Campaigners rebut IGas shale gas claims for Misson

Opponents of fracking for shale gas have dismissed comments made by IGas about the role of its Misson site in Nottinghamshire in solving the energy crisis.

IGas site at Misson Springs, December 2020. Photo: from IGas planning application

IGas said the site, which has one vertical well, could begin extracting gas within a year if the government lifted the moratorium on fracking in England.

It told last week’s Mail on Sunday that the site, known as Misson Springs, could produce 60-80 billion cubic feet of gas in total, if fully developed with 10 boreholes.

Extract of the online article in the Mail on Sunday, first published on 12 March 2022.

But Frack Free Misson, which has opposed IGas’s operations in the area for seven years, said today:

“It can only be concluded that IGas’ most recent claims regarding Misson Springs are ill-founded and incredulous at best.”

Planning permission at the site expired in 2021 and an application to extend consent was refused. The company has previously said it would restore the land later this year.

But IGas told the Mail on Sunday it could prepare a planning application within weeks and begin a commercial pilot nine months after approval if the government helped speed up the process. The extracted gas could heat up to 125,000 homes, the company said.

Frack Free Misson responded:

“The notion that fracking for shale gas will alleviate the current energy price crisis is totally without foundation.

“An increasing body of scientific evidence concludes that UK geology is unsuitable for this extreme form of energy extraction.

“IGas’ latest assertion that they could provide gas from their Misson Springs site ever, let alone within a year, is just another chapter in their book of spin and false assumptions.”

The moratorium in England was imposed in 2019 because of concerns about the predictability and control of fracking-induced seismicity. This followed series of earthquakes caused by fracking at Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site near Blackpool. One measured 2.9 on the local magnitude scale, the strongest fracking-induced earthquake in the UK.

Earlier this week, the government said shale gas was “not the solution to near-term [energy] issues”. The energy minister, Greg Hands, said “it would take years of exploration and development before commercial quantities of shale gas could be produced”.

Last month, Mr Hands said the government’s position was unchanged. Fracking would not be allowed to proceed in England unless compelling new evidence was provided that addressed concerns about the prediction and management of induced seismicity.

Frack Free Misson said the industry had “spectacularly failed to prove that it can meet the conditions to have the government moratorium lifted”.

“Wrong place for shale gas extraction”

The group also said the IGas site was always the wrong place for shale gas extraction.

It is next to the Misson Carr site of special scientific interest, a breeding area for rare and protected birds.

The group said:

“In selecting the site at Misson Springs, IGas either overlooked or willfully neglected the fact that, according to their industry’s own modelling, operating fracking equipment would massively exceed the statutory noise limits in place to protect the adjacent Misson Carr nature reserve.”

Because IGas applied for consent at Misson to drill, but not frack, the noise of hydraulic fracturing could not be taken into account when planning permission was granted in 2016.

Frack Free Mission also said the pursuit of fracking, while also scaling back on home insulation and renewables, had resulted in a wasted decade for national energy.

“As a result, the current energy situation is far worse than it could have been. Now it will be hard pressed domestic consumers picking up the bill for the government and fracking industry’s folly and incompetence.”

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  1. “It can only be concluded”-if IGAS were to go ahead.

    Until then, it is speculation.

  2. Well, hello, Jack-again!

    Goodness, things must be perking up for the UK on shore sector if you have been brought out of retirement.

    I await your repeat of the text about all those fracking in the USA about to go into liquidation, whilst I wonder how much those guys who dropped out of High School are now earning washing dishes! Probably an increase on the previous $60k/year.

    • Well hello MARTIN ,

      To be honest , I’ve never been away . I’ve just sat here quietly reading through the posts . I must congratulate you for your tireless efforts in promoting the fossil fuel industry , it really is worthy of an award . Do they have a Destroy The Planet Award ?

      I have to concede that at the present time , the fracking industry in the USA is financially keeping its head above water , but and this is a big BUT , this is in a country where fracking regulations have been dumbed down to almost ZERO . Profits have s much better chance of being achieved when enviournmental safety regulations are kicked in to the long grass .

      I wonder what happened to the hundreds of BILLIONS of US fracking debt several years ago ? Maybe the good old American Tax Payer has took that one on the shoulders.

      I wonder , who will pay for the ongoing maintenance of the THOUSANDS of fracking wells in the USA , once abandoned ? Future generations will be plagued and burdened with this enviournmentaly damaging, climate changing toxic legacy for centuries to come . Can you help answer what this cost will be MARTIN ?

  3. Peanuts, to the US economy, Jack.

    You seem to forget that the economy of Texas alone is greater than that of Russia, and of course the USA will be gaining all that extra revenue from exporting gas, and oil, to the EU! That is what happens when a country secures it’s own supplies of energy.

    At the end of January, Pakistan Today reported there were more than 2 dozen tankers en route with LNG from USA to Europe, with another 33 ships also likely to head to the EU. Heaven knows what the figure is now.

    But, so refreshing that you have no need to trot out the old line.

    Of course, if you want gas produced to higher environmental standards then you need to be a Missonary!!! You are nearly there Jack. I knew you would see the light.

    • MARTIN ,

      If gas has to be burned, I would like it to be produced without destroying the land and the health of the people, here in the UK .

      Scraping the bottom of the fossil fuel barrel , ” fracking ” will only benefit a few morally bankrupt people at the top , leaving the rest of us on this densely populated island to suffer the toxic consequences for generations to come . This will also include an ongoing heavy financial burden with future generations suffering poor health , poor quality of land and a continual maintenance program of orphaned wells .

      MARTIN , can you please for the readers , quantify what this financial cost will be ?

      Finally as anyone with more than TWO brain cells knows, UK fracking will NOT reduce our energy bills by a single penny .

  4. USA fracking debt $ 300,000 000,000 that’s a lot of noughts MARTIN .

    It maybe peanuts to you MARTIN , but to us mere mortals, that’s s lot of money.

    Although I suppose in a country where they endlessly now print money . It’s just a case of just starting up the printing presses .

    • Well good morning folks, its Sunday 20th March 2022, and it’s the Spring Solstice too. It’s also the third birthday of my youngest grandchild. So Happy Birthday little one, I’ll see you later today.

      Do you worry about the future for your children and their children to come? For future generations? Join the club.

      Will the human race ever learn that the illusion of money is a carefully manipulated control freak trap? A fantasy delusion of value of digits in a computer. Power over others through the use of suppression of the real facts about energy and how to extract it from the electromagnetic universe that could easily provide energy practically free for everyone. But of course the human race is not yet ready to have free energy because it will be misused, just as the fossil fuel energy monopolies misuse their illusion of scarcity resources for greed and profiteering and power mongering today. The 1970’s energy wars should have taught obvious fact that at the very least. But it was forgotten. Now there is another energy war, and guess who profits from it? It never changes, does it?

      This is a song from Sting, who first wrote it during the Khrushchev/Reagan era, which of course is now little different from the Putin/Biden era of today.

      Sting: «HELP UKRAINE» (2022) News of Ukraine

      Also this:
      Rock4 – Russians (Sting acappella cover, lyric video)

      Sting Lyrics

      In Europe and America there’s a growing feeling of hysteria
      Conditioned to respond to all the threats
      In the rhetorical speeches of the Soviets
      Mister Khrushchev said, ‘We will bury you’
      I don’t subscribe to this point of view
      It’d be such an ignorant thing to do
      If the Russians love their children too

      How can I save my little boy
      From Oppenheimer’s deadly toy?
      There is no monopoly of common sense
      On either side of the political fence
      We share the same biology
      Regardless of ideology
      Believe me when I say to you
      I hope the Russians love their children too

      There is no historical precedent to put
      The words in the mouth of the president
      There’s no such thing as a winnable war
      It’s a lie we don’t believe anymore
      Mister Reagan says ‘We will protect you’
      I don’t subscribe to this point of view
      Believe me when I say to you
      I hope the Russians love their children too

      We share the same biology
      Regardless of ideology
      What might save us, me and you
      Is if the Russians love their children too

      Continued below:

      • Continued from above:

        The second song is from Leonard Cohen, who understood more about human frailty than anyone before or since, and didn’t hesitate in saying so. It’s about the failure of those self-styled political control freaks, who seek to control everything, but never do anything other than establish more power profit and greed for themselves and their funders and owners. All at your expense.

        Leonard Cohen Lyrics
        “It Seemed The Better Way”

        It seemed the better way
        When first I heard him speak
        Now it’s much too late
        To turn the other cheek

        Sounded like the truth
        Seemed the better way
        Sounded like the truth
        But it’s not the truth today

        I wonder what it was
        I wonder what it meant
        First he touched on love
        Then he touched on death

        Sounded like the truth
        Seemed the better way
        Sounded like the truth
        But it’s not the truth today

        I better hold my tongue
        I better take my place
        Lift this glass of blood
        Try to say the grace

        Seemed the better way
        When first I heard him speak
        But now it’s much too late
        To turn the other cheek

        Sounded like the truth
        Seemed the better way
        Sounded like the truth
        But it’s not the truth today

        I better hold my tongue
        I better take my place
        Lift this glass of blood
        Try to say the grace

        Have a good Sunday with family and friends, and maybe make a commitment to protect your children and future generations from ever having to go through the sort of insanity that the Sting song was relevant then and is even more relevant today.

        • Well, Leonard did, as he demonstrated it through substance abuse for much of his career. Which is not that uncommon with poets.

          However, he was a great poet and did much to address mental health issues. His live performances were pretty special too-I remember them fondly.

          • Perhaps those two aspects of oil and gas “substance abuse”, (a precise descriptive term requires a substantive noun or series of nouns to precisely describe what “substance”and the mental health issues of attempting to ignore the 20 million deaths worldwide per year due to fossil fuel pollution, that could be addressed by the antitheses on Drill or Drop?

            Apparently, when used as an accusative pejorative, the term “mental health” is a meaningless and inappropriate term in professional psychology circles. Since it does not attempt to state the necessary parameters of what precisely constitutes “health” in psychological terms. The word “mental” is equally spurious, since as with the word “health”, it does not present any precise parameters of what the word “mental” actually refers to. What does emerge, however, is that those who tend to use such words in an attempt to make pejorative epithets towards others, indicates an uneducated and perhaps a deliberate effort to label anyone without any substantive or verified documented evidence?

            So I would suggest, that unless the “contributor” is prepared to produce precise, substantiated and verified evidence of those unprofessional generalised claims regarding any living or deceased personage.

            Then those terms “substance abuse” and “mental health” are somewhat typically inaccurate if not actionable at the very least. As such, the use of such professionally inaccurate terms may be a case for further legal consideration in the event of the estate and relatives having read these generalised and professionally and terminologically unsubstantiated insinuations?

            Have a nice day.

      • Well, that was interesting, wasn’t it? The first Sting video was available one minute, then not. Maybe an ownership dispute? However, just to make up for that, here is a cover of Roger Waters – Amused to Death (cover). Which has much to say about today, and is perhaps the best cover of Roger Water’s song I have yet seen.

        Have a nice Sunday.

  5. Exactly Jack.

    Back on that old debt nonsense?

    Let me explain-again. A guy goes to the bank, with a proposition and a business plan. It states he can make 10% profit on investment and he agrees with the bank to a loan at 5%. So, he carries a debt to the bank, but is making a profit. The bank are happy bunnies as they make their 5%, (and debt is the way they survive), the guy is happy because he makes his 5%. The debt is being “serviced”. The only people who are not happy are the anti capitalists who don’t like people being able to use their little grey cells to make that dreadful stuff called profit, and do not understand arithmetic.

    Currently, with the price of oil and gas, I would have thought any financial institution in USA would be more worried about household debt than they would debt with any oil or gas company. Of course, within any market, those who are useless at what they do will fail. It is up to the financial institutions to manage that, but it would appear they have taken the view that this industry has a lot going for it and have been pretty generous in coughing up the money to support it.

    Good job debt is a route for companies to expand, Jack. Otherwise where would Mr. Musk be today? He didn’t do so from profit.

    I would gently suggest you are barking up the wrong tree, Jack. A sector where the financial institutions allow large debts usually is because the sector is viewed as a pretty strong candidate for that investment! The sectors the financial institutions will not support are where the concern should lie. I know the antis would like the financial institutions to forget they have to make money for their share holders. Doesn’t look as if they all are though.

    • Dear, dear MARTIN ,

      I sometimes question if your really here on planet earth .

      Either you have a very basic nieave understanding of financial matters , or you must think we are all Brand New.

      Let JACK help you once again , understand this very basic, well documented information.

      Let’s take the American fracking industry .. Here we have an industry that’s had more bankruptcies than you’ve had hot dinners.

      Do you understand the meaning of bankruptcy ? For the USA it means these debt ridden fracking companies walking away from their liabilities . Leaving pension institutions, banks , private investors and the good old American Tax Payer to pick up the tab .

      BELOW is one such bankruptcy, please ask if you want to see any more examples ( there are many )


      • Oh dear Jack!

        I see you are back in the old groove. Any more of your foot left to shoot?

        Would that be the same Chesapeake Energy that EXITED Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Feb 21 and then was reported to be in advanced talks to purchase Chief Oil and Gas for around $2.4billion in January 2022?

        Perhaps, 2020 was a difficult year for many companies, 2021 was a whole lot better. You really shouldn’t need a link to observe that Jack if you live on planet earth.

        That link was a real success, Jack. LOL. Obviously, you are the one who needs a bit more research into financial matters.

        • MARTIN

          You can twist, turn and offer smoke and mirrors to the readers . The evidence is all there , $ 9 billion debt write off

          Like I’ve said many times before , Fracking is nothing more than a highly toxic , climate changing, environmentally damaging, dangerous to human and animal health, debt ridden ponzi scheme.

          Now at the moment, with current energy costs and almost ZERO fracking regulations in the USA. Fracking might be able to hold its head above water line , but this will be short lived .

          Take a look at this MARTIN , since 2015 there have been more than 500 Oil and Gas bankruptcies. WHAT A TOTAL MESS and it’s the ordinary people that eventually end up carrying the financial burden of this catastrophe and you want to expose the British Taxpayer to this kind of nightmare.


  6. Ahh, the old contrived line, regurgitated. Have you not received a new version to get up to date?

    Whilst you were away, you missed the new policy. What happened in the past does not move the debate forward! In other words, keep up Jack.

    So, you picked the wrong example and just thought any old link would do. By the way the company you selected is now a buy rating from 10 out of 10 analysts and rated in the top three best value natural gas stocks in USA.

    Meanwhile, Jack is predicting that energy prices will drop to a level where fracking in the USA will be uneconomic. Based upon your record, Jack, that must be another BUY for that sector. It will also be of great concern to the EU, who without all those tankers full of gas from USA will be left scratching their heads, underneath their woolly hats.

    You really need to observe what is happening on planet earth today, Jack. I note Aramco is signaling it will also ramp up production. Strange that the media have been slow to shower Boris with praise! LOL.

    • MARTIN ,

      Haha , you say quote, ” I picked the wrong examples .” WHAT ALL 500+ OF THEM ?????

      That’s a lot of debt that will inevitably end up on the shoulders of the good old American Tax Payer.

      As a pro oil and gas fanatic , can you please inform the readers, if any of these American shale companies were members of the Magic Circle.

      As their disappearing acts would truly be worthy of a standing ovation from Harry Houdini himself.

  7. Oh dear, Jack.

    You picked one example, that you provided a link for. (Chesapeake Energy)Trouble is, that it only needed a little check to observe it was not a good example-putting it politely.

    Come on Jack, you were rumbled. No point it getting more and more hysterical. Perhaps it may be a better if you focused a little more on what is happening currently, as your historical stuff is so suspect. Mind you, once you have lost the room, it may be too late.

  8. More about companies failing in 2020!

    You do realise the price of oil then and now, Jack?

    More desperate stuff, in a desperate attempt to deflect. However, too late Jack. Your contrived attempts have been rumbled.

    How about putting out something about the current situation, Jack? I have. There is plenty of information. Wonder why you find it so difficult?

    • MARTIN ,

      The above news article says, quote ” updated 12th July 2021 ”

      I’d say that’s prety update, wouldn’t you ?????

      I’m sorry if your having difficulty understanding dates on a calendar..

      As far as US fracking goes, it looks like it’s business as usual, the nightmare continues.

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