Cuadrilla announces £4.7m spending in Lancashire

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Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site, 27 September 2017. Photo: DrillOrDrop

The shale gas company, Cuadrilla, says it has now spent more than £4.7m in the Lancashire economy since January 2016.

The cumulative total up to the end of September 2017, was included in the latest figures of what the company calls its “Lancashire Commitments Tracker”.

The spending figure, covering direct and indirect, is an increase of £1.8m compared with the total announced in June 2017 and covers the period when drilling began at the company’s Preston New Road site.

Cuadrilla tracker to 30 Sept 2017

Cuadrilla tracker covering the period 1 January 2016-30 September 2017

According to the latest figures, released yesterday (26/10/2017),  the company has now created a total of 23 full time jobs, compared with 18 up to the end of June 2017.

Contract or temporary jobs now stand at 28, up from 19 at the end of June. But apprenticeships or internships are unchanged at five.

Cuadrilla released the first £100,000 to a local community benefit fund during the three months to September 2017. Local community sponsorships rose £29,000 (up from £117,000 in June) and donations rose £1,000 to £11,000.

The company said there had been an extra 36 registrations to the supply chain portal, which now stands at 605.

Cuadrilla chief executive, Francis Egan, said:

“These latest figures clearly show that the work at our Preston New Road exploration site continues to create significant investment in and jobs for the Lancashire economy.”

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  1. Where is the “Lancashire Commitments Tracker” when it comes to restoring the Becconsall site.

    No work carried out in 2015

    No work carried out in 2016 even though the company was keen to announce on their website.

    “In accordance with the planning consent well plugging and site restoration work WILL be carried out after the wintering bird’s season, ending 31st March 2016 and BEFORE THE DEADLINE SET BY LANCASHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL OF 31st OCTOBER 2016″

    No work carried out in 2017 between August and the end of October.

    No wonder LCC have moved to Enforcement.

    Keep your eyes peeled for the ” Lancashire County Council Cuadrilla Breach and Enforcement Tracker”

    • I spent £47.95 in Insainsburys yesterday, but it wasn’t a gift? I walked out with what I payed for, or perhaps slightly less.
      And the money did not all stay in my locale either, it went into all the various locations that the items came from, some of them abroad.
      So as Cuadrilla are escorted by 25 police officers and wave their free contactless government issued black and blue credit card at the backdoor lobby checkout at No10 Ltd, the cash till school leaver or pensioner on zero hours contract says under their breath:

      “Dont Have a nice day, not missing you all ready! Don’t come again soon!”

  2. Yes, just like Barclays will go bust because of Third Energy!

    Some will have invested in AJLucas because of the Cuadrilla project in the UK, many will have not. Too much Giggling. May be fun, but pretty wide of the factual situation in this instance. Draw the comfort blankets under the chin, winter is coming, energy prices rising.

    • And shale will not reduce the price. I’d like to see the invoices for this supposed spend in Lancashire; I wonder does the figure include the cost of the police?

      Winter is coming:
      The wind is blowing,
      The North Sea gas is flowing,
      The investors money going
      Into the pockets of the knowing,
      We are all warm and glowing
      Without the shale gas flowing.

      • Hi Sherwulfe,

        It may not reduce the price by much (although in the US it caused the gas price to drop from over $10 to under $3), but it could stop the price going through the roof when we rely more and more on imported gas to meet our needs.

        Current production is falling off a cliff and no amount of spending on the UKCS will allow a significant recovery. We will be importing more than 75% of our gas within 10 years.

        Yes, the North Sea gas is flowing – but it’s not enough for even our current needs, hence why we have to import from the likes of Norway, Russia, Qatar and the US.

        • But Injuneer, you keep saying this; this is the past, it is not the future.

          This rhetoric continues out in the business world and reflected on here by supporters of shale. It does not take into account the future of clean energy or the lives of residents who will have to endure this fallacy. You have the same script. You say the price will go through the roof, scaremongering. The trade between countries dictates price as does supply and demand and world is awash with what will become useless black stuff and flammable hot air.

          You keep missing the contribution that will be made by new energy generation, clean energy generation. For each value of clean energy generated a value of fossil fuel is displaced; more clean generation means less fossil fuel burned. Increase exponentially and you not only reduce fossil fuel emissions but extend the workable life of the reserves, until the ultimate transition.

          You cannot burn what we have in the time scale offered without tipping the balance, common sense will tell you that. It does not matter where it comes from, it cannot be used in the volume available. Bringing in shale gas and oil from the UK will add to the volume, not replace LNG. Let it go. Leave it in the ground where it belongs.

      • The market doesn’t care if it’s shale gas or not. If shale gas is added in significant quantity, it will cause differentials to widen and prices to fall. What is your plan to make energy more affordable, Sherwulfe? We see you criticizing many of the efforts to solve the UKs impending energy crisis, but I have yet to see you offer a coherent plan for affordable and reliable energy that does the least amount of damage to the environment. Please advise. Thanks!

        • ‘We see you criticizing many of the efforts to solve the UKs impending energy crisis’

          I haven’t seen any efforts on here RFK, just fossilized ideas; so how can I criticize that which does not exist?

          What I comment on is shortsightedness, circular rhetoric and apparent disregard for the needs of the residents facing this ugly business.

          In case you missed this…..

          Might give some clues as to what’s on the table.

  3. I’m impressed Sherwulfe!
    How about a little song to go with it?:


    With deepest apologies to Ray Parker Jr.
    from his song from the film:

    If there’s someone strange
    in you neighborhood?

    Who you gonna call?


    If there’s something weird
    And it don’t smell good?

    Who you gonna call?


    I ain’t scared of no gas!
    I ain’t scared of no gas!

    If you’re hearing drills running under your shed?

    Who you gonna call?


    A cynical oilman
    Shaking you in your bed?

    Who you gonna call?


    I ain’t scared of no gas!
    I ain’t scared of no gas!

    Who you gonna call?


    If you’re all alone
    Pick up the phone

    And call


    I ain’t scared of no gas?

    I smell it likes the worms!
    I ain’t scared of no gas!
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah!

    Who ya gonna call?


    If you’ve had a dose of a that freaky gas baby?

    You better call?


    Lemme tell ya something, bustin’ makes me feel good!

    I ain’t scared of no gas?
    I ain’t scared of no gas?

    Don’t get caught alone no! no!


    When it comes through your door?
    Unless you just want some more?

    I think you better call!


    Who ya gonna call?


    Who ya gonna call?


    I think you better call!


    Who ya gonna call?


    I can’t hear you?

    Who ya gonna call?


    Have a great Sunday!

    • Thank you Phil. I feel the creative side of me is rising as the joy of knowing the shale industry in the UK is coming to an end; that we can all go back to living as humans and focusing on helping our communities again.

  4. Speculation Sherwulfe. Par for the course, but just speculation. If you are so sure of your first statement what is the problem with test wells being drilled? If you were correct, the exploration companies would pack up and go away. You are not convinced yourself, so your posts will not convince anyone else-unless you feel other individuals are not bright enough to spot your dichotomy.
    Your last phrase goes from speculation to fabrication. Yes, the shale gas IS flowing. Flowing from US sites into tankers that then deliver into UK pipelines for our Sunday roasts. US fracked gas, US taxes, US employment-hmmm.

    (I thought I noticed recently on DOD Cuadrilla looking to revitalise their plans down in the south east? Must be a sure sign they are searching the back of the sofa. LOL)

    • Martin, you seem happy to allow the residents around Cuadrilla’s sites to suffer for something you describe as a maybe?

      So, why put these people through hell to satisfy your need?

      As you know and refuse to acknowledge the energy crisis is a myth, we’ve got it covered. Lights won’t be going out and as clean energy generation prices fall, better for the consumer; for those ‘others’ who describe persons ‘near death due to lack of power’ I would remind them this scenario is actually caused by an uncaring governance driven by business greed.

      Those who can be warm and toasty are just that right now; social poverty aside due to our conman government’ s austerity policies, it is what it is and shale will not take away the disgusting policies of this government together with the hiked up prices of the energy companies to pay greedy shareholders who think it is okay to make poor people suffer so they can go on another holiday or buy a new car.

      Speculation, me? No. The only one speculating here is you.

  5. So they make their mess in Lancashire and think they can just walk off and leave it, then go down South and try and do it there. The South kicked their butts last time just as the North will do so now

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