Egdon shares rise 80%+ as it agrees to £27m takeover

Egdon Resources, the company behind the UK’s newest onshore oil producer, announced this morning it has agreed to a takeover by Petrichor Partners.

Production lines at the Wressle oil site in North Lincolnshire. Photo: Egdon Resources

The deal values Egdon at £26.6m. At the time of writing, Egdon shares had risen 86.53% to 4.29p.

Egdon operates the Wressle oil site in North Lincolnshire, currently the second biggest UK onshore oil producer.

In interim profits last months, Egdon announced a 27% increase in oil production in the second half of 2022.

Egdon also operates oil sites at Biscathorpe and North Kelsey in Lincolnshire. Both are subject to appeals against refusals of planning permission. The North Kelsey two-day hearing is on 14-15 June 2023.

In a statement, Egdon said it was recommending the deal, which must be approved by shareholders.

The terms would give shareholders 4.5p a share and take the company private. The deal is expected to become effective in the third quarter of 2023, Egdon said.

Petrichor, which has invested in Egdon for more than two decades, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dallas-based Heyco Energy Group. The ultimate parent company is Explorers Petroleum Corp, controlled by George Yates.

Egdon said the “weak macroeconomic outlook in the UK” was “placing significant pressure on many smaller quoted companies”. There was a general lack of investor support in UK public markets for small cap natural resource companies, Egdon said. The company added:

“The current market capitalisation of Egdon, together with limited share trading liquidity, could affect its ability to raise new capital at sensible valuations and, therefore, its ability to optimise Egdon’s growth over the medium term.”

Mark Abbott, Egdon’s managing director, said:

“After considering all strategic options and recognising the challenges, the recommended acquisition provides shareholders with an opportunity to realise a cash exit at an attractive premium.”

Heyco said it was the right time to acquire Egdon and take it private because the public market undervalued its assets, including the Wressle field.

The company said owning Egdon would allow it to “more efficiently deploy capital and human resources to its most valuable projects across the UK, as well as Spain and the United States”.

Mr Yates, chairman and chief executive of Heyco Group, said:

 “As a long-time shareholder, we have held the belief that the public market hasn’t fully recognized Egdon’s full value.

“The acquisition allows us to more effectively support Egdon by directly infusing capital and leveraging our combined technical and managerial expertise.”

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  1. i don’t blame Mark Abbott and his team for selling out. They must be utterly fed up with government attitudes towards u.k. onshore o & g exploration even after the warnings about energy security coming from the invasion of Ukraine. After a while you get a headache from banging your head against a brick wall. I’d like to thank him for his efforts over the years.

    Obviously heyco are getting a bargain even at a huge premium to the SP and it says something about British entrepreneurs that they couldn’t recognise the potential. I suspect the big investors can’t see through the deadening green fog. It won’t be until energy poverty, energy reliability and energy security fills the headlines as much as climate change that we’ll see the necessity of supporting projects like Wressle and, more importantly, shale gas exploration.

    • Unlike their small investors, the BoD have probably realised ….”there is no future in fossil fuels”.
      You can whinge all you like about the government, objectors, climate scientists and investors who prefer clean/green/safe projects as opposed to those that will wreak mass devastation and financial collapse, but the laws of physics WILL prevail. No matter how good your share profits/dividends, they won’t protect you from climate catastrophe. Pretty sure the Directors would thank you for keeping them in good salaries and their pensions pots topped up over the years, though.

  2. Except alex the proposed purchaser is one of the richest men in USA-and how did he make his money???

    There was no financial collapse from Egdon, they just felt the offer was a good deal to their shareholders-who can now decide whether they agree. In terms of development of the Egdon projects the fact that it would become a private enterprise should enable far greater and quicker development.

    I love the way you attempt to argue the laws of physics, just as it has become “obvious” that the wind doesn’t always blow and £200B is required for new nuclear in UK to account for that.

    Professor Sir David McKay stated in 2016:

    “There is this appalling delusion that people have that we can just take this thing (renewables) and we can just scale it up and if there is a slight issue of it not adding up, then we can just do energy efficiency. Humanity really does need to pay attention to arithmetic and the laws of physics.”

    What did he say in his book would be required to make it add up? Nuclear!

    Now it is admitted he was correct, yet somehow those who got it so wrong are arguing about the laws of physics, that they have got so wrong-to the tune of £200B and at least a decade wasted. Bless.

    • MARTIN,

      HOW MANY TIMES ????????

      I ask how many times for two reasons , the first is to ask you to break down this so called £200bn showing clear and accurate evidence on how the British Taxpayer will be picking up the tab . So far you have given the readers NOTHING . Therfore are we to assume that PRIVATE Investment ( non Taxpayer money ) will be used ??????

      Secondly and this is most important, when you consider the cost of climate change damage in the next 77 years . The £200bn you talk about is PEANUTS.

      The cost of global warming this century …… At potential figure of 51% of global GDP , YES I did say 51% ……. I think you need to get your priorities right old chap .


    Oh, many, many more, Jack. Nope, not private investment, public investment as the public will pay for the expensive energy generated, plus they will plonk in tax to get the ball rolling, and already have done some of that. If you really are unaware regarding that Jack, then you have another UK issue you have absolutely no knowledge about Try looking at Hinkley Point, and go from there. When the antis stop telling porkies about cheap renewable energy I might stop reminding them no rust bucket with a go faster stripe is cheap when the insurance cost is several times the purchase price. I think you will find £50B plus for upgrading the Grid will also fall upon the bill payers. The money tree grows in their gardens and window boxes, Jack. You can assume what you like, Jack, others can observe the data you are unable/unwilling to research.

    By the way, $7V$47 will be trotted out again and again. If you want to avoid that then you should have avoided the twaddle about one global gas market.

    Global climate change? Well, Jack, as UK are streaking ahead with reducing emissions and you are implying it is not having any impact upon the global situation, then perhaps the UK is making little difference and yet paying out a fortune. For what? Oh yes, a large improvement in the quality and quantity of UK wine!

    Meanwhile, those in USA who have made a lot of money out of oil and gas can buy UK oil and gas companies from the proceeds! Must all be from debt, eh!? Didn’t think any of those oil and gas lot over the pond had any money left-according to??? Jack!

    £200B is peanuts, but $200B is a desperate situation-except $31,458 TRILLION is to be ignored. Yes, Sir David was correct about the arithmetic as well.

    Shame really Jack, there’s another large return you missed, on top of Chesapeake Energy, whilst Texas gains-again. No wonder they can afford to pay dishwashers $60k/year! As you are so poor at spotting an investment to support your use of plastic Jack, perhaps borrow a pair of Marigolds?


      Once again I will ask you , please provide a complete breakdown, with evidence to support your $7 and $47;, or is this just more Collywaffle ?

      MARTIN , so what’s your point about the USA debt ???????

      The $ 31 trillion is the tip off is the iceberg .. The debt is a simple one to sort out , start manufacturing things again instead of offshoring all production …. Offshoring is a great idea at first as it gives consumers cheap products , but in the end , years down the line it always destroys an economy as good quality, well paid manufacturing jobs disappear.

      Secondly, how many $ TRILLIONS have endless US wars cost it’s economy ??????

      US debt clock

      MARTIN , Chesapeake Energy with its $9 BILLION bankruptcy debt in 2020 ….. What a difference a WAR makes to the sale of EXPENSIVE Fracked Gas.

      Let’s also not forget in 2020 the Fracking industry as a whole , had more bankruptcies than you could shake a stick at $300 bn and $450 bn in lost investment .

      MARTIN , You pluck a figure out of the air of £50 bn to upgrade the Grid network …. Your not suggesting we abandon the electricity network in favour of expensive, dangerous Fracked Gas are you ???????? Maybe you could get a job as a street lamp lighter 🤣🤣

      What’s your point ?????

      $60,000 a year pot washing jobs , yes I believe toilet cleaners are flying in to Fracking sites via private jet 🤣 You can’t get a Learjet for love money in the US , damn those pesky pot washers and toilet cleaners 🤣

      MARTIN , again I ask you to provide EVIDENCE to back up your above comments , or is it just more Wild-Off-The-Cuff Collywaffle , backed up with your usual Sweet Nothing ????????

      [Word added at poster’s request]

      • I have already provided the evidence Jack. We have discussed the evidence before-at least I did with someone who was using your “name”. Maybe it was Jack Schitt-again? Maybe it is a re-occurrence of your previous where one Jack forgets what one (other?) Jack has been posting, which we have discussed before also.

        Your usual nonsense, just rinse and repeat with absolutely nothing to state, apart from denial. The denial is maybe because you are unaware or just an ostrich. Either way, reality still exists.

        The one bit you did state was interesting about making stuff in USA. Well, Jack, they are, as they have nice cheap energy to do so with! Quite a lot of drill rigs to start with, and Texas economy, already larger than that of Russia, continuing to benefit from it. Even Mr. Musk is investing heavily there. I recall a letter I referenced some while ago from Sir Jim to the EU detailing the numbers of new chemical factories built in the USA compared to the absence of the same in EU, thanks to the availability of a cheap LOCAL source of energy, comparative to it’s major competitors. It may still exist on the Ineos website. Goodness, Jack, US are doing it so well they even have the time and money to spend to become the world’s largest EXPORTERS of LNG, which is expensive to the purchaser, who maybe should look at doing the local sourcing bit themselves. Plus, a bit of change to buy up overseas companies, thanks to same purchasers largesse! $47V$7 worth of it. There you are Jack, you asked for it, happy to oblige. Then there is Sir Jim, looking to spend some dosh, thanks to the profit he has acquired in USA, not on a UK oil or gas facility (Ineos recently warned they might do less in that respect) on a UK football club!

        Never mind Jack, you always have denial, and/or the Marigolds.

        • NO MARTIN ,

          YOU have NEVER provided a single shred of evidence to ANY comment you have ever made .

          For you to try and dispute that is laughable 🤣 …….. The readers only have to look at your comments over the last several years .

          Therefore it’s important that the readers take note , that what YOU say , is your OPINION only .

          • [Edited by moderator]

            I have also already supplied information regarding businesses that have been thriving in US fracking areas, Jack. Such as Pody’s owned by Israel Campos and his wife Veronica. Well, it was in 2019, maybe they have now retired wealthy in their 40’s! [Edited by moderator] I repeat the facts you claim are opinion-$7 V $47, and £200B for new UK nuclear. Many thanks for the opportunity.

            [Edited by moderator]

            Anything I dispute? Well, Jack, I have also provided evidence regarding electricity distribution in USA that could be claimed to fit all of your categories but they still keep that going, as do the UK. More weak links from you Jack. Not very careful.

            • MARTIN , please no more 🤣 my sides are splitting.

              Your not still trying to discredit the electricity distribution network are you ????

              MARTIN , again I ask , are you a redundant Gas Mantle maker , hoping for a return to Gas street lighting ?????

              Please let’s finish with this nonsense of yours ……. Accept the facts , Green Electricity is the future , not Gas.

            • So, now moderation is removing the calling out of fabrication but leaving the fabrication used as a personal attack. It is what it is, and it is a form of journalism, popular in some countries.

              I do recall the debate when moderation was introduced and the reasons given. Allowing free rein to post obviously fabricated information without it being challenged as such was not one of them, but I can see the attraction.

              Your question, Jack? No I am not, (please note my previous about your and you’re) you need to read my post again. References to all those points you raised regarding fracking in USA could also be found for electricity distribution in USA. If you have problems with researching that it is rather odd as the Internet is full of links to such. Like many, I use gas and electricity.

              • You can, of course, challenge or refute points made by other contributors.

                However, please don’t accuse other contributors of lying, fabricating or whatever synonyms you can come up with.

                • So Paul, how does one challenge or refute a blatant fabrication without making the point that it is a blatant fabrication? You are wandering into oxymoron territory.

                  You and I have had this discussion around 5 times where you moderate my response to fabrication but leave the fabrication posted. You can check my posts and Jacks and see what the poster has falsely claimed, which you can verify by checking my previous posts on the subject matter. You have also asked me to verify comments I have made previously and I have done so, which would make me suspect that reality and truth in comments are of concern to yourself. Is it just from one poster? When you see my response and decide to moderate how is it you repeatedly fail to check what has produced my comment?

                  Jack knows what he/she/it is doing, and does it deliberately time after time as it is allowed. You know Jack made a completely untrue personal comment in this instance directed towards myself, which I thought was supposed to be a cause for moderation-even if it had been true! James Dean, the author of The Shale Revolution is not my opinion, neither is the interview with the late Professor Sir David McKay neither is data from Rystad, neither is data from Reuters and ad nauseam. Disagreeing/challenging those sources is one thing, stating they are merely my opinion is not true. I believe claiming something that is known to be untrue is defined as a fabrication. This false claim has been made dozens of times by the same author. He/she/it continues to do so after that has been pointed out, in an attempt to deflect. It is what it is, Paul. The fact you are moderating to facilitate it is your choice. I can’t get too excited about that either way, so will try to manage the sloping deck whilst keeping my posts factually correct and not take advantage of the opportunity to post things that are not factually correct. I don’t see any point to that, even if others do.

                • MARTIN ,

                  You keep banging on about these forest fires in the USA …. As on every other previous occasion , I challenge you to support your comments with evidence .

                  On showing the readers the evidence , we can then move on and discuss why this may happen……. If the electricity infrastructure is poorly maintained, outdated or overloaded then this will be the reason why such an incident would happen.

                  Here’s a thought , maybe they could use some of their ” colossal military budget ” to update the electricity distribution network .. What do you think MARTIN ????

                  As I have asked on many previous occasions and which you have failed to answer.

                  (1) What’s your point regarding the electricity distribution network in the USA ????
                  (2) Do you have a problem with electricity ????
                  (3) Do you want the world to move away from electricity in favour of Gas ????
                  (4) Are you a redundant Gas street lamp lighter or Gas Mantle maker hoping g for a return to the good old days ???

                  In order for us to fully establish the reasons why you have a problem with the electricity distribution network, it is quite reasonable for JACK to ask these questions .

                • I have previously supplied the information Jack. There is no need to challenge when the information has been provided. You may not like the information, if you bothered to follow the references, but I can’t help with either of those.

                  I do enjoy electricity, I do also enjoy gas. That is the usual situation here in the UK. I point out that all energy sources can be criticized if one wants to actually look at reality. You asked a question Jack, that is the answer-not the answer you provided on my behalf.

                  Pacific Gas and Electric, in California, to go on trial for manslaughter, following forest fires in 2020-may be a reference you could follow-again. So, if I was so inclined I could present that electricity distribution causes death amongst humans, animals and destroys property and property values. Then, the emissions from forest fires are quite interesting in their link to cancers in humans.

                  Or, if you wanted to research that State you love to hate, with all the hang ups about fracking you could look at the link between power lines and wildfires in USA. One area that would take you to is a report from the Texas Wildfire Mitigation Project which reviews over 4000 such events over a 3.5 year period.

                  USA does have a pretty poor record for maintaining a lot of infrastructure, Jack. They keep waffling on about making improvements, but as with UK and potholes, not a lot gets done in a sustained manner. I note the usual answer from them is that it is a big country with a lot of infrastructure, which is true, but may also be an excuse. Perhaps, taking that into account and being concerned for the environment, some things would actually improve the global situation if they were transferred to a local source with higher standards! I think that was the argument made regarding chicken production during the “chlorination” debate.

                  To try and present what happens in USA would happen in UK is your method Jack. You wish to select out one area and claim that, yet wish to avoid all others. As with cobalt. That is your choice, but to then claim you are unaware of all others is easily rectified by yourself. If you have been offered help in that area you can reject it, but don’t state you haven’t.

                • MARTIN,

                  You’ve provided nothing , just your word as usual.

                  Why should JACK and the readers have to go about using there VALUABLE time trying to verify what you’ve said ??????

                  Why don’t you put up a LINK ??????

                  Secondly, I’m still puzzled as to what your point is regarding electricity , It’s all very strange .

                  As far as electricity distribution in the USA goes and the potential for a forest fires ……. WELL do I really need to join up the dots there MARTIN ??????

                  Just look at it , in many areas it’s transmitted along old wooden telegraph poles …. With the onslaught of CLIMATE CHANGE , due to the burning of fossil fuels , there will be an increased potential for fires in this outdated , possibly overloaded , prehistoric system during the hurricane season , which year on year is increasing with intensity.

                  It may well be that you are an ex street lamp lighter , gas mantle maker or a gas engineer down on his luck , or maybe a desperate investor who frantically is trying to claw back his/her shattered investment at ANY cost……. Just like your online profile name , we’ll never know the real truth , who you really are or what your purpose for trying to push the highly toxic , climate changing, environmentally damaging, dangerous to human and animal health industry, better known as Fracking on to the British public .

                  I take note that you were not passing any comments over the weekend . I see your back in fine form now it’s a Monday morning.

                  It could well be you are an employee of the Fracking industry, or a PR consultant who’s paid to spout out all this Collywaffle … Not long ago we did have such people who tried to champion the TOBACCO and ASBESTOS industry .

                • Hmmm, I just repeated the source of the information, and you just repeat you have no knowledge of it, Jack! That is your standard, but it is a pretty low one. Previously, there has been your inability to see behind a paywall, and when informed the article was from an independent journalist and could be accessed that way what was the next excuse? Oh yes, she had written something about something else so was to be excluded! You do seem very keen to demonstrate the problems you have acquiring knowledge.

                  No, I will not provide a single link. I believe my system is better where you can follow the subject and get a wider understanding. If you don’t want to do that, you can make up any excuse you like, but to resort to being unable to do so is untenable unless your use of a search engine is limited by someone. All you need to do is plonk in “the link between power lines and wildfires in USA” and it will take you to a wonderland of information-including, but not restricted, to the two I mentioned as examples. You might find that many forest fires are not that related to climate change. Equally, you would find that train derailments in USA have little to do with the cargo carried. I know that is outside of the Group Think comfort blanket, but many facts are.

                  My activities over the weekend? Largely involved travelling to and around some family celebrations, Jack, which I enjoyed-so, I did not notice until today YOUR weekend absence! I was not expecting you to supply possible reasons for that, but nice of you to volunteer. I must admit I had not considered such myself Jack, as I would expect certain standards would be required for remuneration, so that connection would have been pretty tenuous! OPEC spent $billions trying to stop US fracking without success. I do not see your efforts would correct that. (I did notice on my travels that diesel is now only 8p/liter more expensive than petrol so that will filter through to cost of living soon, so a nice respite-until next winter.)

                  You might have been better occupied learning whether there is a hurricane season in California! Perhaps another reason why learning something about a subject can be beneficial? Bring back encyclopedias, may produce better and more rounded results.

                • MARTIN

                  So let’s get this right for the record , when you make a comment . Not only do you want JACK and the readers to there own research to verify what you say , possibly wasting loads of there own valuable time ….. YOU also want them to PAY to access information 🤣

                  You’ve really gone right of the Richter scale with that nonsense.

                  Why don’t you put up direct LINKS that readers can click on ????

                  Why are you so frightened of doing that ?????

                  Are you a paid PR lackey of the industry, frightened of exposing their IP Address ?????

                  You say that you are happy with your ” system ” your ” system ” of supplying ZERO evidence will no doubt suit very well , if your comments are just Wild-Off-The-Cuff fantasy , but people in the real world want to see evidence.

                  Yet again I ask , what’s your connection to the Gas industry , why do you keep trying to discredit the electricity network ???????

                • Education costs money, Jack!

                  Obviously not a lot spent on yourself, but the Internet is available to you. (Unless you are just fed with links to post.) It costs no more to follow a reference than a link, but provides the opportunity for more learning. Goodness Jack, you could easily find what the gas price was in Europe when it peaked at $7 in USA, and no make yourself look so uneducated on the subject! You could find that Chesapeake Energy have refocused upon gas, and doing quite nicely from that, rather than coming up with nonsense about 2020 being a normal year-on your planet. And on and on and on…. Except, you prefer to be an ostrich, unable or unwilling to get your head out of the sand.

                  However, the paywall example I gave was where I tried to help you access information WITHOUT using a paywall. Then, your excuse not to bother. Your loss, Jack, as you still seem to be unaware that there was, and still is, quite a negative feeling towards the management of the NT.
                  Based upon your strange conception that members of an organization will support that organization, you must really be terrified regarding Manchester United. Do you live in a society where that is compulsory, Jack?

                  People in the real world are quite capable of Giggling, Jack. You appear to have a very low opinion of readers and contributors on DoD, unable to follow a simple reference.

                  What’s your connection to the electricity industry that you keep trying to discredit the gas network?

                • MARTIN ,

                  YOU say ,quote, ” education costs money.”

                  So YOUR idea of being an educated person , is reading a particular newspaper that charges a fee to read it’s content , is that what your saying ???????

                  I’d change my newspaper if I were you , as your source of information is away with the fairies ….. It’s not the BEANO comic online magazine by any chance is it ???????

                  OR maybe your an employee of that newspaper , trying to get the ” pay per view ” reader content up ?????

                  MARTIN , lets just get back to reality , please put up LINKS to support the comments you make .

                  Failure to do so , will leave the readers with no other option than to accept your comments as pure Collywaffle.

                  As far as the year 2020 goes, was that the ” normal year ” like endless other previous years when the US Fracking industry PONZI SCHEME , had more debts than you could shake a stick at ????

                  Ahhh yes the year 2020 , when Chesapeake Energy had $9 BILLION of debt and the Fracking industry as a whole had $300 BILLION of unsupportable debt and that’s in an industry that had already lost a further $450 BILLION in private investment… Yes along with many other previous years , that was not a good time for the good old American Tax Payer , the banks, private investment companies , pension funds and the small private investor .


                • MARTIN ,

                  What a difference , a WAR has made to the debt ridden US Fracking industry.

                • Well Jack, you may have your keyboard provided free as part of your package, I pay for mine. I offered you the opportunity of accessing information via your keyboard FOC. It was you who concocted an excuse not to take advantage. Your choice not to be educated, at no cost. You were shown a way of getting the information without paying, as the reporter was a freelance and the details could be found on her own site. You really do seem to be in a confused state-somewhere!

                  Debt is no problem, Jack, if it can be serviced. Take a look at the history of Tesla. Some companies had issues servicing debt in 2020 as it was NOT a normal year.

                  That shows the weakness of your system. You plonk out a single link to a situation and then when someone investigates the details they find it is very different to what you have claimed. I can see why you would like to patent your lazy system but many educationalists would instruct you to rewrite as you had failed to fully research the issue, and end up with a ludicrous claim of 2020 being a normal year to try and extract yourself from the situation you have created. There is a trend you have also created in this respect over time, so perhaps you ought to look at the problems with your method of posting.

                  Caught up with the Californian hurricane season yet??

                  “What a difference a war makes?” Yes, it shows up the requirements for energy security, and the cost of achieving that during constrained supply of oil and gas. Has been the case for decades, Jack, as have the siren voices attempting to mask that for their own vested interests. I look at the subject, not a selected link, and can see the reality that even yourself now admits after strenuous attempts at getting $7 to equal $47. (Another example of your “system”!)

                  You could also have looked at the difference before the war, and before 2020. A great difference in USA and a great difference around the world. You don’t want to, and that is your choice, but not mine.

                • MARTIN

                  AGAIN you offer NOTHING , apart from your own OPINION …. Your forgetting , the readers can also bare witness to that fact …

                  JACK , like the readers have NO intention of researching your comments to try and verify what you say ….. Put up a LINK up for us to click on .

                  Ahhh your old pet hate TESLA , you just can’t stand any industry that stands in the way of the fossil fuel burning vehicle can you ??????

                  If you’d of invested $10,000 in TESLA in 2010 ……… It would now be worth $2.9 MILLION

                  Yes I did say 2.9 MILLION American dollars


                  🤣🤣 let’s now look at one of the companies that you champion . Good old UK Fracking wannabe , IGAS 🤣🤣

                  When you Google ” IGAS share price ” and then look on the Stock Exchange at the top of the page … Then just click on ” MAX “…….. With the share price since 2005 dropping like a BRICK in value and then it being diluted in to oblivion…….. The share price as you can see has DROPPED from 11,543.25 pence (£115.43 ) to 15.80 PENCE

                  It has dropped an eye watering 99.86% in value ..

                  Evan a two year old child can see the smart money , £10,000 invested in TESLA back in 2010 would of made you a MULTI MILLIONAIRE by now .

                  Taking note on your comments , championing the UK Fracking industry, you’d of completely LOST ALL of your £10,000 investment on IGAS.

                  Don’t think anyone is going to take investment advice from you old chap 🤣

                  Some GOOD ADVICE from your old buddy JACK… I think it’s about time you stopped trying to chip away at TESLA … To continue on such a trajectory will only have the readers laughing at you .

                • Same old Jack.

                  If you had invested in Tesla? If you had invested in Tesla in November 2021 you would now have lost more than HALF of your money!
                  If you had invested in…..Chesapeake Energy in 2020 you would have now enjoyed an 84% increase in your investment.

                  Which just goes to show what, Jack? Any investment, even in gold, needs to be made when the opportunity is right and disposed of before it isn’t. Shock/horror.

                  Why would anyone have invested in 2005 in IGAS in respect of UK fracking???

                  You really do have some issues with dates Jack!

                  Oops, my Internet connection has just thrown a wobble-perhaps the wind has dropped? It seems to have re-set itself so this post may appear, it may not. Blue light has returned, so maybe.

                • Just to add, now my Internet is back and no longer wobbling:

                  I have never “championed” IGAS, Jack. I have traded in them during the period you strangely select and not lost anything, but never advised anyone to do anything of the sort. DoD would not be the place for that, anyway. It must be the “voices” again Jack, but the reality, as usual, is somewhat different. Equally, for others who have had similar need to claim fake motives, I have never invested in AJLucas. Unfortunately, the opportunity to do so in Ineos has never been available.

                  I have invested in Egdon! Several times, and always managed a positive return. Good job too, as now necessary to pay my energy bills, which my current supplier tried to increase further just yesterday. I am not that proficient at investing Jack, but it would take some level of stupidity, or excessive greed, not to be able to do similar. Mind you, those who followed a single “link” would have started from a very unstable platform!
                  I might be inclined to invest in Tesla if Mr. Musk could control his wish to demonstrate his support for free speech that may not always benefit his current shareholders. There are some who have taken legal action in that respect, I just decide better off not being involved. That sort of uncontrollable just makes the risk too great for me, although I am aware the “experts” who invest for my pensions have taken the risk on my behalf. As long as they balance it out with Shell and/or Chesapeake Energy then they can carry on doing so. If not, they can be replaced.

                • MARTIN ,

                  YOU’VE spent years on here ” championing ” two bit type companies , that are more suited to Boiler Room investment opportunity platforms than the listed Stockmarket… In fact your still pushing and championing these companies.

                  There’s no hiding from it , all the readers are fully aware of your antics .. I personally have battled with you on MANY occasions over IGAS , wouldn’t surprise me if you were the CEO.

                  Any small time , lame duck Oil/Gas company , not matter how much they’ve lost , yourout there trying to put a positive spin on it , draw in the odd gullible investor .

                • Jack, you need to sort out your use of the English language!

                  I have never championed IGAS. I have discussed with you your attacks upon them usually using some weird and wonderful suggestion around dates of your choosing and pensioners losing their pension pots. All your method Jack, and likely to be called out for the nonsense that it was-and I did. There has been a whole trail of such Jack, but don’t worry, keep supplying it and there will be those to correct it. From UK pigeons to Chesapeake Energy, Jack. A wide and wonderful field full of fantasy objects.

                  If I was wanting to “champion” any company regarding UK fracking for gas it would have been Ineos. Not for any other reason that they have a history of making decent investment decisions and have the freedom as a private company to make quick decisions, that will now be applicable to Egdon. Plus, the fact that they are users of the product from such production and to use it from a local source rather than build ships and transport it across the Atlantic and also invest in USA gas production and thus pay considerable US taxes instead of transferring those taxes to UK would not be my preference. However, Jack, that would be taboo for yourself, as US frackers are all in a desperate state!

                  You now have the opportunity to try and suggest they have debt-shock/horror-and they try to not pay more tax than they are required to do so-shock/horror. Conveniently avoiding how much they then spend on supporting various charities and bodies of their choosing as they feel that after paying the taxes required of them, and seeing how their taxes are (mis)used they feel they can do a better job with what is left. Many people here in the UK have ISA’s Jack, so do exactly the same-but on a much smaller scale.

                  Meanwhile, they will still be able to buy Man.Utd. (maybe) and acquire all those members that according to the fantasy world will then support everything they want to do! Remember that fantasy, Jack? Where to maintain it someone had to manufacture an excuse not to be able/willing/afford or allowed to identify what many members and staff were thinking, and still are, even with a body formed to represent them. Then moved onwards to 2020 being a normal year. Russian gas and oil to be piped into Europe after the war has ended. Californian hurricane seasons. So much water under the bridge, so much of it full of sewage that has required treatment. Makes the IGAS comments fit a pattern, but still the one that required the purification.

                  Ever thought of penning some kiddies tales? Jack in Wonderland could be an option. Alternatively, Right First Time would save a lot of fossil fuel.

                • BUT MARTIN

                  ANYONE who is unable to back up their comments is indeed , as you put it , in FANTASY land .

                  Does it remind you of anyone ???????

                  Ohhhh yes it’s YOU …..As to date you’ve set the record on this platform , for never supplying a single shred of evidence to back up any of your comments.

                  That’s quite some tally , 100%

                  Also your selective memory and adding things in to what people are supposed to of said is quite extraordinary, but very amusing..

                  I also like how you pretend and always fail to comment when I put up LINKS to evidence like this.

                  The link between FRACKING, CHILDREN and CANCER


                  OR THIS

                  Fracking linked to Asthma, Birth Defects and Cancer


                  Fracking , premature DEATH in the elderly.


                  Air pollution from Fracking linked to DEATHS


                  It’s so predictable how you never want to acknowledge or debate this very damning evidence…. You just pretend you’ve never seen it or go on some wild diversionary tactic …. Why is that MARTIN ??????

                • When you stop plonking out incorrect information such as 100%, Jack, I will take your questions seriously.

                  Otherwise, just more of your fantasy land. Whilst I do enjoy some fantasy, I do prefer to be able to divide between that and reality. 100% is not correct Jack, you confuse those who are not interested in following the references and those that can/do/wish to. Sorry Jack, I can not accommodate those individual(s) who have such a problem.

                • 😂 MARTIN 🤣

                  Is that it ??????

                  Just call the LINKS I put forward as FAKE , without debating or showing a single shred of evidence to back up your comment .

                  Are you having a laugh ????????

                  This seriously reflects badly on you MARTIN, I do hope the readers take note of this .

                  Are you seriously expecting the hundreds/thousands of readers to take that as an acceptable response ???????

                  Ladies and Gentlemen as I previously said , MARTIN does a LOT of talking , but backs up nothing he/she says.

                  HE/SHE hides away from challenging JACK on any of the indisputable evidence that he puts forward .

                  Again I ask you to give more than a child like comment on the four above LINKS , all warning of the severe dangers of Fracking on public health….. Doesn’t the health of public matter to you ??????

                • $7V$47, Jack!

                  Chesapeake Energy, and 2020 being a normal year!

                  I will not bore other readers with a much, much longer list. My memory of what has been stated is very good-still. I was trained over 50 years to achieve that. I suspect it will decline going forward, but so far so good. You can play the tables and gamble that forward has arrived Jack, but you will lose. When that forward does arrive Jack, you will still lose as I will just go back to the system I had to apply at the start of the 50 years-using a written record. That was pretty onerous 50 years ago but very easy today, and needs to be. (The year I retired, a new edict from Human Resources that all conversations with competitors had to be recorded in order to have defence against any charge of price fixing!)
                  If other readers have not noted some of your previous Jack then they haven’t read what you have posted. I have tried my best to encourage you to keep the output going, so there has been plenty of opportunity. Goodness, some might have been encouraged to Giggle and find out the reality surrounding Chesapeake Energy. They may not be that interested in what has been happening in USA, but they may have been more interested to follow the disquiet around the management decisions being taken with the UK NT, and will have had plenty of opportunity to do so over the last couple of years. Anyone paying a UK gas bill has already found what $7V$47 means to them. Anybody who considers Einstein, would be aware about the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result-although the Einstein bit is fake news. So, comments about Russian oil and gas being piped back into Europe after the war would appear to have as much chance as a snowball in hell. Deluded Jack, is the polite term.

                  Interestingly, the likely reason for that Jack is that you really need to stop following selected links!

                • MARTIN

                  So your NOT interested in the health and safety of the British Public ??????

                  Obviously not .

                  Don’t worry MARTIN I will continue to hammer home the toxic, environmental, and high financial costs of Fracking . I will also continue to expose how you choose to ignore these facts and pretend not to notice the evidence or employ your famous diversionary tactics ” as above.”

                  I see your still deeply bitter against the National Trust ( NT ) . You just can’t let it go …… I’m delighted the NT gave a FIRM two fingers to Ineos and ALL Fracking activities on their land .

                  Ahhh yes the year 2020 , when Chesapeake Energy had $9 BILLION of debt and the Fracking industry as a whole had $300 BILLION of unsupportable debt and that’s in an industry that had already lost a further $450 BILLION in private investment… Yes along with many other previous years , that was not a good time for the good old American Tax Payer , the banks, private investment companies , pension funds and the small private investor .


                  What’s all this Collywaffle about , 50 years training in Human Resources, is there any job you’ve not done , or field your not an expert in ???????

                  AS the readers are fully aware, you only say things you don’t have to prove.

                  Didn’t you know MARTIN , I’m a retired Astronaut 🤣

                  As far as your fantastic memory goes , well the less said about that the better …. All I can say is that I find it much to easy to run rings around you .

                  Now what about this

                  Fracking Health DANGERS


                  Fracking and Breast Cancer.


                  Fracking causes Early Deaths


                  For the benefit of the readers , what’s your response ???????

                • Thanks for your latest offering Jack. It has taught me a lot-you have problems reading and understanding English!!

                  Now, I will not explain that, I will not provide a link to explain, you and others can read what I posted and what you replied. I can offer a little start-“Human Resources”.

                  Now I know the issue you have Jack then I will treat all your posts and their contents with that new knowledge. Explains a lot Jack, but perhaps a career as an influencer using a language you can not understand, is something you should discuss with Human Resources? There are alternatives. Dishwashers earning $60k/year in Texas may be a better option! LOL.

                  Also explains your misunderstanding regarding the outcome between the NT and INEOS, and about pigeons and about Chesapeake Energy etc. etc. etc.


                • 🤣 Dear Dear MARTIN

                  THANK YOU for your comical response.

                  [Edited by moderator]

                  Or is it that you can NOT dispute the hard evidence that links Fracking to Cancer and early death ???????

                  There were such people who promoted Asbestos and Tobacco , deliberately ignoring the evidence….. [Edited by moderator]

                  I do hope the readers take not of your lack of interest in the health and safety of the British public ..

                  Again I need to press home my absolute DELIGHT at the two fingers the National Tru st gave to INEOS concerning all things Fracking related on their land …… I can see that you are still very bitter about that .

                • [Edited by moderator]

                  Health of UK children? Much better than that of children in the DRC Jack-unless they live next to electricity distribution networks in UK, as information from USA would indicate that could be extremely bad for their health. Perhaps the children who lived around Chernobyl will offer some data around their health, Jack, having lived near nuclear?

                  [Edited by moderator]

                  I just heard an MP in the HoC confirming that nuclear is now Green. More of getting the pieces to fit into the jigsaw-the old lump hammer, and hey presto, it fits.

                  (7 new nuclear sites for UK, Jack. I think the first “costing” was £160B, then someone divided 160 by 7 and £200B was rushed forward. Except, it will be more, nuclear always is.)

                  Need to go and pick my grandson up now Jack. I will check whether he still is okay with 47 being a lot more than 7.

  4. MARTIN ,

    YOU are really are making this toooooo easy for JACK .

    Let’s get this right , regarding the USA , for the record……. Fracking in the USA has been shown to be a highly toxic process, environmentally damaging ,climate changing, dangerous to human and animal health PONZI SCHEME , that leaves devastation wherever it rears its ugly head ..

    It also leaves a toxic , financial burden for future generations AND lowers the value of house prices in Fracking areas .

    Now MARTIN , is there anything in my above comment that YOU dispute ?????????

    If there is, please say so, as I will be delighted to fill this page with credible evidence .

    PS………. If there is anything you dispute, don’t forget to supply credible evidence to support your comments . Failure to do so will render your comments as just more wild Off-The-Cuff Collywaffle.

    Frackings DIRTY little secret

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