the August Bank Holiday Monday 2.9 Richter Scale, Intensity Level 6 Hydrofrac earthquake caused over 2500 residents of the Fylde to complain to the British Geological Survey about it disturbing them!
    He has done absolutely nothing to help the approximate 200 whose family homes were damaged by this impossible seismic event.
    His campaign leaflet didn’t even mention the word fracking!
    The truth will be revealed when Johnson and Leadsom conspire to restart fracking on the Fylde any time now!

  3. I hear Dennis Skinner is rather poorly at the moment.

    Not keen on his politics, but he has been a very active and effective MP for his constituency for many years, and trust he returns to good health shortly.

    On the subject of Greens, perhaps my local candidate will have to give up one of the two cars to cover the deposit?

    On the election, generally, I had Boris down for a 30 majority. Underestimated the number of voters who said they were undecided but really had made their minds up and didn’t want others knowing they would break historic/family ranks. Same thing happened for the Scottish ref. Seems Polls unable to quantify that in advance. Just hope, now he has the majority, he will introduce a law making it required that a by election is triggered if an MP wants to change parties part way through a Parliament. The current freedom is an insult to the electorate.

    • Martin – when parliament is in session MPs receive weekly instructions from their Chief Whip on how to vote on coming issues. If they disobey they can then be disiplined, including being expelled from their parliamentary party. If this happens would you wish this to trigger a by-election ? It would add to the powers of their parliamentry party leadership.

      • I agree Harry! Anyone who is voted in by his/her constituents should be forced to go through a by election if they decide part way through they want to represent the Monster Raving Loony Party-or equivalent. Absolute nonsense currently, and insulting to the constituents.

        I also think you will find that most votes do not trigger a definite instruction of how to vote by the Chief Whip, that is enforced in the way you suggest. How many times did JC vote against Labour as a back bencher without any serious penalty???? There is a solution. Be like the Greens, have one MP who is her own Whip! LOL.

        One day, the reality of a situation may be embraced by the antis., but not going to hold my breath. It seems it is much easier for arguments to be made against false assertions. Would have thought the results of this election would have proven the futility of that and that most of the public are not as ignorant as they are taken for.

        I see that Greta, should really be pronounced Grater! Probably fake news, but it seems that is okay, so why not!

        • Martin : I give a link below concerning Lee Rowley’s record in the last parliament. He voted in 427 out of 463 divisions. Rebelling against Teresa May on 12 occasions – always on her Brexit proposals. Then he supported Boris Johnson’s marginally different stance. The weekly whip sent out to MPs by their parliamentary party lists the items which could be voted upon, although surprise items can also arise. In the past (at least) they were often underlined – either once, twice or three times. To vote against a three line whips is considered to be offensive. It could lead to inner party disclpline – or more likely it will help block someone from front bench promotion (as with Jeremy Corbyn until mainly non-MPs voted for him to became leader), See – http://threescoreyearsandten.blogspot.com/2019/10/lee-rowleys-parliamentary-record.html

          • Harry-a Three Line Whip is not the norm. We can see your attempt to conflate, but the reality is known by even the most junior observer. Even a Three Line Whip is something that may be ignored without severe penalty, but the Whips will make it quite clear beforehand if there is no room to avoid severe consequences. No excuse for anyone to claim they were confused.

            That is all a separate matter from an elected MP deciding he/she can just decide to switch to another party without the consent of their constituents. They all stated during the last Parliament their decisions were supported by their constituents. How many were elected from that constituency, or another they stood in expecting better support? NONE. So, they lied to justify their decision. That should not be allowed to continue.

            Perhaps Greta needs a Whip to prevent her from uttering the juvenile, offensive type of remark she has needed to apologise for?

  4. Again regarding Menzies, until the unexpected, by the Establishment, August Bank Holiday Monday earthquake, he constantly claimed that the Gold Standard Monitors would foresee and prevent dangerous fracking side-effects!
    Well the property damaging earthquakes have already badly affected local residents.
    The area has been subjected to the release of airborne gaseous byproducts from the fracking site. Health effects yet unknown!
    Independent water testing of ponds around the PNR fracking site has shown potentially dangerous results. Further independent testing is ongoing, Lancashire County Council having refused to assist so far.

      • Paul, I quite agree! They are a disgrace!
        Though it didn’t help that the local Johnson Group owned media promoted the Tory Corporatist propaganda at every opportunity!
        Anyway kiss the NHS, human rights and the environment goodbye!

  5. As a consequence of the election result, I predict ‘game back on’. However, as they’re on very thin (and melting) ice and in order not to alienate traditional Tory voters, it will be even more secretive, devious, hidden and quietly divisive. I envisage even more draconian police actions and legal response. I also hope I’m wrong.

    • I think the following will happen:

      No further work will be approved in the Fylde.

      INEOS will drill a shale well – if the results are within their expectations and they can demonstrate technically that they can frack this well within the TLS, they may receive a permit to frack one well. This will be the big test for the Government and the moratorium.

      Anything else will depend on whether or not this well is successful and stays within the TLS.

      All the other none shale work around the Country will proceed subject to planning permission and economics.

    • The moratorium in England could possibly be changed, so that it is similar in wording to the one currently in place in Germany.
      Unconventional fracking is banned in Germany until 2021 except for up to four wells that can be drilled and fracked for scientific purposes.

  6. On a happier note, here are couple of Christmas songs for you to sing
    while you raise a toast to those who are foolish enough to actually want to put themselves in our sights.
    Like chickens, or perhaps oven ready turkeys to the s….laughter!

    A Boris Blue Christmas

    Have you ever wondered where all Boris children went to?
    Well maybe the Midwich Cuckoos will give you a clue?

    They’ll have a Blue Christmas without a clue
    They’ll be so Blue just thinking about me and you
    Decorations of Red on our Green Christmas tree
    Theirs won’t be the same dear
    Because we’re all free here

    And when those Blue snowflakes start fallin’
    That’s when those Blue memories start callin’
    We’ll be doin’ all right,
    With our Christmas of White
    But they’ll have a Blue, Blue, Blue,
    Blue Christmas

    We’ll be doin’ all right,
    With our Christmas of White
    But they’ll have a Blue,
    Blue, Blue, Blue,
    Boris Blue Christmas

    I Believe In a Better Christmas

    They said there’ll be snow at Christmas
    They said there’ll be peace on Earth
    But instead it just keeps on raining
    A veil of tears for the Virgin birth
    I remember one Christmas morning
    A winters light and a distant choir
    And the peal of a bell and that Christmas Tree smell
    And eyes full of tinsel and fire

    They sold you a scream of Christmas
    They sold you a Siren Night
    And they told you a scary story
    ‘Till you believed in the Brexit Fight

    And you believed in a Boris Promise
    And you looked to the lies with blighted eyes
    ‘Till you woke with a yawn in the first light of dawn
    And you saw him and through his disguise

    I wish you a hopeful Christmas
    I wish you a Brave New Year

    All their anguish pain and sadness
    Keep your heart and let your mind be clear
    They said there’ll be snow at Christmas
    They said there’ll be peace on Earth
    Hallelujah Noel, be it Heaven or Hell
    The Christmas we get we deserve

    Have a great Sunday and a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.
    Maybe just spare a thought and give to foodbanks and present collections for those children and families who have suffered under this government and will do over Christmas in poverty promoted by this government.

    • Happy Christmas Phil C, Ruth and Paul and all the gang here on DOD whatever your politics.

      Giving is surely better than receiving and donating to those in need is much better and more satisfying than buying tat. Many children will be without this year and there are usually schemes in your area. The smaller homeless shelters run mainly be volunteers are your best target [the bigger charities which do have their place are increasingly just sending ridiculous amounts of begging letters negating your donation by the end of the year]. Don’t forget the animal charities that are particularly overwhelmed at this time of year with the fallout from ill thought out presents 😦

      Let’s ensure all are in on ‘Christmas’ not just those who have….

      Peace on Earth to all humans and creatures alike; and have a Happy, [looking like a] ‘frack free’ year!

      • And a Happy Christmas to you too Sherwulfe, and Ruth and Paul at Drill or Drop.

        Yes there is much to do this Christmas for the homeless the dispossessed and the disinfranchised of this country. And that will have to continue for the foreseeable future it seems.

        Communities will be far more under threat than ever before as the fossil fuels interests seek to strip every possible resource from this country, be that ecological, human or animal.

        Homeless and starving millions in a so called first world country is an obscenity beyond obscenity.

        There will be much to do.

        As you say there is and will be the further degradation of conditions and care for the welfare of animals and the cruelty and commoditisation of animals in battery farms is also an obscenity in a so called civilised society.

        So to all the Scrooge’s and the Bah Humbuggers, to the Tiny Tims, the Old Man Potters, and the Harry Potter’s, the Hermione’s and Voldemorts alike, the George Bailey’s, the Bedford Falls and the Pottersvilles, the North and the South, the East and the West, to the Scottish, to the Welsh and to the Irish, and to all those in England and Europe and to everyone and everything in this tired and assaulted benighted planet.

        Have a Wonderful Holiday and a transformative New Year and …..

        ….Be Good!

        • Good job battery farms no longer exist in UK! (Apart from those for electric vehicles!)

          Now, UK will shortly be able to ban transport of live animals off to the EU.

          A lot more civilised than some seem to know. Still much to do, but less than some seem to understand.

          Wishing you all a Fake News free Christmas.

  7. What a horrible thing to say. Apart from which the Greens have helped the anti-fracking community in the Midlands. No political party is perfect or free of undesirables.

  8. Regarding Sir Paul Beresford. When I lived in Dorking two/three years ago, he was pro fracking, he told me he couldn’t see a problem with it. How i wish I’d saved this comment. Can he be trusted re Brockham?

  9. Anti-fracking groups in the North East Derbyshire Constituency will be keeping a close eye on our local Conservative MP Lee Rowley MP who is mentioned in the above article. Having narrowly captured the seat in 2017 after it being Labour since 1935, he decided that it was to his advantage to take an anti-fracking line against a move by INEOS at Marsh Lane in his constituency. Initially it was a “not in my backyard” approach. But then he took on a wider stance. He obtained debates in Westminster Hall on the issue and eventually attempted a 10 Minute Rule Bill on the issue, but it was easy for the Government to sideline the Bill and he never even took the trouble to get the Commons to publish his proposed measure. He gave evidence against INEOS’s application to operate at Marsh Lane, but INEOS still obtained permission for exploritory drilling. In his first parliament he was always loyal to the Tory whip, except over Teresa May’s Brexit proposals, but then he supported Boris Johnson on the issue. In the last parliament he chaired an All Party anti-fracking group, but was then still close enough to Boris to be given the role of moving the last Queen’s Speech in the Commons. Outside of his tactics on fracking he is a free market freek and is joint Chair of a group called FREER. It is exactly the type of body which Jim Ratcliffe of INEOS would support. Given the ambigious nature of Rowley’s position, numbers of us will be pressing for him to go be beyond the current Government position of a moritoriam and press for a perminent ban on fracking. Now that he has a larger majority in his Constituency, the proof of his pudding will need to be closely tasted,

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