UKIP to invest in shale gas exploration – but not in National Parks

UKIP Manifesto cover

UKIP says shale gas is too great an opportunity to ignore but it has promised not to drill for it in national parks.

In its manifesto published today, the party said:

“It would be foolhardy not to maximise home produced energy and this is why UKIP will invest in shale gas exploration.”

It says if fracking were viable it would be a “cost-effective source of energy” that delivered “domestic fuel security and stability”.

The party added

“Careful utilisation of this method of gas extraction has the potential to create jobs, improve our industrial competitiveness and boost our economy.

“This makes it too great an opportunity to ignore. By any measure, shale gas extraction is far safer and cleaner than coal, on which Britain’s Industrial Revolution was based.”

UKIP said it would not allow drilling for shale in National Parks or Areas of outstanding natural beauty. It said:

“The Conservatives may be prepared to do this, but we are not. We will always respect local environmental issues.”

UKIP candidates

In our final look at key shale constituencies, DrillOrDrop reports on the UKIP candidates

Toby Horton UKIP Thirsk and MaltonToby Horton, Thirsk and Malton

Election veteran Toby Horton is standing again in Thirsk and Malton, where Third Energy has permission to frack at Kirby Misperton. At the last election he came third behind Conservative Kevin Hollinrake and Labour’s Alan Avery. This was one place higher than his performance in 2010.

Mr Horton stood for the Conservatives against Tony Blair in Sedgefield in 1983 and was chairman of Richmond Conservative Association from 1996-99. He joined UKIP in 2006.

He is a previous managing director of Radio Tees and founder director of Mister Sound Radio in York and Yorkshire Coast Radio in Scarborough. On energy he wrote:

“There needs to be energy security. The 2008 Climate Change Act, supported by the three old parties, with its commitment to an impossible 80 per cent reduction in carbon emissions, will literally lead to a new dark age with widespread fuel poverty.”

james Bush 2James Bush, North East Derbyshire

This will the third time James Bush has contested the constituency where INEOS has plans for a vertical shale gas well.

In 2015, he came third behind the winner, Natascha Engel (Labour), and Lee Rowley for the Conservatives, both of whom are also standing again. He increased his share of the vote to 15.9% from 5.6% in 2010, when he came fourth, behind the Lib Dem candidate.

Mr Bush is a chemical engineer.

  • UKIP is not fielding candidates in other the other frontline constituencies of Bassetlaw and Fylde.

The other parties

Links to DrillOrDrop posts on the other party manifestos and candidates.



Lib Dem


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  1. Lets recall that the BNP was against fracking too. If UKIP were actually in Downing Street, I’d blow the wells up myself.

  2. Apologies, I do not intend to attack anyone for having a view other than mine.Some write well, some speak well.Some are strong characters some are not.Whatever your views on Fracking you are entitled to have your say.
    But when people’s decisions are overruled it creates anger.This whole Fracking business, if it spreads, will create outrage in great Britain.People just do not know what is heading in their direction.Until you see it for yourself you will not believe it.
    A small country where we live so close to each other to the Countryside, the Ocean,Streams,Rivers.
    If it was safe there would not be so much outrage.
    It starts with just one well and some know it.It is just not one little hole in the ground in Lancashire.A virus that will spread if allowed to with the dangers it brings.

    • Give it a rest. Wind turbines are far more unsightly and plentiful yet you love them. The only argument we keep hearing is this water contamination. Do you understand how the chemicals that will be used in UK fracking actually work when they come into contact with the ground?
      You must visit a petrol forecourt in a bio hazard suit!

  3. It is crazy for UKIP to support potential earthquakes. But they have already caused one with Brexit. Stark raving bonkers!

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