Bridge Trafford, Cheshire

A small protest camp at Bridge Trafford was evicted on 5 September 2016 (The Chester Chronicle). The camp was established when campaigners discovered Star Energy Ltd, owned by IGas, had bought a field at Bridge Trafford for £141,000 and another field south of Warrington Road in Barrow, owned by David William Pym. Papers were served before a case at Manchester High Court brought by landowners, Andrew and Sian Walley and Bill and Barbara Williams, but backed by IGas. Costs of £5,000 were awarded against campaigners, Dr Steven Peers and Simon Stafford-Smith. Local people say geological faults underlie the sites and they are near the epicentre of an 18th century earthquake which was one of the most powerful in the UK. IGas said once the results of seismic testing were known the company would consult with local people on plans for the sites. More details