“Sticky Six” found not guilty of criminal damage or trespass at Cuadrilla’s PR

Six women who allegedly glued themselves to the doors of Cuadrilla’s PR company, Bell Pottinger, were acquitted after a two-day trial last week (24/1/14).

Kara Moses, Tara Clarke, Eleanor Smith, Louise Dear, Kelly Minio-Paluello  and Dee Murphy, who became known as the “sticky six”, had denied two charges of aggravated trespass and criminal damage when they appeared before Westminster Magistrates Court.

Their arrest on August 19th last year had been widely covered by the mainstream media, including the BBC and ITN, Daily Telegraph, Independent, Daily Mail, Mirror and Daily Star. News of their acquittal was limited to anti-fracking websites and one local paper.

Kara Moses told the Birmingham Mail: “The criminal damage amounted to £4 as it took half an hour of a cleaner’s time to wipe off. This is a huge waste of taxpayers’ money and a complete waste of our time. All the defendants are working in public service jobs, using their own time and money to attend the trial. It was a complete farce.”

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