Campaigners leaving Balcombe; new permit for Cuadrilla

Update to Timeline – September 2013

Anti-fracking protestors begin to leave the camp outside Cuadrilla’s site at Balcombe. The Guardian reports that tents, banners and makeshift structures are being cleared from verges. Cuadrilla closed the exploratory well before its planning permission expired on Saturday September 28th. The company has made a new planning application for Balcombe and campaigners say they will be back if exploration restarts.

The Environment Agency issues new radioactive waste permit to Cuadrilla’s Balcombe site. In a news release, the agency says permit EPR/PB3439DP will allow Cuadrilla to manage waste which may contain naturally occurring radioactive from the exploratory borehole at Balcombe. The permit allows solid radioactive waste of up to 5 cubic metres to be stored for up to 3 months. The Agency received 519 responses from members of the public and community organisations, as well as two petitions with a total of 3,966 signatures. The Agency says it is satisfied there is no unacceptable impact or risk of pollution to ground or surface water.

Shale gas “solution to high energy bills”The Guardian reports claims by the Chris Grayling, the justice secretary and Conservative MP for Epsom and Ewell, that drilling for shale gas could make the “single biggest difference to the cost of living” for British people. 

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