Wood Barn Farm, Broadford Bridge, West Sussex

Broadford Bridge 170525 Will Lightburn

Photo: Weald Oil Watch

Last updated: 18/10/2022

Key facts

Address: Wood Barn Farm, Adversane Lane, Broadford Bridge, Billingshurst RH14 9EB

Operator: UK Oil and Gas plc


Environmental permits: Mining waste permit EPR/AB3806CG/V002 (modified 11 January 2017). Application EPR/WP3335YJ/A001 for handling crude oil permit

Licence: PEDL234

Status: Permission extended to March 2022 but site currently suspended


18 May 2020

West Sussex County Council votes 7-2 with one abstention in favour of an extra two years at the site, delaying restoration until 2024. Details

9 May 2022

Planners back fourth extension at dormant Broadford Bridge oil site. Details

9 March 2022

UKOG seeks permission for another two years at Broadford Bridge – the fourth extension. Details

7 July 2020

West Sussex County Council votes 10-1 in favour of UKOG’s application for two more years at Broadford Bridge. Details

6 July 2020

Officials urged to rethink backing for Broadford Bridge planning extension. Details

28 April 2020

Broadford Bridge planning decision delayed again. Details

17 March 2020

Broadford Bridge decision delayed by coronavirus. Details

16 March 2020

Planners back two more years at Broadford Bridge. Details

30 January 2020

Consultation deadline for comments on extension of planning permission. Details

6 January 2020

Third time extension sought to planning permission. Details

15 March 2019

UKOG accounts say the company plans to return to Broadford Bridge Kimmeridge oil discover to drill and test a new Kimmeridge sidetrack. Details

11 September 2018

West Sussex County Council’s planning committee votes by eight to two to extend permission for another 18 months to 31 March 2020. Details

1 September 2018

Planning officers recommend approval of application to extend permission for 18 months. Details

22 June 2018

Planning application submitted to West Sussex County Council to extend permission until March 2020. Details  and link to application

 14 June 2018

Kimmeridge Oil & Gas Ltd gives notice that it will seek to extend planning permissions at Broadford Bridge

31 May 2018

UKOG granted five years for appraisal of PEDL234, the Broadford Bridge licence and says a further sidetrack “remains very much on the cards”

29 March 2018

UKOG suspends Broadford Bridge. Details

21 March 2018

UKOG announces well testing has stopped at Broadford Bridge. Details

15 March 2018

Campaigners announce they will challenge the UKOG injunction over sites including Broadford bridge. Details

6 March 2018

UKOG announces the Oil and Gas Authority has extended permission for flow testing until the end of March 2018. Details

1 March 2018

UKOG applies for an injunction over sites including Broadford Bridge. Details

20 February 2018

Shares in UKOG drop more than 35%, wiping more than £50m off the company’s market capitalisation, on news that sections of the well and surrounding formation could have been damaged. Details

16 February 2018

UKOG refutes comments made by Angus Energy managing director that there were “operational issues with the well” at Broadford Bridge. Details

15 February 2018

Angus Energy managing director, Paul Vonk, says problems at Broadford Bridge are “operational issues” not formation problems. Details

27 December 2017

UKOG announces to shareholders that a section of the reservoir at Broadford Bridge is unproductive because of low permeability. The company also announces it has extended consent from the OGA for flow testing until 28 February 2018. Details

24 December  2017

Residents offer to help UKOG restore Broadford Bridge after flow testing exceeds the estimated Christmas deadline. Details

15 November 2017

UKOG announces £10m loan to fund Weald oil exploration. Details

16 October 2017

UKOG announces flow testing will continue until mid December. Details

2 November 2017

Council officers investigate Sunday working complaints at Broadford Bridge. Details

12 October 2017

Three environmental campaigners who blocked the entrance of the Broadford Bridge oil exploration site in West Sussex were found guilty this afternoon under trades union legislation. But one of them who took part in a similar protest a few weeks later was acquitted of the same offence. Details

11 October 2017

West Sussex County Council approves, under officer delegated powers, permission to retain security fencing, gates and cabins until 30 September 2018. Link to decision document

10 October 2017

UKOG announces cement bond problems at Broadford Bridge. Details

4 October 2017

Two women campaigners who locked themselves together outside the Broadford Bridge site are found guilty under trades union legislation. Details

30 September 2017

Security fencing, cabins and gates to be removed under current planning conditions

21 September 2017

Deadline for comments on planning application to extend consent for security fencing, cabins and gates for a further 12 months (WSCC/032/17/WC)

12 September 2017

West Sussex County Council unanimously approves extension of one year to planning application to allow flow testing. Details and Who said what at planning meeting

7 September 2017

Rig leaves Broadford Bridge for Lidsey. Details

6 September 2017

UKOG announces flow testing is now underway. Details

23 August 2017

Application (WSCC/032/17/WC) registered by West Sussex County Council for extending use of security fencing, cabins and gates.

10 August 2017

UKOG confirms that it drilled a sidetrack well. Details

Closing date for planning application WSCC/029/17/WC to extend current consent for operations one year

9 August 2017

Evidence shows UKOG drilled a mechanical sidetrack to avoid problems in the main wellbore. Details

bb 170809 postcard hand-in 5

Actors Sue Jameson and James Bolam deliver objections to extension of planning permission. Details

31 July 2017

UKOG confirms it has all the permissions it needs for flow testing at Broadford Bridge. Details

14 July 2017

UKOG announces the Oil and Gas Authority has granted final approval for extended flow testing. Details

10 July 2017

UKOG announces “highly positive ground-breaking results” from coring at Broadford Bridge well. Residents call for environmental permit to be rescinded, or independent monitoring to be carried out at the site. Details

170710 Broadford Bridge BBAG4

Photo: Broadford Bridge Action Group

7 July 2017

Environment Agency grants permit to flow test the well. Details

26 June 2017

UKOG announces successful recovery of rock core. Company statement and DrillOrDrop report

30 June 2017

UKOG announces it is to seek 1 year extension of planning permission. Details

25 June 2017

120+ people take part in public meeting (not attended by UKOG) in nearby West Chiltington. Details and link to video produced by Broadford Bridge Action Group and played at the end of the meeting.

23 June 2017

UKOG announces oil seepage in well. Company statement

14 June 2017

UKOG site visit for local journalists. DrillOrDrop report

12 June 2017

Two-person lock-on protest. Details

7 June 2017

UKOG announces that 13 3/8 inch steel casing set and cemented successfully over the 855ft Weald Clay section of the Broadford Bridge well. Drilling the 12 1/4 diameter hole began on 5 June 2017, the company said. Details

5 June 2017

Three arrested in first lock-on protest outside the site. Details

BB 170605WealdOilWatch3

2 June 2017

Opponents of drilling accusing Sussex officers of “unpredictable policing” Details

31 May 2017

UKOG threatens campaign group with legal action over Broadford Bridge newsletter. Details

29 May 2017

UKOG announces drilling began. Details and UKOG statement to investors

26 Nat 2017

Angry residents call for immediate halt to UKOG oil drilling plans. Details

25 May 2017

Drilling rig installed. Details and UKOG statement to investors. First protester arrested. Details

19 April 2017

Responses to the permit consultation show divisions over UKOG’s competence. Supporters describe the company as “very responsible”. Objectors point to mistakes in the application. Details

13 April 2017

Closing date for comments on consultation on Environment Agency permit.

Week beginning 20 March 2017

Work underway on site at Broadford Bridge in preparation for drilling. Details

16 March 2017

Consultation opens on environmental permit application. Link to consultation page

9 March 2017

Broadford Bridge well needs new planning application, says campaign Group. Details

20 February 2017

Kimmeridge Oil & Gas Ltd applies to the Environment Agency for a standard rules permit for storage and handling of crude oil arising from onshore oil and gas exploration and production activities. Details and DrillOrDrop report

4 January 2017

West Sussex county Council approves changes to planning permission allowing for a drilling “zone of variation” within which the proposed lateral borehole can be drilled. Details  

5 December 2016

UK Oil & Gas Investments plc announces it plans to drill Broadford Bridge in the first half of 2017. Details

14 September 2016

Keep Kirdford and Wisborough Green announces it is challenging the two-year extension by the Oil and Gas Authority of the first term of  PEDL234, which includes Broadford Bridge. Details  (The challenge was unsuccessful)

11 August 2016

UK Oil & Gas Investments plc announces it has acquired 100% of PEDL234 from Celtique Energie and Magellan Petroleum UK Ltd, including operation of the Wood Barn Farm site

30 June 2016

The Oil and Gas Authority extends for two years the initial term of PEDL234, which includes Broadford Bridge. Details

13 June 2016

UK Oil and Gas Investments plc announces it has acquired 100% of PEDL234, the licence including Broadford Bridge, from Celtique Energie and Magellan Petroleum UK Ltd. Details

April 2016

In an SEC filing, Magellan Petroleum says it is looking to sell its interests in teh Weald in southern England, including PEDL234, which covers Broadford Bridge. Details

15 May 2015

In a filing to the US SEC, Magellan Petroleum reveals details of the legal dispute with Celtique Energie over payments for drilling Broadford Bridge. Magellan confirms it is making a counter claim against Celtique. Details

26 February 2015

Celtique Energie issues a claim against Magellan Petroleum for £1.54m plus 5% interest in the High Court over payments for drilling Broadford Bridge. Details

22 December 2014

in a filing to the US SEC, Magellan Petroleum says the Broadford Bridge well will be drilled in spring 2015. Details

17 October 2014

Alleged Sunday working breach of planning conditions raised by Phil Donoughue, of Keep Kirdford and Wisborough Green, at a full meeting of West Sussex County Council. The company said it had not breached conditions, the council reported. Details

28 September 2014

Allegation that people were working at Broadford Bridge, in breach of planning conditions at the site. Details

16 September 2014

Date mentioned for the start of work at Broadford Bridge in planning statement for application WSCC/029/17/WC

15 September 2014

Celtique Energie announces it has begun work on the site at Broadford Bridge. Details

11 February 2013

Decision date for approval of planning application WSCC/052/12/WC for a deviated exploratory oil well at Broadford Bridge

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