UKOG seeks three more Turkish licences

The weald-based UK Oil & Gas plc (UKOG) is promoting prospects of oil production in south east Turkey as it seeks three more exploration licences in the region.

Extract from UKOG presentation on prospects in south east Turkey, compared with the weald basin. Source: UKOG

In a statement this morning, UKOG said it had applied with its Turkish partner, Aladdin Middle East Ltd (AME), for four blocks, together measuring 612km2.

An online presentation, also published today, suggested that this part of Turkey had higher volumes of oil than the weald basin, where the company has all its UK assets.

The Turkish blocks are south and east of UKOG’s current interest in the Basur-Resan licence, held 50-50 with AME since July 2020.

UKOG said the new area straddles undrilled surface anticlines that have previously been only “scantily explored”. Geologically, they were said to be similar to the UKOG/AME Basur-Resan oil appraisal project, AME’s producing East Sadak oil field and oil fields in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

The presentation put total proven oil volumes in south east Turkey at 572 million barrels (MMbbl), 13 times that of the weald Basin (44 MMbbl). (In 2015, UKOG’s chief executive, Stephen Sanderson, predicted the weald had “between 50 and 100 billion barrels of oil in place”, with 5-15% recoverable.)

UKOG’s proposed Loxley gas site at Dunsfold in Surrey, turned down for planning permission last month, had 7.1 million barrels of oil equivalent (MMboe), the presentation said. This compared with 37 MMbbl in the Basur-Resan licence and 28 MMbbl in East Sadak.

The UKOG proposed site at Arreton on the Isle of Wight, still awaiting a planning decision, was said to have 2.6 MMbbl. The presentation gave no figures for UKOG’s production site at Horse Hill in Surrey.

The result of the application is expected in 60 days, UKOG said. It said there were three other applications for the licences, including one from TPAO, the Turkish state oil and gas company.

UKOG presentation on application

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  1. Oh how ironic, and humorous!

    So, if UKOG are limited/slowed in their ability to extract a modest amount of gas/oil in UK then they will probably extract a MUCH greater volume in Turkey! And they have a lot to go for with Turkey importing around 90% of requirement PLUS having a fast track approach to developing their own. (But, I hope they do, as that has more merit than trying to control Libya-where there are enough issues.)

    And there goes the global emissions twaddle from the UK Nimbys. That moral high-ground has suddenly turned out to be a sink hole.

  2. Think you will find many areas of the world are full of dry holes, Jono, including the North Sea-before the sea water rushed in! Both UK and Norwegian bits. Then they found out how and where to focus. Makes a change from the antis claiming there is a conspiracy to drill dry holes in order to stuff them with radio active waste-that could have gone into landfill if that was not filled up with turbine blades. Go on, Giggle it, you know you want to! Whilst you are Giggling you may discover the Turks are starting to find substantial quantities already.

    And yes, health and safety and the environment are NOT that strong in Turkey.

    So, for the sake of health and safety AND the environment it would be so much better for UKOG to operate, like Wytch Farm, with strong health and safety and good environmental standards in the UK!! But some would like to prevent that, wouldn’t they Jono? And if they were successful, oil from Turkey could replace oil from Nigeria into Fawley Refinery.

    Thanks again for helping make my point. But, just remember not accepting responsibility for your actions, is the same as being irresponsible. Deflect away as much as you like, but that just focuses more attention. And lifestyle companies? That just makes me consider Tesla as the most extreme example of that around the world. Not sure that was a good direction to go. Not that I have anything against Mr. Musk, he must be pretty clever to live that life and amass his fortune whilst failing to run a profitable business! Big mugs and little mugs, eh? Maybe the big mugs will become little mugs, maybe the little mugs will become big mugs.

    Wonder how UKOG will fund? Perhaps the good people of Surrey will end up making a sizeable contribution? Oh dear, even more irony.

  3. Ah, jP might be suggesting they do not!

    EXCEPT they will find out a lot quicker than in UK, and if they strike oil/gas then it WILL be extracted a lot quicker-and yes, probably in larger quantities. Not just my view.

    So, apart from cartoons jP, where is that incorrect, and if correct, how would that NOT destroy the nonsense argument of protecting the planet?

    Emojis and cartoons. Frequently rolled out on DoD and the reason is always the same. Must be a section of the handbook, an update from “in the event of an emergency, pull cord.”

  4. If they are only a lifestyle company why are the nimbys going to so much trouble to stop them….all’s well in Royston vasey it seems. “Your not from round here are you”

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