Cuadrilla responds to Balcombe poll on fracking

25th February 2014

Yesterday, Balcombe Parish Council published the results of its poll on residents’ attitudes to drilling for oil and gas in the village and potential fracking. 59.8% of the potential 1,507 voters returned the polling card. 60% of respondents were against Cuadrilla returning to Balcombe to flow test the well drilled last summer and 34% were in favour.

This afternoon, Cuadrilla gave this response:

We note that of the 1507 Balcombe residents eligible to vote in this poll only some 35% have expressed opposition to Cuadrilla’s planning application. We are pleased to have received 34% support from those who responded to the poll. 

There is a wider debate to be had, in Balcombe and elsewhere, about the UK’s future energy needs and how we source the country’s gas and oil supplies to ensure peoples’ homes are heated and businesses can operate without disruption and we will continue to play a role in that.

In the short-term we intend on proceeding with our flow testing planning application and look forward to a decision by West Sussex County Council in due course.

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  1. So are the 60% that opposed not going to be listened to then?
    It’s fun to play with statistics this way. Let’s see how many ways we can make it sound favourable to Cuadrilla by altering how the results are displayed. 60% if those who voted VOTED OPPOSE

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