Woodsetts, south Yorkshire


Last updated  7/6/2022

Key facts

Address: South of Dinnington Road, Woodsetts, Rotherham

Planning application: RB2017/1577  for construction of a well site and access track, drilling and pressure transient test on a vertical core well.

Operator: INEOS Upstream

Licence: PEDL304

Status: Appeal against refusal for shale gas exploration well

171025 Woodsetts houses

Proposed site for Ineos Upstream shale gas well on the edge of Woodsetts village in south Yorkshire, 25 October 2017. Photo: DrillOrDrop


7 June 2022

Government refuses permission for Woodsetts shale gas plans. Details

15 September 2021

Michael Gove to decide Woodsetts shale gas plans. Details

8 April 2021

Government misses own deadline on Woodsetts shale gas plans by one year. Details

6 May 2020

Government refuses requests to release recommendations on delayed shale gas appeal. Details

8 April 2020

Government delays decision on Ineos appeal. Details

7 January 2020

Decision by local government secretary set for on, or before, 8 April 2020. Details

6 December 2019

Ineos installs new notices at proposed shale gas site at Woodsetts. Details

8 July 2019

Inspector’s report on Woodsetts inquiry to be submitted by 13 January 2019. Details

27 June 2019

Local government secretary, James Brokenshire, announces he will recover the Woodsetts appeal and make the final decision. Details

11 June 2019- 20 June 2019

Reports from public inquiry. Link

11 June 2019

Scheduled start of public inquiry on Ineos plans for Woodsetts. Link

10 June 2019

On eve of inquiry, MP backs “I am Woodsetts” campaign against Ineos shale drilling. Details

30 May 2019

Villagers and council oppose plans to screen site with 9ft acoustic screen. Details

3 April 2019

Woodsetts Against Fracking launches Crowdjustice fundraiser to pay for legal representation at public inquiry. Details

14 March 2019

Rotherham Borough Council drops highway safety objection to Woodsetts shale gas plans. Details

9 January 2019

Ineos appeals over the refusal of its second application for shale gas exploration at Woodsetts. Details

7 September 2018

Rotherham councillors refused second Ineos application for Woodsetts. Details and reaction

31 August 2018

Planners back Ineos shale gas plans for Woodsetts. Details

13 June 2018

Expected submission date of second planning application

5 June 2018

Ineos announces it will submit a new planning application for Woodsetts Details

8 March 2018

Rotherham Borough Council votes unanimously against Ineos shale gas plans for Woodsetts Details

12 January 2018

Closing date for public consultation

12 December 2017

Woodsetts Parish Council announces it will “strongly object” to the application

8 November 2017

Application validated and public consultation begins

25 October 2017

Application submitted to Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Woodsetts villagers gather for giant objection photo to send to Downing Street. Details

3 August 2017

INEOS says it is applying for permission to drill a coring well and carry out a pressure transient test at the site. Details

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