Anti-fracking network runner-up in campaign awards

Frack Free United, a network of campaigners opposed to fracking, was runner-up in a national awards scheme run by the Sheila McKechnie Foundation.

Members of Frack Free United, 9 February 2017. Photo: Frack Free United

The network and its director, Steve Mason, were shortlisted in the David and Goliath category, which celebrated individuals or small campaign groups that took on much bigger organisations and challenge vested power.

Frack Free United was praised for working through the parliamentary system to raise fracking onto the agenda in every party and at every level of government.

The network was established in 2016 after Third Energy was granted planning permission to frack in North Yorkshire.

Key regional campaigners and organisations worked together with the aim of providing a national identity for opposition to fracking and taking the grass roots campaign to regional and central government.

Steve Mason, of the campaign network Frack Free United, with the 8,000+ signature petition, 1 December 2018. Photo: Frack Free United

The award citation said:

“Slowly but surely they worked with members of all political parties to take the stigma out of the issue and present it as a problem faced by the community as a whole. 

“They agreed strategy and outcome for the Frack Free United project including activity to raise fracking on the political agenda of all main parties, ensuring local and national strategies were coordinated.

“In particular, they worked with communities, NGOs and local Groups with a specific focus on building a supporter base, developing a database of thousands of supporters and building a communication network of elected politicians, academics and community groups.”

Steve Mason said:

“I’m truly humbled by this nomination, I set out to protect my local community from the threat of fracking and never expected to be in line for such an award.”

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    • WD – still no answer to my question on your Knapton comment:

      “Please enlighten us on the radioactive equipment WD? Which equipment. What type of radioactivity. Levels of radioactivity. Source of radioactivity. We can then let you know where it will “end up”.”

      Perhaps you can also be eligible for some kind of “award”?

  1. Well done to Frack Free United and Mr Mason. Following the recent comments by Mr Kwarteng, you should take great pride in the part you and FFU have played in the fight against fracking. Your organisation has worked cross party to raise awareness levels and knowledge on fracking in order to counter the industry lobbyists, with all their millions and position of power. You helped challenge their oft over optimistic, increasingly outdated and selective views. Fracking is not supported by the government nor any opposition party. A great result.

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