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Autumn fracking report round-up

A quick reference guide to research studies on fracking and oil and gas extraction published during October and November 2014. Key issues include: Human rights of fracking Potential health impacts of shale exploration in Lancashire Impact of shale gas on the countryside Public attitudes Effect of environmental regulation […]

Fracking Week in Westminster (June 9th-13th)

June 14th 2014 Transcripts of the last week of parliamentary debates and questions on: The Infrastructure Bill proposals to allow drilling without landowers’ consent The carbon footprint of different energy sources Gas prices Earthquakes Investment in liquified natural gas terminals Government visits to Lancashire With thanks to theyworkforyou.com

Britain blocks EU legally-binding regulations on fracking – Guardian

The Guardian reported that Britain has defeated European Union attempts to set legally binding environmental regulations for the shale gas industry. According to the paper, David Cameron has led intense lobbying against the proposals, arguing that existing rules are strict enough to keep fracking safe and that new rules would delay investment and increase […]