COP26 headlines: 8/11/21

Former President Obama visited COP26 with a message for young climate activists. The draft text on the talks was published and was quickly criticised by campaigners for not referring to fossil fuels.

President Obama addressing COP26, 8 November 2021. Photo: Livestream

Last updated 11.25pm

Fossil fuel phase out not included in draft text of climate talks (DrillOrDrop)

President Obama tells young to channel their anger and get to work on climate change (DrillOrDrop)

Fossil fuel industry has biggest delegation at climate talks – study (DrillOrDrop)

Pictures from the COP26 exhibitions (DrillOrDrop)

Government gives £210m backing for mini nuclear reactors to hit net zero ‘more quickly’ (Sky News)

Tuvalu minister to address Cop26 knee deep in seawater to highlight climate crisis

Cop26 will be the whitest and most privileged ever – it should be a source of great shame to everyone (Diane Abbott MP comments for the Independent)

HSBC led big banks’ charge against climate change action by seeking to delay a key deadline and scrap mandatory science-based targets for a major net-zero alliance (Bureau of Investigative Journalism)

Countries’ climate pledges built on flawed data, Post investigation finds (Washington Post)

Glasgow Calls Out Polluters blockaded a business dinner demanding payment for climate damages, 8 November 2021. Photo: Glasgow Calls Out Polluters

Police criticised over raid on Glasgow squat housing Cop26 activists (The Guardian)

Rich countries ‘pushing back’ on paying for climate loss (BBC News)

China has failed to revive the stale North-South conflict at COP26 (Telegraph)

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