Consent for Wressle proppant squeeze

Union Jack Oil announced this morning that the proppant squeeze planned for the Wressle oil well in North Lincolnshire had been approved.

Wressle oil site, 12 January 2021. Photo: Egdon Resources

Yesterday, the company said consent for the proppant squeeze was “awaited“.

But in a statement to investors today, Union Jack said

“all necessary consents have been received by the Operator, Egdon Resources U.K. Limited for the commencement of the proppant squeeze operation at the Wressle oil production site.”

A proppant squeeze involves the injection of fluid and proppant, such as sand, into the rock formation to improve the flow of hydrocarbons.

The Environment Agency regards it as a form of low-volume fracking because the injection pressure is high enough to fracture rocks.

The process needs a hydraulic fracturing plan (HFP), which outlines what an operator would do to minimise the risks of earth tremors from fracking. It also states how the hydraulic fracturing process would be monitored and controlled.

The HFP must be approved independently by both the Environment Agency (EA) and the Oil & Gas Authority. 

Union Jack’s statement said today:

“The proppant squeeze operation is expected to optimise oil production from the Ashover Grit formation, one of the three productive reservoirs present, to a constrained rate of 500 barrels of oil per day gross (200 barrels per day net to Union Jack).”

Union Jack’s executive chairman, David Bramhill, said this morning:

“The proppant squeeze operation is the final phase of achieving our targeted oil production level and generating optimum cash-flows from the Ashover Grit reservoir.”

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  1. A wonderful head-in-the-sand decision, just as the International Energy Agency announces ”If governments are serious about the climate crisis, there can be no new investments in oil, gas and coal from now, from this year.” The industry and its supporters effectively continue to deny the reality of the climate emergency, green washing their way to continuing exploration and development. “(T)he animal spirits of private enterprise” (Keynes) are unleashed with the support of planners following our government’s lead. And fools believe this is freedom! “(T)hé planet will continue to warm up as long as we emit carbon into the atmosphere.” (Michael Mann). Time to remove the social licence from fossil fuel companies: our investments must be part of the solution to global heating and no longer a major part of the problem: regenerative must replace degenerative. “Either we work together or we destroy ourselves” (Chomsky).

    • “But, 1720 will still continue to churn out his propaganda utilizing fossil fuel products”. (Collyer)

      So, 1720 ignores Keynes, Mann and Chomsky. Continues to ignore Collyer as well. Can’t really see why sources are quoted and simply ignored by those who quote them. Part of the problem-not the solution. But, then, the solution has never been provided. “Something must be done” is not a solution. Cutting down on transport emissions and also producing within higher environmental standard countries are a part solution, and is doing something. Not the whole solution, but why would anyone embrace the whole solution when there are those who even want to stop the first steps? And the second steps (HS2)? And the third steps (“I attended the second vote Brexit demonstrations at Westminster and elsewhere last year travelling “significant distances”.)

      Never mind, 1720, you may shortly be able to watch the documentary about the guy you referenced asking questions when he will give the answers!! (Starmargeddon.) I can save the energy-people do not vote for a vacuum.

      • Just like a shoe integrity test or leak off test. Perhaps a special fracking licence will be required for all shoe tests going forward? Fracking by stealth etc…… Although I doubt any antis know what a shoe test is and what it is for. Perhaps John Powney with his CBL knowledge may know?

    • Not necessarily. It could be a proppant squeeze to the perforations to stop sand production. Doesn’t always have to be above frac pressure.

  2. FIT or LOT tests for shoe integrity are not fracs, especially the FIT! If you frac your shoe during one of these tests you seriously endanger the next drilling section.

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