Three arrested after lock-on protest at UKOG’s Broadford Bridge site

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Two men and a woman were arrested after chaining themselves together outside the gates to an oil exploration site near Billingshurst in West Sussex.

The group was calling on the site operator, UK Oil & Gas Investments plc (UKOG), to stop work at the site to mark World Environment Day.

UKOG began drilling at Broadford Bridge on 29 May, despite the opposition of some local residents and campaign groups.

Today’s protest followed a “Greet the Dawn” ceremony by the newly-formed Broadford Bridge Action Group.

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A spokesperson for the group said:

“We set a peaceful intention and stood in solidarity with other protectors from Nigeria to the Amazon to Standing Rock Dakota to the whole of the UK to show our concern about climate change.

“The drilling and exploitation of fossil fuels contributes to the warming of the planet, pollution of air, water and earth. We don’t want this any day especially World Environment Day.”

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Sussex Police said the road was closed while a specialist team cut free the lock-on protesters.

The force said Connor Heffey, 25 of no fixed address, Charlotte Feasey, 31, of Crawley, and Daniel White, 23, of Adversane Lane, Adversane, were charged with using violence or intimidation on person, family or property to compel activity or abstention from lawful activity. A police spokesperson said the three were bailed to appear at Worthing Magistrates’ Court on 4 July 2017.

DrillOrDrop page on Broadford Bridge, including links, key facts and timeline

Updated 7/6/2017 with charge and court date

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  1. World Environment Day? Guess I missed this. I might have chained myself to the fast lane on the M6 to support it……

    Looks like the BBC missed it also, couldn’t find anything in the Guardian either?

    How many times have these wasters been arrested before? They are a disgrace.

    • Just like the ‘desolate north’…. ‘Wasters’ attempting to protect the environment (again). Clearly as so many ‘wasters’ are attempting to protect the environment it’s no longer big news.

    • World Environmental Day = Earth Day = March for Science. The anti-frack anti-science stance doesn’t fit the pro-science environmental slant very well does it?

  2. Good. They should have let the alleged protectors rot in the rain. All that has happened in our beautiful country this weekend and those d. .kheads are using valuable police resources.

  3. “No fixed address” ie wasters. They probably want jailed so can get a cosy little cell and food. I suggest you keep that sort of comment on or this site will start losing normal people quicker than the antis losing their fracking fight. You don’t want to end up like an anti only Facebook page!
    The day I see a non stereotype in an anti photoshoot ill take some notice.
    Roll on Thursday so I can remind myself I speak for the silent majority once again.

  4. Isn’t it funny that most pictures and videos now show more police than protesters at these staged anti-frack events? Is all of this anti-frack trash really still newsworthy? I guess at DrillorDrop it is, but I don’t think it has much relevance in more objective and mainstream media sources any longer.

    • Whilst I despise Corbyn fans I do love DoD. Ruth provides pro frackers with invaluable news for investors. It also serves as a good reminder why I never ever want to see socialism….. Could you honestly imagine having an anti fracker type as a neighbour? You’d end up a work shy type like Corbyn.
      So I have to disagree with dissing this news outlet.
      PS never ever join an anti FB page. You will require anti depressants from the doc!

      • Agree that DoD is a good news source. Disagree with its billing as “independent.” This is deceptive and therefore it undermines the credibility of the site.

  5. Ll that is happening in this country and these selfish waste of spaces do this. [edited by moderator]

    • ‘This industry’ has been here for decades [edited by moderator]

      As for the ‘wasters’ comments, please explain this behaviour. The movement is full of unemployed and unemployable anarchists, alongside the concerned local residents. With the level of disinformation put around (as evidenced in your post) its not surprising that people are concerned about standard processes such as acidising or hydraulic fracturing. https://www.facebook.com/BackingFracking/videos/875851249222389/