Greens pledge to replace fracking with renewables

GreenParty manifesto image

As expected, the Green Party has promised to replace fracking, coal-fired power stations and nuclear with renewables.

Its manifesto launched today also included a commitment to phase out subsidies to fossil fuels and to invest in community-owned energy.

Green Party manifesto

Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas tweeted this afternoon: “The UK’s £6bn+ fossil fuel subsidies must end. Greens will challenge handouts to dirty fossil fuels & invest in renewable energy”

Caroline Lucas tweet

She also told Sky News long-term solutions were needed to the energy crisis:

“If we are serious about ensuring that people are not having to have hugely expensive energy bills into the future what we need is a massive programme of home insulation, something we’ve been calling for years. If you were to insulate every home in Britain you would create hundreds of thousands of jobs, you would get people’s fuel bills down, you would be tackling climate change too.”

Green Party candidates in front line constituencies

In the latest in DrillOrDrop’s review of shale gas constituencies we look at three Green Party candidates

tina-rotheryTina Rothery, Fylde

Tina Rothery is a leading anti-fracking campaigner nationally and in the Fylde constituency, where Cuadrilla has its Preston New Road shale gas site. The company is expected to start drilling next month and fracking in early 2018.

Ms Rothery said she has been part of the anti-fracking movement since 2011 when fracking at Cuadrilla’s Preese Hall well led to small earthquakes.

She said:

“The subject has opened my eyes fully to the flaws in the system of government that we live under and I have a sense of urgency for change.”

In December 2016, the Greens gave Ms Rothery lifetime membership of the party when a case against her was dismissed following a long legal dispute with Cuadrilla over court costs. She had faced a prison term when she refused to give details of her finances to the court.

In the 2015 election, Ms Rothery stood against the then chancellor, George Osborne, in Tatton. She came fifth with 3.8% of the vote.

In Fylde in 2015, the Greens were just pipped into sixth place by the Lib Dems, with 3.2% of the vote.

Martin BramptonMartin Brampton, Thirsk and Malton

Software engineer, Martin Brampton, is standing against six candidates in the constituency where Third Energy has permission to frack its existing well at Kirby Misperton in Ryedale.

Mr Brampton was pictured by the Gazette and Herald at the start of an anti-fracking protest walk in March from Kirby Misperton to Preston New Road in Blackpool. Last week he tweeted that he had signed the petition against fracking in Sherwood Forest

In 2015, the Greens came fifth in Thirsk and Malton with 2,404 votes and 4.6% of the vote, behind UKIP and the Lib Dems.

david-kestevenDavid Kesteven, North East Derbyshire

David Kesteven is standing for a second time in the constituency where INEOS Shale has applied for permission to drill a vertical shale gas well.

He is chairman of Eckington Against Fracking, one of the groups opposing INEOS’s plans. He told The Derbyshire Times

“They have picked the wrong village and we are going to fight back”.

Mr Kesteven, head gardener at Renishaw Hall, stood in the 2015 election when he polled 2.2% of the vote, coming fifth, ahead of the Independent, Rob Lane.

  • Green Party isn’t standing in Bassetlaw, where IGas has permission to explore, but not frack, for shale gas. In 2015, its candidate came fifth out of five, with 1,006 votes and a 2% share.

Other parties

Links to DrillOrDrop posts on the other party manifestos and candidates.



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  1. He’ll probably need at least 10 times that for climate mitigation issues Martin. It’s very easy to be complacent here in the UK – the huge melting ice cube called Greenland will keep the giant tumbler of North Atlantic water cooler than other ocean areas for quite a long time. Then the warming gulf stream will stop before long so masking other warming effects for us still further. But with the tragi-comic farce that is present day USA you’ve got, practically at Washington DC’s doorstep, some of the traditional fishing community members having to up sticks and move house from the Tangiers Islands in Chesapeake Bay – due to sea level rise. And still they think Trump’s going to fix it! Just try and convince the property insurers around there, or Florida or Louisiana that sea level rise isn’t happening. Now there’s a challenge.

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