Examine French arguments and abandon dash for gas – Balcombe anti fracking campaigners

The No Fracking in Balcombe Society urged the government to abandon its support for fracking, following a ruling that the French Government ban can stay in place. The French state had been taken to court by the American oil and gas company, Scheupbach, which claimed the ban contravened the French Constitution. But this morning the French Constitutional Court ruled the ban “conforms to the constitution” and is not “disproportionate,”

Kathryn McWhirter, of No FiBS, says: “We in Balcombe, united with the growing number of anti-fracking groups around the UK, call upon the British Government to examine the French legal arguments, and to abandon their dangerous dash for gas – and their untruthful or misguided spin. Only yesterday David Cameron repeated his false claim that shale gas would bring cheaper energy prices. Within the UK and Europe market, this is clearly not true. Nor will it bring jobs. Mr. Cameron, listen to the French lawyers: fracking spells risk – to the purity of our water, the quality of our air, the beauty of our countryside, and ultimately to our climate, and the future of our children.” 

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