Find out how your MP voted in the fracking ballot

Ballot form1

To check how your MP voted in yesterday’s ballot on fracking under National Parks, you can download:

If you are viewing on an android mobile phone try the PDF first.

Source: Hansard

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  1. Sick to death of global companies ruining our villages, our light situation, our peace of quiet, our traffic and our countryside! Why are you ruining our village life!!!! Parish councils, we don’t want this regardless of money!!!

  2. What the hell is wrong with all those who think fracking is acceptable in a world so seriously threatened by climate change? The ignorance is astounding!
    Besides the permanent chemical contamination of vital water the greenhouse gas, methane, which escapes into the atmosphere from every fracking operation is much more potent than CO2. We’ve just been told that the oceans are warming 60% faster than previously thought which means it’s even more imperative to stop using fossil fuels.
    Despite the gas/oil industry’s claims, we don’t need them at all.
    For a start, this is all about plastics not fuel.
    We already have the technology for much better, cheaper, cleaner and sustainable energy production but this is being held back while promoting a filthy, polluting, backward and very short term profiteering game for the few. Fracking amounts to insane and immoral murder of future generations.
    Shame on every MP who has not researched the facts before condemning life on this precious planet!

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