Talk Thursday: today’s debates, meetings, exhibitions


Today is one of the busier days in the UK debate about fracking and onshore drilling.

In the space of six hours, there will be nine events, including council debates, exhibitions, public meetings, a demonstration and a social.

Ryedale debates

Ryedale District Council in North Yorkshire will consider calls for a ban on fracking when it meets in Malton tonight.

The area is in the front-line for UK fracking, with an application by Third Energy to frack a well in Kirby Misperton.

At an extraordinary meeting of the council in February this year members failed to back a motion opposing all fracking in the district. But councillors warned they would not support fracking applications if public concerns were not resolved.

Tonight’s meeting will consider a motion by Liberal councillors John Clark and Joy Andrews which calls for a five-year moratorium on fracking in Ryedale. The motion also calls on the council’s planning committee to take this decision into account when it makes a recommendation to North Yorkshire County Council on Third Energy’s planning application. The next scheduled Ryedale District Council planning committee meetings are on 20th October and 10th November 2015.

Cllr Clark has also tabled a question to John Windress, the chair of the planning committee, asking why the committee has not produced a policy on fracking in Ryedale.

  • The meeting begins at 6.30pm in the Council Chamber, Ryedale House, Malton YO17 1SA. Link to committee agenda

Decision on IGas Trafford plans

Trafford Council’s development control committee is expected to decide tonight on a planning application by IGas for coal bed methane exploration, testing and production at a site next to the Davyhulme water treatment works. Council officers have recommended approval.

The committee last discussed the application in October last year. It deferred a decision following objections about the environmental impact of coal bed methane developments.

  • The meeting begins at 6.30pm in Committee Suite, Trafford Town Hall, Talbot Road, Stretford, Manchester M32 0TH. See DrillOrDrop report on the application. Link to agenda and planners’ report


The former diplomat and climate envoy, John Ashton, is the speaker at a public meeting at Edinburgh University tonight. The event, entitled Fracking: for whom, at what cost?, is organised by Friends of the Earth Scotland. Mr Ashton is also addressing a reception for members of the Scottish Parliament on fracking.

At both events he says he will explain why he believes successful resistance to unconventional hydrocarbon extraction is crucial for the UK’s response to climate change.

The First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, is visiting Aberystwyth as part of a tour of all 22 local authorities in Wales. He says his aim to listen to what matters to communities. Frack Free Wales has encouraged people to submit questions about fracking and onshore drilling in Wales. Details and to book

Bassetlaw Against Fracking is hosting a public meeting in Workshop. The event includes discussion about fracking and a screening of the film Shattered Earth. Details

Exhibitions, demonstration and social

Ineos has one of its fracking community exhibitions at Tullibody Civic Centre today. The meeting is one of 18 organised by the company this autumn. Ineos says they are designed “to give more people the opportunity to ask us questions about this important technology and our shale gas plans”. Details

IGas also has a community exhibition about its plans in Cheshire Details In response to the IGas event, Frack Free Dee is organising what it describes as a peaceful demonstration outside Details

Also coming up this week:

Friday 9th October

Frack Free Lancashire Benefit Party, 8.30pm, Town House Pub, St Annes Road West, Ltham St Annes, FY8 1SB Details

Saturday 10th October 2015
Barclays Bank demonstratons

  • Climate Day of Action Friends of the Earth urge Barclays to withdraw its funding for Third Energy which wants to frack in Ryedale Details
  • 10am-1pm outside Barclays Bank, 2 High Street, Nottingham, NH1 2EN Details
  • 10am-3pm outside Barclays Bank, 1-3 Parliament Street, York, YO1 8SE Details
  • 10am outside Barclays Bank, Victoria Square, Bolton Details
  • 10.45am outside Barclays Bank, King Edward Street, Hull HU1 3RL Details
  • 11am outside Barclays Bank, 25 James Street, Harrogate HG1 1QX Details
  • 12 noon-1pm, outside Barclays Bank, Terrace Road, Aberystwyth SY23 2AE Details
  • 12noon-2pm outside Barclays Bank, Pinstone Street, Sheffield S1 Details
  • 2pm outside Barclays Bank, 4 North Bar Within, Beverley HU17 8AY Details

More Barclays events on Friends of the Earth webpage

Other events
Symbolic circle of protection and demonstration, No Fracking in Our Forest contribution to global day of action against fracking, 10am, Cyril Hart Arboretum, Cinderford, Gloucestershire GL16 7EL

Sunday 11th October 2015

Hands Over Our Forth – public protest urging the Scottish Government to include underground coal gasification in the current moratorium, 2pm, Forth Road Bridge, Firth of Forth Edinburgh EH30 9SF Details

Wirral Against Fracking community walk across the sand to Hilbre Island where participants will hold hands to show unity against underground coal gasification. Meeting at West Kirby Marine Lake, South Parade, West Kirby CH48 3HZ at 11.45am, walk leaving at 12.10pm. Details

Mole Valley Greens event: Love Leith Hill, not oil drilling, a celebration for residents of Dorking of the beauty and tranquillity of Leith Hill, 10.30am-1pm, Bury Hill Wood, Coldharbour Lane. Details and more information from Chris.Crook.GreenParty@gmail.com

Keep Billingshurst Frack Free craft and chat afternoon with information about fracking locally and nationally, 2pm-5pm, the Women’s Hall, Billingshurst

Keep up-to-date with DrillOrDrop’s monthly drilling diary

Post updated 15.40 to remove Frack Free Ryedale social, which has been postponed because of the Ryedale District Council meeting.

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  1. Onshore oil extraction, too near a52, Nottinghamshire
    Slightly different from Fracking but similar method. Hutton the Australian co has said they’re not fracking but there is an explosive charge involved.
    The email I keep trying to send is the mins from the CAB (community advisory board set up by Hutton to prove how friendly they are!)

    Hello all,
    Some brief notes from the CAB and have attached the info provided by Hutton at the meeting, don’t know if I’m supposed to circulate it but no one said not to so…

    Cllr Cutts started the meeting by asking if everyone had enjoyed the site visit last time and if it had put their minds at rest to which everyone nodded enthusiastically and said “yes, Mrs Cutts, thank you Mrs Cutts” Except me. I said it hadn’t reassured me at all as it shows extraction and at the moment my concerns were about drilling. She responded with “Fewtrell, go to the back of the class and write out 100 times ‘I must not disagree with the teacher'” To be fair, she didn’t actually say that out loud but it was my interpretation of her baleful glare.

    Most of the meeting was about the info in the attachment, started with the new licences granted to Hutton, in partnership with other organisations. And there was much rejoicing.

    I think the most significant bit was about the drill target, see last page of attachment. I expressed concern that it was getting closer to the houses and went under the road. No one else was concerned. There was a bit of discussion that people’s concerns might be about subsidence based on local experience post-mining works. Roger U asked if people really believed that there would be subsidence under the A52 because of the drilling, when those around the table confirmed that this might be a concern he was aghast (I assume at the stupidity of the electorate) “wow, they really think that? Wow”

    Martin C clarified re what fills the gap left by the oil, essentially its water. The rocks where the oil is are 10% porosity (so 90% solid, 10% holes where the oil is) so extracting the oil doesn’t leave a big void it just empties the holes and they fill with water, the structure remains robust.

    Re the cost per barrel that makes it viable – not a straightforward answer (and cllr Cutts clearly didn’t think it should even be a question!) but much the same as before – around $60 but it’s based on what they think the price will be in 12 months rather than what it is now.

    Drilling will now be sometime between Jan and March but no specific date still. They are now more confident about what’s there. More rejoicing.

    Communications plan – flyers are out and posted on notice boards. Anna has not had any calls or queries, which clearly means everyone is delighted with the plan. Open day is still being planned for approx 2 month before drilling, probably early Jan, maybe 5-8 one day then earlier start following day, probably Fri evening and Saturday daytime. Will be widely advertised and info boards have been drafted.

    Cllr Cutts asked if there was mention of drilling in the village plan (think consultation starts today on that?) Apparently it’s not mentioned except that it might create some jobs, which clearly it won’t – the drilling folk will come with the rig and once it’s extraction there’s hardly anyone onsite, it’s all monitored remotely. So, I think it’s worth getting people to ask questions about it as part of the village plan as the parish council are so involved/in favour, it’s in the surrounding green belt etc

    Once again there were 2 of Her Majesty’s constabulary in attendance; I’m delighted our area is so crime-free that they can spare the time. Although it’s possible that they are just waiting to leap in when I can no longer stop myself from punching one of our elected representatives. It’s only a matter of time and I’m currently working on the shortlist. Although Cllr Cutts was there Cuban heels guys wasn’t. I had a side flash of realisation that I’ve never seen them in the same room together. Are they one and the same person? Am thinking electoral fraud…

    Anyway. Hope that helps, happy to discuss in more detail – do we have a plan to meet up? If it’s next week I can’t do Wednesday but think am ok other days



    We have web pages, I think you’ve found that,’ Radcliffe-on-Trent against onshore drilling’, and Twitter page ‘SolidaritySunday’

    We have people who have made themselves knowledgable about what Hutton are doing to us.

    Maybe speak, read later,

    Helen Ritchie

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