No decision on UKOG’s Isle of Wight drilling plans during coronavirus outbreak

200323 Arreton Frack Free Isle of Wight

Site of UKOG’s proposed Arreton oil site, 23 March 2020. Photo: Frack Free Isle of Wight

Frack Free Isle of Wight has welcomed news that the island’s council has halted all planning decisions during the covid-19 outbreak.

The group has opposed drilling plans on the island by UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), submitted earlier this week.

In a statement tonight, the group said:

“Frack Free Isle of Wight is delighted to reveal the receipt of an email from the Chair of Planning of The Isle of Wight Council this evening, announcing the halt of planning applications due to the current national crisis.”

DrillOrDrop reported two days ago that UKOG had submitted a planning application for exploratory wells near the village of Arreton.

Frack Free Isle of Wight had called for the application to be deferred during the outbreak. It was concerned that the public consultation on the application would be affected by restrictions on movement and the closure of public buildings.

The group said tonight:

“We wish to thank the Isle of Wight Council’s Planning Department for listening to our concerns and making this important decision. We are grateful that the council has acknowledged that these precautionary measures are essential at this time”

The email from the chair of planning, Chris Quirk, said:

“I can confirm that no new planning applications will be determined for the immediate future.

“We will however, still be receiving applications electronically and we will make them available online in the usual way.

“However, we will not be starting the formal public consultation period until Government guidance on non-essential movement changes and we can safely put up site notices and undertake site visits.

“We will then also advertise planning applications as usual in the local press.

“This means that the public will be able to see any new applications online, but we will not be determining them.”

Isle of Wight Council is expected to make a formal statement in the morning.

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  1. MH , I’ve put an order in with Tesco for loo rolls but it doesn’t mean I will get them , I could always use UKOG share certificates tho as they are much cheaper, about 3 for a penny , reduced from 10p each .

    • The good news Jonio is that the IOW application is not in because of the share price.

      What you don’t seem to understand is the value that currant share price will add with a extra 35% of the asset.

      1 tanker a day is now 2 & many more to add. Then the CPR with reserves.

      You felt bitter with one tanker a day, how will you feel with up to 16 a day at Horse Hill?

      That’s a lot of egg cups.

      • Funny , that’s what you were all saying about Broadford Bridge too , how did that go ? You must be aware that all you are doing is funding Sanderson’s lavish lifestyle at a time when a lot of your peers are not able to work and need some income. Greed makes you an easy target .

        • So, Jono has missed out on another blue day!

          If anyone does not want to bother with research just watch Jono predicting doom and gloom and place your money in the opposite direction. So far, close to 100% assured. +18% equals luxury toilet paper.

          Interesting, isn’t it? Some people spend so much time looking at a company yet see so little, whilst those on IOW can spend, at most, 30 minutes and see what is there to see, once they have navigated the trouble makers. Then, they will think, “well, someone appears to be trying to take us for fools, because that was so easy. Do they really think we are so foolish?”

          Then, there is another approach of protecting the Island from something last seen in Lancashire that has since been excluded from all of UK! The Keep Ireland adder free lot. Already done, folks, some time ago. Romping through the grassland is okay.

          Between them, more recruitment for UKOG than the opposite.

          (Last I heard, Broadford Bridge was fine Jono. Buzzards and butterflies and awaiting its place in line. Perhaps after IOW, but just a case of priority. Quite the opposite of greed, but no one will notice, apart from those intelligent people on IOW.)

  2. Thankyou UKOG for your discount share certificates in these most troubling times….
    Not so soft, but strong and surprisingly absorbant.

  3. Let’s get back to the real world!

    The decision to suspend such activities within the IOW Council has absolutely NOTHING to do with Frack Free IOW. Perfectly understandable and reasonable approach to allow safety of individuals and support for activities that have greater priority. Many Councils now doing just the same.

    If the title of the “organisation” didn’t give it away, the comments do. Deluded.

    So, Jono is a UKOG share holder! Hmm, that explains a lot.
    If you are not, Jono, and merely expressing your desires to become one you may be disappointed. Most who purchase UKOG shares do not get a certificate! When I purchased some, sold them and made a profit Jono, I never saw one little piece of paper. A bank transfer finally. And all tax free. No pain, no trees sacrificed, bit of the plastic keyboard worn away. A hybrid tried, tested and rejected was the result, but at least I put my “ill gotten gains” to good use.

    There is always a danger when individuals comment about something they know nothing about, but they think no one will notice that. (DoD is NOT the safe place for that although some believe so.) You would be much better off buying Venetian Blind Shares, Jono, in the belief you would assist the Italian disabled.

    Where are Tesla shares now Jono? (Recovering a little, thanks to Donald’s $2 TRILLION.)

    Not to worry about those toilet rolls. Try recycling the Guardian.

    That insomnia still an issue? Do try some meditation. A bit more sleep and the world will suddenly look so much better. “Fracking” will clear from your vision and be replaced with bog (whoops) standard oil drilling, as has been practised along the south coast of the UK, and elsewhere for decades. Much of it in very sensitive environments and with an extremely good environmental track record. Goodness, I even know of one University business lecturer who used Wytch Farm as the ideal example of industry co-existing in harmony with nature. Had a few students who had to repeat projects because they followed fake news pathways through the Internet, but they soon got the message.

    Once the Planners get back to normality, suspect they will quickly find the time to add a few more good examples for future students-after all the young are the future and their education needs good examples, for them to think about, as Naomi put it.

  4. Well done Frack Free IOW. The right decision by the council. Shame on UKOG trying to sneak this under the radar…

    • Seems they “captured” a lot of traffic, Jon D!

      Chair of Planning

      ” I can confirm that NO new planning applications will be determined for the immediate future.”

      But keep it coming. The more nonsense entering the records, and the easier the job for the Planning Dept. when it starts work again.

  5. Let’s get back to the real world? Tories announces moratorium to help get elected. Then in government tories designate oil and gas workers as key and strengthen police powers. When do we get our action to mitigate climate change- what about the possibility of my grandchildren having some kind of decent habitable planet to inhabit – and everyone else’s grandchildren too if course. This is not a rehearsal there is no planet B.

  6. Just when Boris is confirmed to have the virus, and his fiancé is expecting a baby!

    What world is it you live in Cjr??? Seems one where your dogma is more important than anything else.

    Not one I frequent, happily. Mine is full of people applauding the NHS workers who are doing a difficult job as best they can, ASSISTED by fossil fuel and its by products.

    All the IOW is about is whether some of those big tankers ALREADY steaming by the IOW daily, might be replaced by a number of smaller local road tankers (probably.) WHICH WOULD HELP MITIGATE AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE.

    If you think the moratorium has anything to do with the Tories being elected, then just another sign your dogma is really doing damage to your judgement.

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