Photo post: Don’t Frack Yorkshire rally

York 160730 2 FFY

Anti-fracking campaigners gathered in York today for a Don’t Frack Yorkshire march and rally. 

Organisers estimated hundreds of people from across the UK took part. Graham Martin, who helped organise the event, said:
“We were absolutely overwhelmed by the turnout today, which exceeded all our expectations. This shows that more and more people across Yorkshire are waking up to the threat of fracking to the countryside, rural jobs, tourism, the environment and climate change.”
Russell Scott, of Frack Free North Yorkshire, said:
“People are now realising that with the whole of Yorkshire covered in fracking licences, fracking is now on everyone’s doorstep.”
York 160730 1 FFY

The rally outside York Minster. Picture: Frack Free North Yorkshire

York 160730 12 Adela Pickles

Picture: Adela Pickles


York 160730 11 Adela Pickles

Members of the Yorkshire Nanas. Picture: Adela Pickles

York 160730 9 Sally Brooks

Tina Rothery, of the Lancashire Nanas. Picture: Sally Brooks

York 160730 13 Jules

Retired Yorkshire GP, Tim Thornton. Picture: Jules

160730York 13 Jules.jpg

Former climate diplomat, John Ashton. Picture: Jules

York 160730 5 FF Barnsley

March through York. Picture: Frack Free Barnsley

York 160730 6 FF Barnsley

Picture: Frack Free Barnsley

Updated 31/7/2016 to remove figure of 3,000+ attendance (quoted in Frack Free Ryedale press release) following comments by people who were at the rally.



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  1. Hey John Hobson and John Houston, isn’t it amazing that Paul Tresto and hballpeenyahoocom seem to turn out time and time again to endlessly comment on Drill or Drop articles with seemingly infinite time to do so? I note Mr Tresto has no social media presence whatsoever, or on Linked In etc, and I am rather too busy working to similarly check for hballpeenyahoocom but this level of commitment to continually attempt to stem the unstoppable flow of opposition to fracking with a boundless supply of time to do so does lead me to suspect that there may be encouragement from some quarters? I am wondering if either of you Johns have ever experienced commentators being paid by oil and gas co PR co’s to post continually on articles on fracking? Heaven forbid anything like that might be happening here. J x

    • Please don’t get paranoid. Sometimes people can disagree with you who arn’t paid to do so. I think it’s called open debate. But then maybe you’re paid by the Russians, or the Chinese, or the IRA, or the Martians….. Basically anyone can project their anxieties where they want to. Lucky we’ve got Donald Trump, at least he’s a useful place to dump it all at the moment.

  2. Julie – Why would I want a social media presence, I detest Face Twit / Twit Face. I don’t need LinkedIn to get a job, I am in the fortunate position of having the experience that I can get work in upstream O & G anytime. However I decided to retire 5 years ago – read my posts and you will see what my background is. I have fracked wells – have you? What is your job? If you think I am being paid to comment on this BB you are wrong. I get irritated by people commenting on a subject they clearly no very little about. And I know a lot about renewable energy and am confident in commenting on it – unlike those that state “switch to renewables, everything will be fine, the planet will be saved….”

    This BB is irrelevant to what happens with the shale gas planning process, as is a small protest march in York. How many people look at this BB?

    Perhaps I just like winding people up?

    maybe I should go back to work although the £1,500 a day on offer may impact my tax status?

  3. Paul Tresto i do read your comments but i cant help thinking that you are somewhat involved in the industry or invested in it,, the majority if not all who campaign against fossil fuels have no vested interest but do have a wealth of knowledge that can not be disputed, rather it is just called scaremongering. However far from scaremongering it is based on evidence that only gagging orders prevent from getting more media coverage. Personally i can see how the whole fracking industry in the UK is a Ponzi scheme where investors are convinced by PR and terms like ” Gatwick Gusher ” to invest at an inflated share price , only to find their investment halved by Placements , allowing millions of shares to be bought at well below the existing investors entry point, they are then trapped in something they have to hold on to to break even while directors take huge bonus salaries . The whole industry is corrupt and is now being exposed #webofdenial and will soon be dead in the ground where it should stay. Please, if you want to talk about how many went to a march, ask yourself why they went.. They went because they believe in what they do, they try to fool nobody and they are good honest , caring souls and there are many many many of us.

    • Shell and BP in my pension plan, Lundin speculative. But I have told you all this before. Have you forgotten? I expect most of you have a pension plan will also be invested in Shell / BP / other multi nationals. I also have a renewables company but the dividend is nowhere near what Shell and BP pays.

      If you are right about the UK “Ponzi fracking scheme” you keep harping on about why are you worried. It will be dead in the water after the first few wells have been drilled. You are naive about how a company starts up and progresses, dilution by placements, stock options, whatever, occurs in many companies in many industries / businesses. This is not something specific to the oil industry. I agree that the upstream O & G Industry is high cost / high risk / high reward. But people investing should know this. You don’t have to invest if you don’t want to. You make it sound like people are forced to invest?

      Have a look at the history of companies like Tullow Oil, Occidental, Lundin and many others.

      The whole industry is corrupt? Wow – that is an amazing accusation. You are clearly a deeply troubled person.

    • Julie – please read the posts – the figures were from the BBC & ITV as noted and now one of the protesters has confirmed the numbers. The 3,000 is a bit like Eastenders – rubbish.

  4. Too many storms in this tea cup, perhaps i should just keep to water. Where did all these red herrings come from? Have to change the water too.

  5. We should agree that the anti frackers will not agree with the frackers and the frackers won’t agree with the anti frackers.

  6. I suspect both sides have difficulty seeing all sides of the discussion, its human nature to take a stance and stick to it no matter what. Fence sitting is not an enviable or comfortable position, ask Humpty Dumpty. Stretching that metaphor to breaking point and beyond, did i just say that? i dont see any of the kings men and horses capable of putting this particular Humpty together again. We seem to be in the unenviable position of not only not having a fence at the top of wall, but no ambulance at the bottom either.
    But if we don’t discuss it, where then will we be? i’ve learned a lot in these discussions, not all of it from the anti-fracking angle.
    Perhaps the point you are making is that writing about it is not enough, we have to do something about it, and that is exactly what this particular thread is about.
    Excuse me i have to go and build a fence at the top of that wall.

  7. I know this thread is getting long in the tooth, but the answer to “but if we don’t discuss it, where would we be?” might be somewhere resembling Qatar or some other Middle East dictatorship, from where we currently import lots of our gas and women are, I gather, not allowed some most basic freedoms, and freedom of expression is strictly curtailed. If we produced our own gas, less of our gas bill would go to these sources.

    • I think the Qataris in Ferraris thing has been done to death don’t you? People need to look at where our gas actually comes from (Norway, Netherlands and USA amongst other places)

      In 2014 our total gas demand was 70 billion m3. 43% came from UK production, 44% from European pipelines and 13% from LNG tankers.

      Mind you under Trump I guess your comments about women not being allowed some most basic freedoms, and freedom of expression being strictly curtailed might be closer to the truth than many are comfortable with ….

      • DECC (RIP) Q1 2016 – Imports were broadly static in comparison to Q1 2015, overall and by country of origin. The bulk of imported gas 62 per cent was sourced from Norway, with a further 23 per cent sourced as LNG mainly from Qatar.

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