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What Cuadrilla told us on community benefit, Sussex drilling sites and community consultation

http://www.InvestigatingBalcombeAndCuadrilla.com has been trying for nearly a fortnight to get answers from Cuadrilla to some simple questions. Cuadrilla responded this afternoon and the answers are below, unedited.

  1. Will Balcombe be able to take advantage of the community benefit scheme?

This single well exploration activity that Cuadrilla has been undertaking in Balcombe is a temporary operation and there are no plans to introduce a community compensation scheme. In the event that oil or gas could potentially be commercially produced in the region, Cuadrilla will consult with the local community to ascertain their views and a community benefit scheme would be put in place.

2.       What future plans does Cuadrilla have for other sites in Sussex?

At this time, the site in Lower Stumble, Balcombe, is the only one we have in West Sussex. We currently have no further plans for additional sites in the region.

3.       What further community engagement and/or information days will Cuadrilla undertake in Balcombe?

West Sussex County Council will  coordinate a community and stakeholder engagement process as is required under the Planning process.  That will be independent of Cuadrilla. Cuadrilla will continue to ensure that the local community remain fully informed of our activities throughout our operations Balcombe through regular letters to all residents, our designated community information line and our website.

4.      Can I request an interview with Cuadrilla on its views on the current regulation of the fracking industry?

We would direct you to the relevant regulators DECC, HSE, Environment Agency and the local planning authority.

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