Cuadrilla leaves Balcombe, 65 days of protest, 125 arrests

Update to Timeline – September 2013

Cuadrilla leaves Balcombe
Cuadrilla’s exploratory drilling site at Balcombe is cleared and Sussex Police scales down its operation. Superintendent Lawrence Hobbs says a few officers will remain in the area, mostly to ensure road safety. He acknowledges the policing operation will affect the local community for a long time. Cuadrilla’s planning permission expires on Saturday September 28th.  The company is submitting a revised application so that it can test flow rates at the site. @Louise Delpy on Twitter reports the new application is now at West Sussex County Council and, if valid,  will be online next week.

Protest numbers Sussex Police confirm 125 people have been arrested since the protest outside the site began 65 days ago on July 25th. The cost of policing up to Thursday September 26th is £3.337m and is expected to reach around £4m. Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne, is applying to the Home Office for financial support to meet the additional cost of policing.

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