Updated picture post: fracking day of action

Opponents of fracking held a demonstration outside BP’s headquarters in London as part of an international day of action.

Protest outside BP Headquarters in London, 11 December 2020. Photo: Kristian Buus

The actions marked the fifth anniversary of the climate agreement reached at the COP21 conference in Paris in December 2015. Protests in more than 20 countries included blockades of terminals in Europe which import fracked gas, as well actions at fracking sites around the world.

Campaigners from Frack Off London called on BP to end its fracking operations in Colombia, Mexico, Oman, West Papua and Argentina.

Protest outside BP Headquarters in London, 11 December 2020. Photo: Kristian Buus

Lorraine Inglis, of Frack Off London said:

“With a moratorium on fracking in England, we are here to highlight the hypocrisy of British-backed fracking in countries such as Argentina.

“BP admitted that fracking in the UK would ‘attract the wrong kind of attention’ but, with the financial support of UK Export Finance, they are actively pursuing the industry in Argentina where there is less regulation and a greater risk of violent repression for those who stand up to the industry.

“If the UK government are serious about being climate leaders in the run up to hosting COP26 in Glasgow next year, they must actively withdraw all forms of support for fracking.” 

Climate activists visited the US, Norwegian and German consulates in Edinburgh as part of a protest against hydrocarbon processing in Scotland
Extinction Rebellion Barcelona in a protest about Endesa, a company which imports fracked gas into Spain.
Blockade by Climate Just Griefswald in Germany where fracked LNG is imported
Protest in Mendoza in Argentina

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  1. Perhaps recognise FIRST, that a gathering WITHOUT masks being worn correctly, is a useless gesture? A picture does indeed say more than many words. Hence advertising, positive and NEGATIVE.

    Kay Burley also finding out the same.

  2. Apparently Mark Menzies MP for the Constituency of the Fylde, erstwhile Cuadrilla fracking home ground, has been promoting fracking in South America.

    Hopefully this won’t result in Shale Gas being imported into the UK trashing our climate change obligations.

    Equally hopefully no harm will come to the indigenous people resident there.

  3. No, Peter, we will just continue to get it from North America! I suspect you are confused in respect of forests being cleared in S. America to allow production of sugar cane to produce “nice clean fuel”.

    By the way, whilst these persons were having their fun and helping push London into Tier 3, the rest of us could clearly see that UK Government has ALREADY decided NOT to continue with overseas investments into fossil fuel.

    If you wanted a definition of a useless gesture, clearly defined for you with this nonsense. And, perhaps with respect to “our climate change obligations” then maybe no more oil from Nigeria that then requires the SBS to be mobilised to prevent a maritime disaster, and just encourage that imported oil to be replaced by local production!

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