Drilling starts at Lidsey oil site – Angus Energy

170907 Lidsey rig 1

Installation of the rig at Lidsey, 7 September 2017. Photo: Weald Oil Watch

Drilling of a production well at the Lidsey oil site near Bognor Regis in West Sussex has begun, according to a statement from the operator, Angus Energy.

The company told investors this morning it expected oil production would begin in six weeks.

Previously, Angus executives had predicted that the new well would be producing by this summer.

But the start of work at Lidsey had been delayed when the drilling rig was needed for longer than had been expected at the Broadford Bridge exploration site near Billingshurst, also in West Sussex. A well there had to be abandoned after sections were washed out and the operator, Kimmeridge Oil and Gas, had to drill a new sidetrack.

Angus Energy said in today’s statement that the new well – to be called Lidsey-X2 – would target the Oolite limestone. But it was expected to pass through the Kimmeridge limestone – the formation being explored at Broadford Bridge and at Horse Hill in Surrey. Angus said the well would take logs from the Kimmeridge layers.

The existing well at Lidsey, Lidsey-X1, may be used in future for water reinjection or production from the Kimmeridge, the statement added. A decision would be made after the new well was drilled.

  • Angus Energy’s retrospective planning application for equipment and buildings on its site at Brockham near Dorking comes before Surrey County Council’s planning committee this morning. DrillOrDrop will be reporting on the meeting.

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  1. Retrospective planning application, yet drilling started? Rig held up by Broadford Bridge and West Sussex, sabotaging their own rig, clearly they hold up each other far more than anyone else?
    What a mess!
    Rig wars anyone?

    • Read the article again – they already had approval for drilling the Well.

      As for ‘sabotaging their own Rig’, no.

      The Rig contract will have a clause that acknowledges that the Rig has a previous Operator and that they are next in line.

      Included in that clause will be sub-clauses that state the ‘most likely’ date they will get the Rig, that Rig can be delivered no earlier than ‘xx day of yyyy Month’ and if the Rig is later than ‘aa Day of bbbb Month’ they have the option to terminate the Rig Contract and go elsewhere.

      This means you can’t get the Rig too early, so you are not ready. But acknowledges that if the previous Operators plan is running long, you are not expected to wait around for ever.

      The main reasons for delays are downhole difficulties or DST work, e.g. having to do a side-track, or the formations are a lot harder than predicted, or if the previous Operator was doing an Exploration Well and it’s a discovery, they keep the Rig on to do DST work.

      My record for waiting for a Rig was six months. The Operator I was working for eventually transferred me over to start up a different project, but even although I was no longer involved in the original project I wanted that Rig to come sooner rather than later, as my contract stipulated a I got a day-rate increase when it came on-hire!

      • I read it the first time round, the rig was sabotaged and they tried to blame the protesters for it, a bizarre strategy that totally failed because the police investigation revealed no such activity. So who did sabotage it? Now that is an interesting question isn’t it? Presumably it was behind locked gates with security monitoring? One can only wonder at its state of repair and whether it was fit for purpose at all? Was this was a scam to achieve several purposes? One to demonise (the spell checker just told me that should be “demonetise”?) the protesters and help with bending the police and the media to their purpose, two to get an insurance repair on the rig and perhaps replace faulty or out of date equipment, and thirdly to enable the industry pet howlers to scream at the top of their voices on pages such as these, which duly happened to cue, i might add. All this and without the slightest evidence of any complicity by any protesters to go by other than total and utter prejudice. Fourthly i suspect that this particular time was well planned because many events seem to have arrived at once as if by magic, that, i believe was the reason for these delays, because it brings several events into co-ordination.
        Do the various operators and their financiers, the complicit government, the owned councillors and MP’s, and hence the co-opted police talk to each other to plan such events?
        Of course they do. One might ask does Teresa May plan for her retirement as a consultant to, or directorship of, such corporations?
        Those of us who have had regular dealings with the shenanigans of the industry are well aware of the duplicity and underhandedness of the operators, their protectors and the screams of their attendant spookspersons, to which we are blessed with on these posts.
        The latest blatant bare faced attempt to undermine and manipulate UK Law to suit themselves and hand the tax paying public over to similar corporations for fleecing, by the means of the Ineosjunction is a clear and present danger that illustrates just the attitude we have come, unfortunately, to expect from this invading pernicious and poisonous industry.
        Always a pleasure, have a good day.

          • No thanks us Brits don’t share our problems with colonials, kind of you to offer though, all the way from Trumpton, looks like you got your own problems, I suggest you sort those out and we will sort out this little lot peeny.
            Bye Ya’ll!

            • PhilC,
              All council meetings will have an item early in the agenda where councillors must disclose any pecuniary interests in what is being discussed. Non-disclosure is a criminal offence and yet you claim that the councillors are “owned”. This is a serious allegation so where’s your evidence?

  2. May be a bonus that the rig was held up with UKOG as more information will have been obtained around the geology as a result. Together with the info. obtained from HH this should enable refinement of the drilling and data gathering at Lidsey. But, of course, the Prof. speculates that there is no connection between any of these sites in the Weald so probably a waste of time.

  3. If the mess they made at Brockham is anything to go by they will be their own worst enemy , Lenigas tried this at Lidsey back in 2012/13 , its a scam


    • Hi John,
      Thanks for your post, i thoroughly agree.
      The link you give is to your hard drive, this type of post only accepts external links, perhaps you could provide the original link to the web site or translate the .pdf Into text, that should be possible with a .pdf reader, then copy and paste it?
      There must be a way of publishing a document on this site, maybe Paul would assist?

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