Clean UK power will protect households from gas price rises – Kwasi Kwarteng

Consumers will be better protected from fluctuating gas prices as wind and solar provide more energy, the business secretary said today.

Rampion windfarm. Photo: Rampion Offshore Wind

Kwasi Kwarteng said a shift away from what he called “volatile fossil fuels” would “turbocharge” the use of renewables and hydrogen.

Speaking to the Energy UK conference, he said:

“this great uncertainty in the market shows exactly why we need to vigorously pursue our climate goals and to strengthen energy security – while, above all, protecting consumers and the planet.”

Mr Kwarteng said the prime minister’s pledge earlier this week to decarbonise the UK’s electricity system by 2035 was “a key, fundamental, milestone on the journey towards net zero”.

“That will create a much more robust system, one where we’re less at the mercy of global price fluctuations. It’s an exciting vision, not only economically, but also with dealing with the climate crisis.”

He said:

“[for the first time] we will not be reliant on hydrocarbons. Instead our homes and businesses will be powered by clean and affordable electricity here in the UK.

“Relying on homegrown power generation will protect consumers from gas price fluctuations. And it will in the long run bring down bills.

“We’ll use the wealth of Britain’s natural resources to generate cleaner and cheaper power while creating thousands of new high-skilled jobs across the UK.”

As well as wind and solar, Mr Kwarteng said gas with carbon capture, usage and storage and nuclear would be part of the mix.

“the volatility of the gas price has shown that we do need to plan strategically, and I think Net Zero helps us do that, for a secure, affordable, and sustainable energy system.” 

A Net Zero Strategy would be published “in the next few weeks”, he said.

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  1. Not if you have gas central heating, More greenwash and hogwash, misleading the public again. No mention of timescale or costs to achieve an all electric energy economy, and what provides back-up when the wind don’t blow—–Gas. Also hydrogen will cost about three times the price natural gas; think of the cost of providing the infrastucture and upgrading all existing gas boilers.

  2. My energy supplier claims that all my electricity is from renewable sources, so how come the price of its electricity supply has shot up?

    Also how come all UK goverments Lab, Con-Lib Dem, & Con ignored the warnings given about the UK’s need for gas storage ? https://www.geolsoc.org.uk/SP313

    • Hi David, thanks for the info, but note “Plans to ensure that Britain’s homes and businesses are powered by affordable, clean and secure electricity by 2035 have been unveiled by the government.” It specifies power, electricty, but fails to mention that gas provides a significant percentage of energy to homes and busineses, More hogwash I think.

  3. Because, Dr. Nick, there were always enough people around stating there is “plenty of cheap gas and oil sloshing around the world”! (jP) There were many others stating the UK doesn’t need gas storage because gas is an evil fossil fuel and money should not be invested in it.(GP)

    So, when that fake news is being given credibility, what do you expect?

    The fake news (and it is still being pushed by the same people) needs to be brought into the real world and the current reality check will do so-for a little while. Then journalists and social media will bring it all back when the reality check has passed.

    I posted recently about this rise being inevitable. Those who were gleeful about oil and gas companies struggling during the height of a pandemic were not concerned that they would-largely-be kept afloat because they were essential industries and would recover their lost revenues when the world exited the pandemic. And, of course, cartels can do that pretty quickly and easily-and even buy a football club with their spare change. And, for those who have been encouraged to remove those companies from their pensions, by the same siren voices, tough when you don’t get the bumper dividend income to help with your energy bills!

    Meanwhile, China has just instructed their coal miners to increase output, and Russia will continue with it’s games regarding gas supply until Nord Stream 2 is signed off.

  4. There is some traction with the Treasury claiming, this last weekend, that Kwarteng makes claims that are not verified. He did this a few weeks ago. Claiming that the Steel industry understood about decarbonisation. That “they get it”. He remarked about Sweden being able to produce carbon free steel. Well, at best he was claiming that a toddler who was still learning to walk was able to run a marathon. This man is not to be trusted. He may be smooth talking, confident. You may like his voice. You may like what he says. But is it true? According to SSB, the Swedish steel company he was referring to, they do not expect to be fossil fuel free until 2045. Do not trust this man is what I advise. https://www.ssab.com/company/sustainability/ssab-and-sustainability/sustainability-strategy

  5. Clean Energy UK
    Kwasi wouldn’t know his a** from a hole in the ground!

    How are ministers with no knowledge of the industry in which they have responsibility for not understanding how the energy industry works!
    Complete and utter virtue-signalling vandals!!

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