Cuadrilla announces £4.7m spending in Lancashire

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Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site, 27 September 2017. Photo: DrillOrDrop

The shale gas company, Cuadrilla, says it has now spent more than £4.7m in the Lancashire economy since January 2016.

The cumulative total up to the end of September 2017, was included in the latest figures of what the company calls its “Lancashire Commitments Tracker”.

The spending figure, covering direct and indirect, is an increase of £1.8m compared with the total announced in June 2017 and covers the period when drilling began at the company’s Preston New Road site.

Cuadrilla tracker to 30 Sept 2017

Cuadrilla tracker covering the period 1 January 2016-30 September 2017

According to the latest figures, released yesterday (26/10/2017),  the company has now created a total of 23 full time jobs, compared with 18 up to the end of June 2017.

Contract or temporary jobs now stand at 28, up from 19 at the end of June. But apprenticeships or internships are unchanged at five.

Cuadrilla released the first £100,000 to a local community benefit fund during the three months to September 2017. Local community sponsorships rose £29,000 (up from £117,000 in June) and donations rose £1,000 to £11,000.

The company said there had been an extra 36 registrations to the supply chain portal, which now stands at 605.

Cuadrilla chief executive, Francis Egan, said:

“These latest figures clearly show that the work at our Preston New Road exploration site continues to create significant investment in and jobs for the Lancashire economy.”

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    • All three candle lit vigil videos at Kirby Misperton KM8 site:

      There will be another this evening i understand, if anyone wishes to attend i suggest you contact .

      One curious question that occured to me, in the first video, both officers have colured wrist bands, one on the nearest officer driver 1589 is light blue and red, and the other officer light and dark blue. Do these have some significance for the police force? Or are they a statement of some other position?

      Also the police appear to be in inconsiderate mode running their diesel BMW engine and sitting in front of the entrance with the headlights on full, but they did agree to turn off the diesel engine every now and then?

          • Trouble with that one Phil is that the statement is really lame and written in a passive language eg “.. should we become less reliant on fossil fuel?” Of course we should! Meanwhile ghg, climate change and the UK’s carbon commitments aren’t even mentioned.

            • Curiouser and curiouser?

              We had been here before Phillip P haven’t we?

              Strangely enough, I am not responsible for the wording or parameters of the petition. Maybe if you have a problem with the petition, you should perhaps write to the petition organisers and explain to them your parametric requirements?

              I am sure your contribution would be welcomed.

              Do you have a problem with any of my comments?
              Please elucidate if that is the case?

            • Just saying… and why react as if taking it personally? Flaws and weaknesses in any argument should be dealt with if possible, I agree, but there’s not much room for hypersensitivity. We’re not walking on eggshells here.

            • Whoops! I simply suggested support for the petition. I have no input on the wording or the parameters of the petition.
              Further personal comments are neither needed or productive.
              May I suggest again that you contact the petition organisers with your advice?
              Just saying of course.

            • Phil P, I looked at this petition and did not sign for the same reason, sorry Phil C. I understand what it is the petitioner is trying to do but sadly, proven by the lame response from the government ‘lacky’ – an old script recycled from the era of the Cameron & Osbourne dastardly duo; it has been dismissed.

              Unfortunately the shale problem cannot be yet argued on the imminent disasters that the residents will endure. Only tangible effects such as not meeting climate targets and economics; this will of course soon change as we all know the robust regulations, even if on paper, will not be met; just a lip service.

              The current issues like the stress caused to residents, loss of property value, subsequent ill health, fear of retirees that their future retirement is being blighted by this process and erosion of human rights are not included by this governance because they don’t give a sh*t.

              Nothing will change until the Queen of Fracks and her minions have left the building.

            • Well that is fine, perhaps that calls for another better worded petition then?
              We must have enough expertise to draw up something acceptable to all?
              I would support that as well.

            • An idea for sure, but whilst the QoF sits we wont get a fair hearing. Better to support the opposition as they will ban fracking, even if it’s not your usual poison 🙂

            • This is getting a bit weird Sherwulfe, it must be halloween? I’m not sure i have a “usual poison (;-))”? Some unusual poisons i suppose? Posting here for example?
              I tend to restrict myself to tea milk and water but at the full moon i have been known to consume tories, frackers and bankers and the occassional yank, all in moderation of course, not moderators i hasten to add, its all right Paul its not a leap year!

            • Just my sense of humour Sherwulfe, i knew what you meant, don’t worry about it, who do i vote for? An honest politician perhaps? When they invent one, probably after we have renovated this planet, i shall be sure to give them my consideration.

  1. “The company said there had been an extra 36 registrations to the supply chain portal, which now stands at 605.”

    Or a net loss of 110 registrations since the first tracker.

    And even if every one of their contractors works for a different company that still leaves 577 registered companies who haven’t see a sniff of business.

    Fantastic stuff Cuadrilla!

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