Balcombe oil test gets go ahead

Plans for a well test at the controversial oil site at Balcombe in West Sussex have been approved.

Photo: Helen Savage

A planning inspector has overturned the unanimous refusal of planning permission by West Sussex County Council in March 2021. Link to inspector’s report

Frack Free Balcombe Residents’ Association, the campaign group, which opposed oil exploration in the village, described the decision today as “devastating news”.

The site, at London Road, was the scene of daily protests in summer 2013, when Cuadrilla drilled an exploratory oil well.

Since then, little work has been carried out at the site and Cuadrilla has transferred operation to Angus Energy.

Angus Energy was twice refused permission for a well test, needed to confirm whether oil would flow commercially . The company appealed in August 2021 against the most refusal, which went against the advice of planning officers.

The company said today that it was “now capable of pursuing the well test”.

A key issue in the decision was the impact of the one-year test on the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

The well test was classed as a major development. Under planning law, it should be approved only in exceptional circumstances and where it was in the national interest.

Villagers had argued that the test was not needed and claims about local benefits were misleading. The potential contribution to national supply was negligible, they said, and the costs to the local community and environment in noise, pollution, traffic and impacts on nature far outweighed any benefit.

In approving planning permission, the inspector, Brian Sims, concluded there would be “moderate adverse impact” on the landscape of the AONB.

But he said:

“Against that is to be balanced the evident national need I have identified for continued hydrocarbon exploration and assessment in the interests of energy supply security pending ultimate transition net carbon-zero energy provision.

“In my overall judgement, the national need is the overriding consideration and furthermore amounts to the requisite exceptional justification for permitting this major development within the High Weald AONB.”

The inspector also said there was:

“no evident comparable accessible or cost-effective alternatives to the appeal proposals and that the site could be restored to a high standard under the agreed planning conditions. There is no evidence that harm would occur due to the storage of hazardous substances on the site.”

Balcombe Parish Council also argued that the level of public engagement on the well test was insufficient. But the inspector said there was “no evidence that due process was not followed”.

Under the planning conditions, Angus Energy must start on the well test within three years. The test must be completed within 12 months of the start date. The site must be restored within 12 months of the end of the well test.

Other conditions set requirements for lighting, traffic, noise and bat monitoring.

Angus Energy also said today that a decision on its request to vary the terms of the environmental permit for the Balcombe site was expected imminently.

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  1. Instead of destroying vital parts of the countryside in AONB like Balcombe, the focus needs to shift away from exploration of fossil fuels toward exploration and investment in renewable energy

  2. Excellent news! At last Balcombe may contribute in her small way to our economy, & energy security.
    Providing protests ate controlled unlikely we residents will even notice

  3. This is an AONB, one with diverse wildlife and a proliferation of trees. Lord Lucan who owns this company instead of putting money into fossil fuel ought to be investing in renewable energy. To start fracking in 2023 in the English countryside is backward thinking.

    • The projected death toll for the Turkey/Syria earthquakes and aftershocks due to the collapse of badly constructed housing and public buildings which were not designed to withstand tremors or earthquakes of any magnitude, is surpassing 46,000, and is likely to be much higher. Sanctions on Syria are preventing meaningful efforts to rescue and prevent further deaths from cold, disease, starvation and thirst. Recently, three survivors were pulled from collapsed buildings in Turkey after 11 days of being trapped. The question that must be asked is, how many more could have been saved? For now, however, shelter fresh food and clean water are paramount, but in Syria, they are being withheld from all but local efforts.

      I say again, there is yet to be any correlation between the recent increase in oil and gas extraction and exploration in Turkey adjacent to one of the most active tectonic faults in the world. Again I would reiterate that should any resurrection of fracking plans in the UK begin again, that the words of Kenan Akbayram of Turkey, should be taken into account –

      ‘We needed to do the seismic risk and hazard analysis before this earthquakes comes.
      That means we had to check the engineering structure of the soil and the engineering structure of the existing buildings.
      And then we needed to modify our buildings or our cities around these areas.
      But unfortunately, we did not do that.
      This region is not prepared.’

      This region of the UK is also not prepared.

      Following the main stream media redacted and suppressed events of the chemical fire, in the Ohio, East Palestine train wreck, with other similar train wrecks, energy plants, road tanker crashes, and further pollution events in the USA and worldwide and the past few weeks.
      There was an earlier Netflix film ‘White Noise’ which presaged that very event in East Palestine, Ohio, in almost in every detail. To the extent that many of those suffering from the present expected hundred year cancer effects of dioxin pollution from the real event in Ohio and further afield, were previously hired as actors in the Netflix film. The main difference being that the Biden government refuses to acknowledge or help those in East Palestine, Ohio in the real event.

      There are further effects of the fossil fuel industry and its by-products that, until recently as shown in this video, the public is not and has not been prepared for:

      Chemical pollution is now worldwide and increasing in its human and natural environment effects that are creating fertility and life span crashes in every nation. –

      *’ Endocrine Disruptors – Common Chemicals that Severely Alter Hormones – Dr. Shanna Swan :
      ‘* – – ‘*

      The causes of rapid declines in fertility and births are proven to be due to endocrine disruptors in many products on the shelves. Which are the by-products of the fossil fuel Industry. For those whose time is limited, the 25-minute mark in the video shows the likely explanation of the crash in fertility and births worldwide.
      It remains to be seen whether the effects of uncontrolled and unregulated fossil fuel products in everyday use of off the shelf products are to remain uncontrolled and unregulated related to endocrine disruptors both in their transport through residential/farm produce areas and their use in off the shelf products is perhaps becoming more and more clear following these recent accidents and the inevitable consequences to the health of those who are already being exposed in both manners of exposure.
      These events alone may well force all of humanity to re-evaluate our increasing and perhaps increasingly terminal relationship with the fossil fuel industry and its by products? Or at least to seek to control and regulate health and safety, fertility and births viability from further exposure, be that accidental, deliberate or just ignorance of the risks.

      • Of the three who were rescued in Turkey after 12 days, which exceeded the 11 days as another publication showed. Unfortunately, the youngest died later from dehydration.
        *’ – The death toll in Turkey stands at 40,642 from the quake while neighbouring Syria has reported more than 5,800 deaths, a toll that has not changed for days. – *’ – – ‘*

      • “Uncontrolled and unregulated fossil fuel products in everyday use of off the shelf products”-well, I can think of some who should be regulated and controlled, yet they seem to need to continue to use to spread their theories. Faster than pigeons perhaps.

        Meanwhile, the human population of this planet continues to increase, even whilst family planning is now widely available around the world so someone-or lots of someones-continue to procreate and life expectancy has somehow risen and infant mortality decreased at the same time fossil fuels have been used- with the majority of ambulances taking maternity patients to our falling down hospitals still diesel powered. Would be “safer” for pregnant ladies to squat in a field? Not those covered by solar panels, of course!

        • The truth and the facts speak for themselves, however, in all matters relating to the Turkey/Syria earthquakes and aftershock death tolls and rescues. And the facts and the truth referencing the East Palestine train wreck and many other related chemical spillage polluting accidents in the last few weeks in the USA and worldwide.
          Whereas the evident conflation of sophistry and confusion, for those that write little else, remains inextricably entrapped in their own self-image. Distorted by their own self-congratulatory narrative, sans facts, sans comprehension, sans evidence, sans . Enamoured, no doubt, by its own Dorian Grey like reflection.

          As for external exposure to chemicals in our atmosphere, water, food and environment, the Ohio train wreck has similar ongoing long term effects as are the increasing incidents of alarmingly similar events in the USA, and worldwide.

          The deliberately ‘controlled burn’ of tons of highly toxic fossil fuel by-products, contrary to the horrifically uncontrolled explosion that many filmed, of the highly toxic fossil fuel by-products, of dioxin producing vinyl chloride and similar chemicals into the atmosphere and dumped into the nearby creek, following the train wreck at East Palestine, Ohio. Which caused the toxic cloud that spread the deadly toxins across two states. That contaminate the water, the air and the land to catastrophic effect for future generations. The USA Chernobyl, it is being called. How long before that toxic cloud reaches these shores? Would it be so funny then?

          *Here’s what the derailed Ohio train was carrying — and what was burned *’ – – ‘*

          *Ohio Cover Up: Vinyl Chloride Poisoning, Dioxin Byproducts, Hydrochloric Acid Rain, myID & HHS Docs* – *’ – -‘*

          No. The truth of the matter, which I have already provided, should those who didn’t watch the video, wish to actually look, is that the decline in fertility, male and female, and the decline in births worldwide, is due to the chemical toxins in water air and food, including packaging and such items as cosmetic products, containers such as those used in plastic bottled water and all plastics. That is for Births and fertility amongst humans and all animal species too. The rate of decline in human births has further fallen, from -1.16% in 1972, to -2.64% in 2,000. Twice the rate of decline per year worldwide since measured in 1972 and no sign of change of the rate of that decline in 2022. The projected curve shows a rapid, irreversible decline post 2050.

          ‘Why phthalates should be restricted or banned from consumer products’ – *’ – March 10, 2021 – In this Big 3 Q&A, Russ Hauser, Frederick Lee Hisaw Professor of Reproductive Physiology and professor of environmental and occupational epidemiology, discusses a recent paper he co-authored with colleagues from Project TENDR (Targeting Environmental Neuro-Development Risks) that outlines the health dangers of chemicals called ortho-phthalates and calls for their elimination in consumer products. – ‘*

          *’ – – ‘*

          *’Are Phthalates in Plastic Safe?’* – *’ – – ‘*

          There are many other completely factual verified and proven sources to refer to if the reader wishes to avoid the worst phthalates and dioxins in proprietary off the shelf products as well as exposure to air water and soil chemicals. However, by far the best way to avoid exposure to these ‘forever toxins’ is to regulate them out of any and all products and to safely dispose of the remains.
          The profit minded industries will not embark upon any such regulation unless made to. As in all other fields, the public will have to demand regulation and labelling of all products, including single and long term use items.

          • World population still increasing as life expectancy increases. Simple, facts.

            Maybe just ban artificial rubber, as it is derived from oil? Shame for anyone needing a ventilator-including babies.

            Hey ho, now fossil fuels are responsible for train crashes! Good job nuclear materials are not transported by train. Oh, I forgot, yes they are. By ship also, and by aircraft and by truck.

            The “all animal species” is just crazy. Not fact, nonsense and defies common sense. More people in the world eat more animals, so more animals are bred for consumption. Fact. Most animals that are kept for breeding are able to produce far more offspring than their ancestors could. Fact. The truth and the facts don’t speak for themselves, they are manufactured into nonsense to create a fake narrative. Why? Because it is possible to do so, and some take delight in doing so.

            Whether anyone believes it is up to them. If they do-sans comprehension, sans common sense.

            • Whether anyone does not believe the verified and documented facts provided by the foremost experts in the field of phthalate and ‘forever chemical’ exposure in the environment and from off the shelf product contamination, it is up to them. If they don’t, then it will be sans comprehension, sans common sense, sans facts.

              In fact, no one wrote that train crashes were caused by fossil fuels, but that the 150 carriages did contain tons of fossil fuel by products which were intentionally and deliberately set fire to in an un-‘controlled burn’ which polluted two states to the detriment of the health of all the residents.
              But of course the typical fabrication and fake narratives are common place when some would rather deny the facts and evade the truth and post such waffle nonsense as their own self-defeating contradictory statements that- *’ – The truth and the facts don’t speak for themselves, they are manufactured into nonsense to create a fake narrative. Why? Because it is possible to do so, and some take delight in doing so. – ‘* Which effectively self defeats everything they say, and by their own words too.
              Therefore, whatever was stated by those above who so effectively defeated their own narrative in such an obvious way, that, – they are manufactured into [their own] nonsense to create a fake narrative. Why? Because it is possible to do so, and some take delight in doing so – . – Whether anyone believes such an obviously contradictory evasive excuse is up to them. If they do-sans comprehension, sans common sense, sans facts.

              Touché mon poulet.

              • Trains crash in USA. Their railroad network is not good in that respect. Neither is it good in terms of transporting hazardous waste-of all sorts. It is the railroads that need sorting out in the USA., so does electricity distribution with an alarming number of forest fires in USA caused by faults in that infrastructure. Perhaps they need a windfall tax on all that oil and gas they are producing and invest it wisely renewing some of the dated infrastructure. Except that would increase prices to those they export to. Alternatively, there is always the option for UK consumers to demand that such products are produced within areas where standards are higher-such as UK.

                Meanwhile, the nonsense persists yet many of the “all animals” thrive, with breeding performance at an all time high, and I have used my credit card today. My life expectancy has probably increased as a result, as one purchase was to deal with a safety issue on my car. Barter could be an alternative, but the tax man is not happy about that.

                For the younger reader, please do not rely upon a reduction in fecundity. You would be very likely to add to the expansion in the world’s population, and blaming someone from the Internet would not change the reality.

                • As usual, the content of the reply attempts to evade the facts of the matters, and further attempts to divert into more fabrication and fake narratives. However, the excuses have already been discredited by their own very words, as was revealed, that in their opinion *’ – That in their opinion, the truth and the facts don’t speak for themselves, that in their opinion, they are manufactured into nonsense to create a fake narrative of their own making. Why? Because it is possible to do so, and some take delight in doing so. – ‘* Which effectively self defeats their own fake narratives, since their own absence of facts they say ‘don’t speak for themselves’, and therefore becomes subject to precisely the same self-defeating nonsense and waffle they accuse others of, and all admitted by their own words too.
                  Or is that far too obvious and logical?
                  Fortunately, the true facts as provided and linked to the documents and videos will always speak for themselves. The only fake narratives, therefore, are all their own, in that *’ – they are manufactured into [their own] nonsense to create a fake narrative. Why? Because it is possible for them to do so, and some [sic semper tyrannis] take delight in doing so –’* Perhaps that self generated delight, is manufactured by their own nonsense to create a fake narrative, and must be wearing thin to non-existent by now.

                • Unfortunately, trains wrecks happen everywhere, including in the UK. But that sorry attempt to minimize and ignore the severity of the pollution resulting from the un-‘controlled burn’ is not even close to attempting to excuse the truth of the deliberate release of the fossil fuel by-product chemicals such as vinyl chloride, and several others, for which refer to the lists in the links I provided. The crash caused at least a 50-carriage pileup—half the train’s length of 150 carriages. 2 hours before, a cctv showed one of the carriages on fire beneath the carriage’s wheels and burning the carriage behind it. There were meant to be a secondary caboose that should have warned the drivers and stopped the train, thereby avoiding the wreck and un-‘controlled burn’ altogether. However, the train company, Norfolk Southern, one of America’s leading and most profitable rail operators, refused to man a caboose and prevented the automatic brake system from being maintained nd a better electronic warning system to be installed. There are lessons to be learned there.

                  It is notable that the UK train drivers strike was about precisely similar safety manning and maintenance of track and train concerns. Not just the degradation in pay due to inflation and the all consuming extortion of fossil fuel costs due to increase even further in April to everyone’s cost.

                  According to Norfolk Southern, a fifth of the cars were carrying hazardous materials. The deliberate un-‘controlled burn’ was the absolute worse attempt they could have made. It was that deliberate un-‘controlled burn’ that polluted two states with cancerous dioxins which will cause severe health and safety threats to the more than 5,000 residents of East Palestine, and has also killed wildlife and farm animals, pets and birds as far away as Canada. That is the truth of this particular expected decline in ‘all animal’ wildlife from industrial and profit motivated pollution, in not just from that accident, but the many other accidents, fires and accumulative pollution releases across the USA and further back in history from well known pollution events. However, that attempted to excuse, evade and ignore the facts is merely more sophistry while attempting to deny the facts of the issues.

                • As for all animals being subject to the same decline as human beings in fertility and births, there are so many reports to corroborate just that incontrovertible fact, even in farming and domestic animal husbandry. I shall be happy to supply many links to proof, should that become necessary, to reveal yet more facts to the uninformed and uneducated.
                  Out of their tower of Babel of sophistry emerges their own self-contradictory nonsense of fake narratives, is exposed by the Al Gore Rhythm of Inconvenient Truths. Their own Dorian Grey portrait will require a much thicker veil of obfuscation in future, lest it frightens the children. Fortunately, many, both old and young, are not so foolish as to fall for what has become the standard waffle program that issues regularly on this website from those who wish only to obscure the facts and to ignore the truth.
                  Incidentally, the younger generation would be wise to be advised not to accept the proffered excuses written there by those who are uneducated by the facts. But to carefully examine all the fossil fuel by -products and pollution in all off the shelf products and those that exist in their air, soil and water, and in food in plastic packaging. Of potentially fertility damaging and baby conceiving viability damaging chemicals, in order to ensure that all off the shelf products that contain any such ‘forever chemicals’ be severely regulated and/or banned. To assure themselves their own fertility and their future babies safety and health when they are ready to have a family. Not to do so would no doubt be risking an unfortunate game of ‘forever chemical’ fertility roulette.
                  To be fore-warned is to be fore-armed.

                • OMG! Such a load of something.

                  Meanwhile, in USA the responsibility for the derailment is being placed at the door of the train company-not the products being transported. Hazardous products are routinely transported by rail, and other transport, every day of the year across the world. It would appear from the evidence so far from USA there are quite a number of failings by the transport operator that resulted in this derailment and the management of it. I have yet to see any criticism aimed at the product for having the temerity to be transported.

                  Lot of work available, after rebuilding all of those UK hospitals that are falling down. My local ones are not, however, just being expanded.

                  As far as the nonsense about all animals, it has now morphed to being able to supply some links. I could supply some links that Elvis was seen in a chip shop! The author of such nonsense really needs to direct their argument to those other individuals who have an issue with the levels of INCREASE in livestock reproduction, and their interests in whether this is something that should be opposed! Two groups with no experience who can protest against each others lack of knowledge and experience. In between, there are those with knowledge of such and I can supply you with the facts-from experience. Alternatively, get out and about and speak to your local farmer and you may find at this time of year they are anticipating a much higher lambing average than their ancestors could have dreamed of. Genetics and nutrition are the biggest influences upon fecundity.

                  That about sums it up. Statements are made based upon some selected links, and then it is “all” or “everyone”. It is a well worn path, that is now discredited by repetition, to create fake news. Just a word of advice, when the term “all” or “everyone” is used in such context just ask the question, “how can this be the case-I wasn’t asked.”

                • Do you recall what was written regarding any ‘fact’ that was claimed to be made? -I assume that is a deeply held belief so much that it applies to everything posted so far? It was this –
                  *’ – The truth and the facts [which must include the writer’s own ‘facts’] don’t speak for themselves, they are manufactured into nonsense to create a fake narrative. Why? Because it is possible to do so, and some take delight in doing so. – ‘* Again, I remind them that those words have effectively self defeated everything they have written, and even more so for the latest attempt at sophistry and obfuscation. So I would say, that anything I read from that source above, I will take literally their own words and treat them the same as they are manufactured into nonsense to create a fake narrative. Why? Because it is possible to do so, and that they take delight in doing so. I’m always happy to help those who are so moved to support their own private belief systems.

                  However, since these dioxins are, under that same self limiting belief system that the writer[s] espouse. Should the writer[s] find themselves in the middle of that health giving dioxin soaked ‘enhanced’ cloud, and should they survive the experience, no doubt they will be surrounded by dead and dying animals, be they domestic, pets or wild. Perhaps they will be moved to state, should their condition allow, that, ‘all animals’ are ‘dead’ or’ dying’ at least in two states and as far away as Canada.’
                  However, another unfortunate condition has become apparent in those whose belief system defeats their own arguments has become apparent. And that appears to be an over allergic reaction to words such as ‘we’ ‘all’ or ‘everyone’. To the extent that they are fast running out of words in the English Language, and may be completely silent when faced with the deaths of ‘all’ animals in their vicinity. it is possible that such an attritional denudation of any available adjectives, nouns and pronouns even to words such as ‘greenwashing’, will continue in constriction of what they deem allowable to be written without the inevitable feverish allergic reactions, even to the point that they will be forced to actually quote those forbidden words in parentheses in order briefly expose themselves, no matter how dangerous it may be to their allergic reactions so as to tell others that they cannot bear the use of those words. To the point where, as has already been established by many others, that they will eventually be so restricted by anything anyone says outside of their own diminishing vocabulary, that they will have nothing to say without falling foul of their own restrictive allergic reaction?.

                  However in kindness for such a self limiting condition, which may have some remedy such as exposure to fossil fuel by-products either in off the shelf products or from exposure to something that ‘I have yet to see any criticism aimed at the product for having the temerity to be transported.’ Best of luck with that. Maybe a visit to East Palestine Ohio to drink the life giving water and to breathe the healthy life giving air around the train wreck site and other locations where similar enhanced environmental accidents following the fossil fuel by-product barbecues would serve as a suitable health cure for such a verbal dysphobia condition?

                  Double Touché mon poulet.

                • Ahh, the all animals have now moved to a selected part of a State in USA! Except, even there all animals are not suffering fecundity problems as it would be far too early to tell. So, what is left is speculation based upon absolutely no evidence, and has now become “should that happen” that animals die. All animals are not dead even within very close proximity, I have observed some film crews who seem alive to me! Whether animals die is dependent upon whether the clean up is conducted efficiently. Even William the Conq. knew that when his army was awaiting a change in the weather, so made sure the clean up of horse manure was effective. (Goodness, he could be put to good use today. ) More recently, the people of Salisbury have noted that clean ups are possible, and the wildlife is thriving. In the USA the train operator has been given the task as they have the responsibility. Can’t see that there is much of a cry for the material to be held responsible for being plonked in the wrong place. Responsibility of the plonkers.

                  The “facts” of this particular matter do seem to have moved about an awful lot in a very short period.

                  However, in Japan large amounts of water to be released into the ocean, after the problem with their nuclear plant. Hmm, how many new nukes does UK require to balance the other renewables? Must be huge opportunities to speculate around that, and what a few plonkers could achieve.

                  Meanwhile, back at the original bit of text, prior to the spate of semantic wriggling, many animals breeding performance is doing pretty well, superior to what has been recorded previously. Yet there will be plenty who want to protest that is not the case, and plenty who want to protest it is the case and it is animal cruelty. I am sure there are more than a few who could offer their fields for the two lots to come together and shake their tambourines at each other for as long as they wished.

                  Even more meanwhile, at my local hospital, that is not about to fall down, some animals are suffering breeding problems as a guy wanders around with a raptor to keep the pigeons from nesting. Keeps the salmonella risk down, and removes some risk from the air ambulance, yet there are some who complain about that! Next, there will be complaints to the farmers for growing oil seed rape, which has dramatically extended the breeding season of the UK wood pigeon population, so that more squabs are being reared per year per pair. Then there will be complaints that the farmers are culling the pigeons to protect the oil seed rape! Then there will be some deniers of pigeons being herbivores.

                  Funny old world. But, egrets now quite common around my neck of the woods, and red kites now seen routinely, so either there is a lot of those funny printers being put to use, or breeding performance is managing pretty well. Same with deer, where local venison is now readily available from animals that are culled to maintain the health of local deer populations and to try and control the growing numbers. Same with wild boar. (Had some sausages from them yesterday.) Far more otters too. Even a growing number of beavers, that have no natural predator in UK, so that is inevitable and will become another issue for those who want to protest that some shouldn’t be culled in the future, whilst those who have been flooded out from blocked culverts can protest they should.

                • HaHa! That was a load of a load of ‘waffled nothing’ wasn’t it.
                  All that desperately frantic denial. However, fortunately, it doesn’t convince anyone.
                  It just goes to show how deeply the denial dogma that attempts to assure even themselves that fossil fuel by-products are not really damaging fertility and baby numbers worldwide. Or that spills fires and the increasing levels of pollution in the environment are not killing wildlife. Because perhaps it’s fundamental to their pseudo religious dogmatic belief system that they do no harm. Unfortunately, the truth of the continuing drop in fertility and birth numbers worldwide is already out there, available in genuine scientific studies. As has already been shown. That will not be stopped by outright denial, personal unverified claims, arrant waffle, fabrication, sophistry or blatant obfuscation.

                  I’ve provided the facts and the truth, I said that I will not accept anything you say as fact or truth because you yourself admitted *’– That in your opinion, the truth and the facts don’t speak for themselves, that in your opinion, they are manufactured into nonsense to create a fake narrative of your own making. Why? Because it is possible to do so, and some take delight in doing so. – ‘*

                  Which explains your latest sophistry soaked waffle attempting to wriggle twist and turn from the facts and the truth.
                  The facts and the truth speak for themselves and remains unopposed even amongst all that unsupported waffle, as referenced by – *’ Endocrine Disruptors – Common Chemicals that Severely Alter Hormones – Dr. Shanna Swan :
                  ‘* – – ‘*
                  ‘Why phthalates should be restricted or banned from consumer products’ – *’ – March 10, 2021 – In this Big 3 Q&A, Russ Hauser, Frederick Lee Hisaw Professor of Reproductive Physiology and professor of environmental and occupational epidemiology, discusses a recent paper he co-authored with colleagues from Project TENDR (Targeting Environmental Neuro-Development Risks) that outlines the health dangers of chemicals called ortho-phthalates and calls for their elimination in consumer products. – ‘*
                  *’ – – ‘*
                  *Here’s what the derailed Ohio train was carrying — and what was burned *’ – – ‘*
                  *Ohio Cover Up: Vinyl Chloride Poisoning, Dioxin Byproducts, Hydrochloric Acid Rain, myID & HHS Docs* – *’ – -‘*

                  That’s it. Deny away. But the facts still speak for themselves. I can’t wait for the ‘promised links’ to support the denial of the truth. [if that ever actually emerges, since nothing has ever emerged so far] I shall be ready to return like for like, or in this particular case, unlike, for unlike.

                  Triple Touché mon poulet.

                • Now the animals have vanished altogether! OMG-they “must” have died!

                  In their place? Hydrochloric acid!

                  Close the school science labs. folks, as someone somewhere must be conspiring to do harm to children.

                  Yes, if there is a derailment of hydrochloric acid there is a need for a clean up also. Actually, also used to improve the fecundity of some animals, so a little incoherent.

                  Meanwhile, other items that were used to improve fecundity of animals, such as cobalt, have stopped being added to their diets once it became a requirement to plonk a large skull and crossbones on the labelling. Yet, a big “drive” to get cobalt transported across road networks of the world continuously, in much higher concentrations, in order to replace fossil fuel! Of course, EVs do not crash or catch fire, do they?

                  The more one looks, the more devils there are, or can be imagined or manufactured. Then, vaccines…..???? Yes, there is a market for such stuff, unfortunately seen to be DoD, so there will be a supplier. What next? Turkey and UKOG? Oh, already had that one.

                  Spotted the pattern yet?

                • As usual, you don’t read anything I say, you just isolate individual words out of context to make up fake narratives and continue your misrepresentation sophistry obfuscation agenda.

                  And. No, you are wrong, again as per usual. The facts and the truth remain precisely where they are, and will always be so, since the facts and the truth speak for themselves. But of course, I’ve provided ‘all’ those links before, which just goes to prove that you didn’t even look at any of the links before.
                  Probably because you dare not look at any facts or the truth, or the proof, because then you can say that you haven’t seen any evidence that you are wrong. Just as you said, ‘I have yet to see any criticism aimed at the product for having the temerity to be transported. -‘* which was not true at all, since I provided you with those same links right at the start before your almost completely deflated rogue balloon of nonsense, which has been shot down so many times, was still far too overinflated with its own self-congratulatory fossil fuel gas. Which again shows that you don’t have the foggiest idea what you are writing about. You really do just make it up as you go along, don’t you. I prefer to stick to the facts, which speak for themselves.

                  The facts and the truth will stand up for themselves and remain uninterested in your obfuscatory sophistry.

                  Oh, Yes, I’ve spotted your pattern, and it’s precisely what you admitted to yourself.

                  Do you remember your own words? That in your uneducated opinion and which applies to your own fake narratives, ‘The truth and the facts don’t speak for themselves, they are manufactured into nonsense to create a fake narrative. Why? Because it is possible to do so, and some take delight in doing so.’ Wasn’t that was your own embarrassing admission, wasn’t it? Since it applies precisely to your own fake narratives, as revealed so often on this page.

                  What happened to that? Did that disappear along with all those facts and truths that you can’t afford to admit to and never even looked at the evidence in the first place? Maybe all those ‘living/dead’ animals you are so fascinated by [‘all animals’ include humans, by the way, you missed that little fact too didn’t you, another failure emerges] rose from their early graves and took it away from all the fertility damaging pollution that they were subjected to in their all too brief presence on Earth and so wickedly taken away from them?

                  And still you supply none of those ‘promised links’ or any proof whatsoever that anything you say is even remotely factual or truthful. Not that it is a surprise, as many have noted previously.

                  However, should you actually post any links at all!!?? [which will be a first] to prove anything you say. I will be more than happy to provide more scientifically proven facts and the truth, because the facts and the truth always speak for themselves.

                  Oh, yes. I’ve spotted your pattern, and it’s precisely the pattern redolent of manufactured nonsense to create your own fake narrative which you admitted to. Why? Because it’s possible for you to do so, and you take delight in doing so.

                  And still no apology.

                  Fourth Touché mon poulet.

              • In 2020 there was a pandemic, Suze! Have you forgotten so quickly?

                My meat consumption dropped in 2020 and 2021.

                However, now when I drive past my local fast food burger place, it is packed-even for Sunday breakfast.

                Perhaps they are all eating veggie burgers?

                If it is not forward thinking Suze, how will you manage in the future when you require a new keyboard, or hopefully not, a connection to a ventilator? The NHS uses a lot of products derived from fossil fuel, and relies upon standby generators for when there are power cuts, so even those already on the operating tables survive. Then, how will you manage as the veggie food supplies dwindle as fertilizer use is curtailed? Then, over the horizon, others will be cutting down their forests to make more agricultural land as their access to fertilizers evaporates.

                I have recently had lunch, not veggie, with a friend who was a University lecturer in business studies. She actually used Wytch Farm as an example to her students as the way industry could and did operate within the countryside in the UK without significant adverse impact upon the local environment. She could have taken a trip to the oil well at Stockbridge also. It is far less intrusive than the vast area of solar panels plonked into the same countryside not very far away.

                My forward thinking does not include a revert to yurt button. If that is your choice then okay, but you will probably need to burn something to keep warm and alive. Even those that camp outside potential sites find that is required.

    • Angus shareholders own the company, Lucan is CEO – basic info you seem unaware of

      To start fracking in 2023 in the English countryside is forward thinking

      • The interview I saw was of Lord Lucan, he was doing all the talking, whether I am incorrect as to his position, he is a large part of a company that wants to drill in a beautiful part of Sussex. It is not forward thinking to continue the exploration of fossil fuels, when the worldwide directive and agreement between countries is to reduce climate change and protect the environment.

  4. Balcombe already has investment into renewable energy. Where does either/or come from, where does fracking come from and where does no destruction of woodland and natural habitat regarding renewables come from?

    Europe’s largest on shore oil site at Wytch Farm has been producing for many years within pristine countryside, as has Stockbridge, to name but two. Last time I looked, countryside was still pristine with a small area within it producing something the country as a whole uses. As is the case for agriculture, where facilities such as grain driers are routinely plonked into the countryside to produce something the country as a whole uses. Using fossil fuels to do so.

    I noted a lady being interviewed at the weekend complaining her countryside and wildlife were about to be destroyed by electricity distribution marching through the habitat she had taken decades to develop! There will be over £50B worth of that marching for the Grid to be upgraded/ extended to take all the electricity required for the Brave New World.

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