Latest UK onshore oil production – October 2021

Follow onshore oil production trends with our review of the latest official monthly data

Key figures

Daily production: 14,066 barrels per day (bopd)
Weight: 57,118.1 tonnes
Volume: 69,328 m3
Volume of onshore as a proportion of UK total oil production: 1.73%
Headlines of the month: Fall in daily production and onshore contribution to UK oil production but total monthly volumes and weight up slightly. Rise at Horse Hill but falls at Welton and Humbly Grove.

The data in this post was compiled by the Oil & Gas Authority (OGA) from reports by oil companies. It is published three months in arrears. All the charts are based on the OGA data.


Fall in daily production

  • October 2021 saw a 3% fall in barrels of oil per day (bopd) on the previous month
  • This was the lowest daily production rate since April 2021
  • Daily production was down 4% on October 2020 and down 12% on October 2019

Volume and weight up slightly

  • The volume of onshore oil produced in October 2021 was 0.19% up compared with  September 2021,, perhaps reflecting the extra day
  • Weight was up 0.18% on the previous month
  • But volume remained below 70,000m3 for the second consecutive month and weight was below 60,000 tonnes for ninth consecutive month

Fall continues in contribution to UK total oil production

  • The contribution of onshore to total UK oil production fell again to 1.73%
  • This was the fourth consecutive fall and the lowest for seven months

Top 20 fields

  • Horse Hill rose after two-week shutdown in September 2021 but did not regain its August 2021 levels
  • Production at Bletchingley fell 46% in October 2021, compared with September
  • Top-ranking Wytch Farm saw a rise in its output but second-ranked Welton fell 7%
  • Production rose at half the top 20 fields (in order of % increase, largest first): Horse Hill (44%), Long Clawson (37%), Wareham (18%), East Glentworth, Beckingham, Scampton North, Stockbridge, Corringham, Singleton, Wytch Farm
  • Production fell at 10 fields (in order of % fall, largest first): Bletchingley (-46%), Cold Hanworth (-41%), Humbly Grove (34%), Storrington, Horndean, Welton, Gainsborough, Glentworth, Whisby, Kimmeridge

Horse Hill, Surrey

  • Weight of oil production rose to 261 tonnes in October, up 44% from 181 tonnes in September 2021
  • The daily production rate in October 2021 was 63 bopd, up 40% on September
  • And the site rose in the onshore rankings to 12, from 17 in September 2021
  • But October’s weight and volume (261 tonnes and 309m3) was 23% below August 2021 (340 tonnes and 402m3).
  • And October 2021 saw the third lowest daily rate since formal production began in March 2020

Bletchingley, Surrey

  • Daily production fell from 74 bopd in September 2021 to 39 bopd in October 2021
  • Tonnage and volume also fell more than 40% between the two months
  • October 2021 saw the biggest fall in production at Bletchingley in the past 12 months
  • The site dropped in the onshore oil production rankings from 12 to 18

Wytch Farm, Dorset

  • The UK’s largest onshore oil producer saw a 1% increase in oil in tonnes in October 2021, over the previous month
  • Its contribution to UK total onshore oil rose from 83.41% to 84.25%.

Welton, Lincolnshire

  • Oil produced in October 2021 fell to 1,721 tonnes, compared with 1845 tonnes in September 2021
  • Daily production dropped to 419 bopd, the lowest level at the site since March 2021.
  • The site’s share of UK onshore oil production was also down, from 3.24% to 3.01%.

Humbly Grove, Hampshire

  • Daily production in October 2021 dropped to 147 bopd, from 230 bopd in September
  • This ended five months of consecutive increased production
  • October 2021 was the eighth ranking month since October 2020


  • Increased production at Horse Hill boosted UK Oil & Gas’s share of UK onshore production from 0.31% in September 2021 to 0.46% in October.
  • Perenco, the operator of Wytch Farm, Wareham and Kimmeridge saw its share rise from 84.79% in September to 85.16% in October 2021
  • EP UK Investments, operator of Humbly Grove, dropped from 1.59% of UK oil production in September to 1.05% in October
  • IGas’s contribution to UK onshore oil production was almost unchanged (11.98 in September to 11.97 in October)
  • Egdon Resources, still not formally producing from Wressle, also saw a stable contribution (0.24% in September 2021, 0.23% in October)
  • Increases in production at Crosby Warren and West Firsby lifted market share at Europa Oil and Gas (up to 0.32% from 0.28% in September)

Non producers

12 onshore fields again recorded no monthly production. These included:

  • Angus Energy sites in Brockham in Surrey and Lidsey in West Sussex
  • Egdon Resources fields at Kirklington, Dukes Wood and Waddock Cross
  • IGas fields at Avington, Egmanton, Nettleham, Scampton and South Leverton
  • Britnrg Limited site at Newton-on-Trent

4 replies »

  1. It’ll be interesting to see how onshore production changes to cash in on the huge spike in world prices, particularly Wytch Farm as they have the overwhelming share of UK onshore supply. With only 1.73% of UK oil production, I wonder how it compares with UK consumption? Hard to imagine it having any impact on overall energy pricing.

  2. Don’t think Wytch Farm will change much, Mike. It is a field that used to produce over 100k barrels per day and is now declining. There may be a few tweaks that will squeeze a few more drops, but the continuing decline is certain.

    The other on shore sites, where there are opportunities for increasing weekly output, will probably push ahead for that but there the potential volumes are small compared to Wytch Farm.

    What will have an impact on pricing is if a windfall levy is imposed in the N.Sea. What an absolutely crazy idea. All that would happen is that oil and gas prices would rise further. World demand is greater than supply hence increased prices. Encourage less oil and gas to be produced in the N.Sea and guess what? Prices would go higher still, and investment into renewables would be reduced! OPEC producers will not be inclined to produce more. They are busy making up for losses in 2020 and will control supplies to keep prices high.

    Pray for warm weather around the world over the next 10 months if you want energy prices to drop. Ironic really.

  3. Right let’s crack on with fracking’!
    You cannot make an omelette without cracking a few eggs!,
    Energy security is real, energy poverty is real! If we need tax dollars and something to trade, and something to create energy gas is the cleanest and greenest energy there is, without looking at the carbon footprint of designing, manufacturing, building, shipping and commissioning thousands of floating wi d turbines!! That uses a lot! Of Energy!!

    Yes there is inconvenience with fracking, but soap box aside it’s either that or the lights go out and the Russians, Norwegians and Qatari’s would be delighted to get hold of your cash.., #homeproducedgreenerenergy

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