INEOS Shale announces new chief executive

Ron Coyle INEOS

Ron Coyle. Photo: INEOS

The former executive of one of the INEOS chemical companies has been appointed head of INEOS Shale, the UK’s largest holder of shale gas exploration licences.

Ron Coyle, formerly Commercial Director of INEOS Phenol, replaces Gary Haywood, who resigned his INEOS directorships in March this year.

Mr Coyle, a former US army captain, joined INEOS Phenol in 1998 and became Commercial Director, based in Switzerland, in 2010. INEOS said he was responsible for a global business worth around €4bn

INEOS Shale described his appointment as a “significant step change”.

INEOS Shale has submitted planning applications for shale gas drilling at Marsh Lane in north east Derbyshire and Harthill in Rotherham borough. It has also identified a site at Woodsetts, also in Rotherham, where it wants to drill another well.

Although the company has no planning permissions for exploratory drilling or production, a statement on Mr Coyle’s appointment said:

“INEOS Shale is now ready to move into an operational phase.

“INEOS Shale will shortly commence drilling test wells.

“Once the data from these surveys has been analysed, INEOS Shale will be well positioned to move into a production phase.”

Mr Coyle said:

“This is a very exciting opportunity for me and I am keen to get started. I’m looking forward to helping INEOS shale take that final step into operations which will make the company one of the largest natural gas producers in the UK.”

Geir Tuft, a director of INEOS Shale and chief executive of INEOS Oil & Gas, said:

“I’ve known Ron for a number of years and he is a great manager of people, as well as a smart and effective businessman who builds businesses and brings value to everything he does.  Ron is the perfect choice to lead INEOS Shale, as we move into the operational phase of the business.”

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  1. New face, same sh.. probably. Or – he could prove himself *really* “smart and effective”, and pull Ineos out of fracking 🙂

  2. “INEOS Shale will shortly commence drilling test wells”?
    Rather presumptuous. Isn’t that to be decided by minerals authorities?

  3. From searching for info, I found no prior involvement with oil or gas exploration or extraction. Ex military with a business admin degree (MBA). Ineos background looks primarily in purchasing and procurement, then sales and marketing.
    Perhaps he’s being set up as the fall guy, having on the face of it, less experience of the industry than your average protector.

  4. The guy is Chief Executive. Not likely to be getting out his Black & Decker. Plenty of drilling specialists available who have been made redundant from N.Sea, and other areas-unfortunately.

  5. If I had been a captain I would not shout about it. Doesn’t look a shouty type actually, looks a bit insecure, IMO, in the manner of nice Miller of Cuadrilla. But once a soldier, generally ready to be institutionalised all over again? Hm, corked Dole, potentially, an interesting past, little dash of hydrochloric acid, a gentle mould attack… Poor guy. Wine wanderings, not a threat…

  6. Well. Kathryn, if your comfort blanket is that a senior executive within Ineos is “not a threat” so be it. I would suggest however, that Ineos is not a company that carries anyone, so an internal transfer speaks volumes.
    Funny isn’t it, how only a couple of weeks ago the antis were so excited that Ineos would pack up and go away. Busy concentrating upon the minutia and missing the bigger picture.

    • No I meant I was late-night musing in a bored kind of way, that I was not threatening or personally attacking. In case Ruth thought I was mentally attacking him with acid and mould… I was obtusely wittering about phenols and Switzerland, 2,4,6-Trichloroanisole and similar. Wine not drunk but corked, and phenols not from him but from the lenticels, and chorine ions, well, who knows there they came from, far too many of them about in the environment. Just time-wasting. But oh yes, Ineos and its a threat to watch intently.

  7. Martin is right.

    CAUTION …. Kathryn

    LOOKS can be deceptive. You can’t judge a book by its cover… This kind and gentle looking man could be the classic, FIST IN A VELVET GLOVE.

    He does though have the unenviable and impossible job of trying to SELL Fracking to the UK public…. No matter who he is, we can all continue to feel rest assured and sleep easy, safe in the knowledge, knowing that not even the wizard Merlin could pull that one off.

    Put in to context….. It would be easier to Sell Snow To Eskimos.

    I hope this gentleman is not on performance related pay .

    [Typo corrected at poster’s request]

  8. Do you really think that is what Chief Executives do Jack?? Don’t really see too many Ineos CEOs doing that over the last decade or so.

  9. A good move. I personally know this guy and understand his appointment. Meticulous in detail and contrary to appearance takes no BS.

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