Bramleymoor Lane, Marsh Lane, Derbyshire


Key facts

Address: Land off Bramleymoor Lane, near Marsh Lane, Eckington parish, Derbyshire SK21

Planning applicationCM4/0517/10  Lapsed three years after decision (16/8/2018)

Appeal: reference APP/U1050/W/17/3190838

Operator: INEOS Shale


Status: Approved for exploratory shale gas drilling, no action


Last updated 18/8/2021

16 August 2021

Planning permission lapses after no work at site. Details

22 November 2019

Derbyshire County Council confirms it has had no contact from Ineos over preconditions of Bramleymoor Lane shale gas site.

8 August 2019

No start date for work at Bramleymoor Lane, Derbyshire Times reports. Details

29 August 2018

180829 Bramleymoor Lane protest Joanne Gough

Protest outside Bramleymoor Lane shale gas site in Marsh Lane, Derbyshire, 29 August 2018. Photo: Joanne Gough

Villager “hit by tractor” during protest at Ineos shale gas site. DrillOrDrop report

16 August 2018

Inspector at public inquiry grants planning permission to Ineos for Bramleymoor Lane scheme. DrillOrDrop report

29 June 2018

Conclusion of public inquiry. DrillOrDrop report

19 June 2018

Scheduled start date for two-week public inquiry.

4 May 2018

Derbyshire County Council’s planning sub-committee votes to maintain opposition on highway grounds to the Marsh Lane shale gas scheme, against the advice of officers. Details

21 March 2018

Arrangements confirmed for public inquiry on Ineos appeal. Details

5 February 2018

Derbyshire County Council planning committee votes to oppose Ineos shale gas scheme at Bramleymoor Lane, Marsh Lane, in advance of the public inquiry. Details

29 January 2018

Derbyshire County Council planning committee surrenders local decision on Ineos duplicate application for Bramleymoor Lane. Details

19 January 2018

Derbyshire County Council Strategic Director for Economy, Transport and Environment, Mike Ashworth, recommends the council does not process INEOS’s duplicate application for Bramleymoor Lane.

18 December 2017

INEOS Shale submits duplicate application for Bramleymoor Lane to Derbyshire County Council. Details

7 December 2017

Debate at Eckington near Marsh Lane votes ‘no’ on the role of fracking in UK energy. Details

6 December 2017

Start date of appeal by INEOS Upstream against non-determination of application for shale gas exploration at Bramleymoor Lane, Marsh Lane, north Derbyshire. Link to appeal website

27 November 2017

INEOS secret court evidence revealed on hazards proposed for Marsh Lane shale site. Details

24 November 2017

INEOS seeks to bypass local decisions on Harthill and Marsh Lane planning applications. Details

22 November 2017

Shale gas will bring wholesale industrialisation and change the countryside for decades, Tory MP for Marsh Lane tells parliamentary debate. Details

16 September 2017

600+ people attended marches and a rally against INEOS application for shale gas exploration at Marsh Lane. Details

10 August 2017

Deadline for comments on planning application

29 June 2017

Environment Agency issues standard rules permit for Bramleymoor Lane and letters arrive with decision by Communities’ Secretary that the planning application does not need an EIA. Details

8 May 2017

Planning application submitted to Derbyshire County Council. Details

27 April 2017

INEOS posts formal notice at Bramleymoor Lane of its intention to apply for planning permission.

28 February 2017

Derbyshire County Council confirms that any planning application for Bramleymoor Lane will not need an Environmental Impact Assessment. Details

31 January 2017

INEOS and local opponents of its plans hold exhibitions in Marsh Lane. Details

30 January 2017

The Advertising Standards Authority confirms it has received three complaints about the INEOS supplement. Details

25 January 2017

INEOS publishes the first of 10 eight-page local newspaper advertising supplements. Details

24 January 2017

Eckington Parish Council votes unanimously against INEOS proposals. Details

19 January 2017

Meeting of Unstone Parish Council at which the INEOS plans discussed

10 January 2017

Meeting of Eckington Parish Council attended by Gordon Grant, of INEOS, and around 70 residents, some of whom demanded answers from the council about INEOS’s plans

6 January 2017

INEOS announces it has submitted an environmental screening report to Derbyshire County Council, requesting a decision on whether an environmental impact assessment is needed in a planning permission. The report identifies a site for a vertical well to take core samples. The company says a full application for five years will be submitted later in the year. Details

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