COP26 headlines: 11/11/21

COP26 president, Alok Sharma, told a review session this morning there was “still a lot more work to be done”. He said ministers had to “dial up” their engagement if the talks were to finish on time at the end of tomorrow (12/11/21).

Photo: DrillOrDrop

We’ll be following the negotiations today and regularly updating this headlines page. Key issues appear to be: fossil fuel phase out, finance and ambition on emissions cuts.

Last updated 9.40pm

Countries split over key emissions text in climate agreement (DrillOrDrop)

Also: “Time is running out”, says Sharma; 1.5C temperature limit “on life support, says UN sec gen

New alliance launched on phasing out oil and gas – but UK and Scotland aren’t members (DrillOrDrop)

Fracking owner criticises UK government over climate policy (DrillOrDrop)

COP26: Carbon footprint of COP26 in Glasgow more than double that of COP25 (Scotsman)

COP26: Sturgeon takes Scotland’s climate justice funding up to £36m (Herald)

COP26 protestor blocks key road in Bury St Edmunds (East Anglian Daily Times)

Activists deflate tyres on ‘luxury’ cars in Glasgow (BBC News)

Climate siren sounds on Clyde. Photo: from Extinction Rebellion video

1,000 people march through Glasgow from Kenmure Street to the Home Office at Ibrox in protest at UK government treatment of migrants (COP26 Coalition press release)

Climate Justice Activists stage stunt to “close” COP26 Green Zone due to “high levels of dangerous Greenwashing”. (Glasgow Calls Out Polluters press release)

Scots shooting estate toffs accused of ‘putting two fingers up to COP26’ by burning grouse moors (Daily Record)

Australia is Cop26 ‘problem nation’ similar to Saudi Arabia and Russia – former negotiator (Guardian)

Protest in the COP26 main concourse, 11 November 2021. Photo: DrillOrDrop

Nearly half of Brits following Cop26, only one in five trust politicians to deliver (Guardian)

Austria, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg and Portugal say they can’t define nuclear energy as climate-friendly or a solution to the climate crisis (Independent)

Sturgeon calls on world leaders to follow Scotland with climate ‘reparations’ (Herald)

Nicola Sturgeon hits back at claims she ‘abandoned’ Holyrood (National)

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