Schlumberger defends Cambridge research as climate protests continue

Climate campaigners continued a week of protests today at Schlumberger’s research centre in Cambridge with a banner drop – but the company said it was committed to low carbon solutions.

Protest outside Schlumberger research centre in Cambridge, 16 March 2022. Photo: Derek Langley

Earlier this week, activists from XR Cambridge and XR Youth Cambridge, blocked the entrance to the company’s Gould Research Centre. Three people were arrested. More details here and here

Today, members of the groups climbed on to the centre’s entrance to display the banner which said Schlumberger Out.

The XR campaign calls on Cambridge University, which hosts the research centre, to cut all ties with Schlumberger. It also urges the company to ends its work on fossil fuels and commit to climate reparations.

An XR spokesperson said today:

“Name any major oil or gas project anywhere in the world, and the chances are Schlumberger is involved.

“University of Cambridge scientists have for decades been warning us about the existential threat of climate and ecological breakdown – so why is the University providing Schlumberger with a place to develop its planet-killing technologies, and a steady supply of academics to develop them?”

But Schlumberger criticised the campaigners action for causing alarm and disruption. It said it was committed to reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

“At Schlumberger, we are committed to playing our part in addressing climate change by reducing our own greenhouse gas emissions and supporting our customers to reduce theirs, through targets aligned with climate science and by meeting the demand for energy sustainably.

“We invest in a range of initiatives to achieve this. Our transition technologies are deployed for customers to support their climate ambitions and we have made a public commitment to achieving Net-Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

“In addition we created Schlumberger New Energy, developing solutions for the future that are low carbon, carbon neutral and carbon negative, which we intend to expand as part of Schlumberger’s strategic ambitions addressing climate change. The Schlumberger Cambridge Research Centre is heavily involved in supporting the company’s commitment to Net Zero emissions, with many projects in new energy activities.

“We understand and accept the right of people to peacefully protest. We regret that this group is choosing to disrupt the normal working day of people, causing alarm rather than engage in meaningful discussion with key decision-makers.” Cambridge University did not respond to our request for comment.

Cambridge University did not respond to our request for comment.

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