Photo post: Don’t Frack Yorkshire rally

York 160730 2 FFY

Anti-fracking campaigners gathered in York today for a Don’t Frack Yorkshire march and rally. 

Organisers estimated hundreds of people from across the UK took part. Graham Martin, who helped organise the event, said:
“We were absolutely overwhelmed by the turnout today, which exceeded all our expectations. This shows that more and more people across Yorkshire are waking up to the threat of fracking to the countryside, rural jobs, tourism, the environment and climate change.”
Russell Scott, of Frack Free North Yorkshire, said:
“People are now realising that with the whole of Yorkshire covered in fracking licences, fracking is now on everyone’s doorstep.”
York 160730 1 FFY

The rally outside York Minster. Picture: Frack Free North Yorkshire

York 160730 12 Adela Pickles

Picture: Adela Pickles


York 160730 11 Adela Pickles

Members of the Yorkshire Nanas. Picture: Adela Pickles

York 160730 9 Sally Brooks

Tina Rothery, of the Lancashire Nanas. Picture: Sally Brooks

York 160730 13 Jules

Retired Yorkshire GP, Tim Thornton. Picture: Jules

160730York 13 Jules.jpg

Former climate diplomat, John Ashton. Picture: Jules

York 160730 5 FF Barnsley

March through York. Picture: Frack Free Barnsley

York 160730 6 FF Barnsley

Picture: Frack Free Barnsley

Updated 31/7/2016 to remove figure of 3,000+ attendance (quoted in Frack Free Ryedale press release) following comments by people who were at the rally.



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  1. My point is not about fence sitting but it semms that one side choose to ignore the merits and validity of its opposition argument and so the discussion can go on forever. One thing is clear many issues onthis thread had been discussed and addressed before here and in other public arenas by professional experts from both sides. The issue the real message is of distorted by each side interpretation to feed into their agenda. One example is the

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