Anti-fracking hunger striker calls for meeting with Prime Minister


An anti-fracking campaigner on hunger strike opposite Downing Street hopes to put his case to the highest levels of government next week.

Gayzer Frackman, who was on day 11 of his protest in Whitehall today, has permission to deliver information to the prime minister and chancellor. But he is also calling on David Cameron to meet him.

The campaigner from Lytham in Lancashire has set up two director’s chairs on the pavement outside the Ministry of Defence. One has Mr Cameron’s name on it and the other is labelled Great Britain. The chairs are, he says, symbolic.


“I am trying to represent Great Britain. To stop the hunger strike all Mr Cameron has to do is come and speak to me. He is making me sick by not speaking to me, just as he is making my community sick.”

Mr Frackman, who changed his name by deed poll, has been opposing Cuadrilla’s plans to frack at Preston New Road and Roseacre Wood in the Fylde area of Lancashire. The company was refused planning permission in June but appealed. The government announced last week it would make the final decision.

He said people living nearby were constantly thinking about fracking.

 “When you are under pressure you don’t get any sleep. A lot of it is worry. You’re always asking yourself: ‘Have I done enough to stop it?’ After all this effort is the government going to step in and overrule the council?”

Mr Frackman said he was taking the action for three members of the Preston New Road Action Group who were either ill or had sick relatives.

“They should be enjoying life. These people should not be going through this. They are hardworking people. They should not be living in fear.”

Mr Frackman will deliver information to Downing Street at midday on Monday. It will include copies of a report compiled earlier this year by the health campaign group, Medact. This concluded that fracking posed significant risks to people. He will also deliver a duty of care letter which will state the legal obligation on the reader to behave to a standard of reasonable care when responsible for acts that could harm others.

“We have done everything in the past to give him information. This time we’ll address the envelope for Mr Cameron’s eyes only”. Mr Frackman said. “Then he can’t say it was correspondence that he didn’t see.”

“He has to look at the documents. When you put your life on the line it needs to be treated with respect. He needs to read the material. Then he has the information.”

The hunger strike is not the story, he said. “Lancashire is the story. Lancashire is David Cameron’s jewel in the crown. We have so much infrastructure there: gas storage, road widening and the water supply to Preston New Road. Preparation for fracking has been going on for a while.”

During the past week and a half, Mr Frackman gave a leaflet to Andy Murray and had a conversation with the energy secretary, Amber Rudd.

He has been drinking water and taking multi-vitamins and omega 3. He said he’s not had hunger pangs and hasn’t felt weak. But he said people were concerned about him and he was taking those concerns seriously.

He remained determine to continue the fight.

“I am not going to allow fracking.”

When asked if he thought he would be successful, he said:

“Yes. I have never doubted it”.

After Monday he says he would make a decision on the future of the protest, depending on whether the Prime Minister agreed to meet him.

In the meantime, he is encouraging anti-fracking groups around the country to come to Downing Street to deliver their concerns to the Prime Minister.

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  1. When the government says that they will allow local communities to have the final decision on wind farms – but not fracking, which is far more dangerous and polluting and noisier – and then the government changes the rules on a whim so that they can overrule local communities and councils who have stated that they do not want fracking, as is the case in Lancashire … well, people are forced to take desperate measures to highlight the injustice that is being perpetrated on their community.

  2. Well done that man!

    He needs to watch out for water too. Current Cuadkilla’s fracking submisssion does nothing to assure locals that their residential water supplies are not being targetted by a water mafia ready to drain all freshwater. Savvy folk will have noted that in their objection and asked how much water is to be protected for residential supplies, after Cuadkilla drains it all off exchanging freshwater all life depends upon for profits from gas.

    Nobody knows do they? Because the government is engaged in making a fast buck for shareholders. however, meanwhile here’s a new water initiative, read carefully:

    Friday, 04 December 2015 09:19


    In an era when water is to be abstracted at levels of 660.430 , or 2130.860 gallons a time (size of 2 Olympic swimming pools) (23 gallons per drill)OFWAT has only just woken up to the fact it needs to consult on a new Code of Practice to protect customers in non-household retail market.

    The regulator ( you think they are in support of rate paying residential customers don’t you?) has published a consultation paper setting out its proposed approach to protecting customers in the- nonhousehold retail market in England and Wales, through the introduction of a new Customer Protection Code of Practice.

    Here’s the double speak, remember bankers used this to change your investment terms when you were silly enough to trust and believe them, that’s how they got away with PPI, illicit bank charges etc.

    Ofwat say
    ”The consultation paper is part of a suite of consultations focusing on customer protection arrangements that will be necessary to ensure that the new retail market operates effectively and in the best interests of customers.”

    You think ”customer” means you don’t you?

    No it doesn’t! It means any fracker that comes along and wants water.

    Here’s the tricky bit…were you consulted? No! those customers (called nonhouseholders) wanting new rules for their business were.

    The new market is expected to deliver about £200 million of overall benefits to customers [not the little people in your home remember] and the UK economy and research shows that seven out of ten nonhousehold customers want the choice.
    Customers (that’s not you, that’s frackers et al remember)will be able to shop around and switch to the best deal, while investors and retailers will have new opportunities for growth, the consultation paper says.
    Describing the opening of the new market as a complex challenge, Ofwat said a key element of this would be to ensure that customers (that’s not you, that’s frackers and other nonhouseholders remember)are appropriately protected in the retail market.

    And just in case you thought this industry, so far predominantly funded by the residential tax and rate payer and householders, should be making sure all residential needs are prioritised above those of any business interest, then here’s the catch. A consultation being rolled out by OFWAT from today is asking 30 questions and guess what? They are not interested in residential input, they are only interested in their stakeholders interests.

    ”The consultation paper is inviting stakeholder comment on thirty questions in total which address a wide range of issues” Residential customers are not stakeholders and this initiative by promotes the ideology of Nestle:

    Nestles say that water is not a fundamental human right
    )and assert their right to take water from communities and sell it back to them. The most recent example is their refusal to stop bottling water in California despite drought conditions and restrictions on ordinary people (
    They have taken communities to court http://www.savemiwater.org/mcwcvsnestle/
    – in this case they lost!) and stolen water from 3rd world villages http://action.sumofus.org/a/nestle-water-pakistan/
    THis is a global problem but Nestle is too big to take on directly. One way though is to try and persude some of their bigger customers to stop buying stolen water. Let’s start with Macdonalds.

    Now, ask your MP, local council, local planners where the legislation is that prioritises residential water supply over the demands of a very very greedy thirsty industrial roll out called fracking

  3. Geza is one of the most committed people and creative campaigners I know. He has walked and cycled to Downing Street on several occasions, and last year he even walked all the way to Brussels last winter to join Alexandru Popescu, a Romanian hunger striker, who I first had the honour to meet in January 2014 when I travelled to Romania following the disturbing scenes of police violence towards villagers in Pungești in December 2013. Going on hunger strike is incredibly difficult so it was truly heartwarming to see so much solidarity shown to Sandu on University Square in Bucharest. My friend Maria prepared a special juice for him every day and when I visited him during my few days in Bucharest, he always had visitors and welcomed everyone with the warmest of hugs. What Geza is doing now in London brings back so many memories for me. Those who can get to London to visit Geza, please do so and show him the respect and solidarity Sandu received in Bucharest throughout his lengthy hunger strike.

    Here is a video about Sandu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WO9pky4r30E

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