Anti-fracking campaigners mark one year of work and protests at Lancs shale site

180105 PNR anniversary Refracktion

Anniversary rally outside Cuadrilla’s shale gas site at Preston New Road, 5 January 2018. Photo: Refracktion

Over 250 people were reported to have joined a rally at Cuadrilla’s shale gas site today to mark a year of opposition to the development.

Residents from the Fylde coast in Lancashire were joined by representatives from communities across England facing fracking.

Anti-fracking groups travelled from Cumbria, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Somerset to join Frack Free Lancashire in a demonstration at Preston New Road, Little Plumpton.

A year ago today, Cuadrilla began work at the site, expected to see drilling and fracking the UK’s first horizontal shale gas wells. Since then, there have daily protests outside the site.

Frack Free Lancashire called the event Black Friday. But the group said there was a carnival atmosphere with music and speeches, and local police mingling with protesters.

A spokesperson for Frack Free Lancashire said:

“It has been a full year now since Cuadrilla started work on this pad. A year in which there has been a continual presence of local people at the side of the road, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

“A year in which residents have been witnesses to what is happening on and around the site. This has ensured that Cuadrilla is aware, in no uncertain terms, of the growing discontent of the local community as they have continued their uphill struggle to force this industry upon an unwilling community.

“A year in which, in spite of a lot of promises, Cuadrilla have disappointed their investors by failing to frack a single well. Frack Free Lancashire have stood united and proud against this unwelcome industry for a full year and will continue to do so for as long as it takes.”

Cuadrilla and campaigners reflect on a year a Preston New Road

A year of Preston New Road in pictures

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  1. One year on and only 250 protestor’s! Show’s the anti fracking brigade have very little SUPPORT!

  2. “Anti-fracking groups travelled from” …….and far away!

    More “do as I say, not as I do”.

    Black Friday for carbon emissions. Ahh-I see the clever use of terminology.

    Shame the photographer missed 200 out of the 250. Perhaps the police made up the other 200?

    • First application to frack passed in 2010. It never happened. Stopped in it’s tracks by a well organised community.

      The industry can’t walk the walk and now no one is listening to the talk the talk.
      Isolated, running on fumes, and out of time.

    • Predictable Martin, but as the photographer I can assure you that I counted 200 people there at one point and people were coming and going all day so 250 would be a very reasonable estimate.

      We know it must sting that your side can only ever get about 2 dozen to attend your rallies (in spite of some rather laughable pseudo military organisation) but don’t make your sour grapes quite so obvious.

  3. Had to import them to make up numbers

    Talking of numbers the 22 million for 5% of the AJ Lucas 40% Share intimates a total value of $ 880 million. – or more

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Golly! Imagine how much the company must have been worth 10 years ago when the shares were worth $5.29 not $0.43, or just before Cuadrilla’s earthquakes when they were trading above $2!

  4. Congratulations, Lancs campaigners. A significant achievement which has succeeded in motivating many to find out more about this dirty business, and of course, the more we do find out, the more opposed we are, the more determined we are to hold the industry at bay. You have recognised, as have we in Yorkshire, that this industry is out for itself, not for the good of all, and that if this industry is successful our inability as a country to meet either the spirit or the letter of our Paris climate agreement will promote the downward spiral of our environment and eventually the extinction of life on this planet. Well done, and thank you.Thank you for acting for others, not for yourselves.

    • Unfortunately iaith1720 the current governance’s lip service to the Paris Accord is not worth the thousands of pounds spent on salaries and expenses incurred to produce the latest ‘plan’.

      The first targets have only been met due to the closure of the coal generators – replaced very successfully by renewable sources – and the untimely demise of the foreign owned steel industry. They are now at a critical point where they need to curtail oil and gas emissions; unfortunately this is unlikely as the money to prop up this elite party comes from these very sources. Instead they suggest CC but we all know this is not currently available, the government themselves seem unconvinced of its success with a miserly 100 mill put aside for research; not the holy grail they have hoped for? But what can you do when you have sold your soul to the devil?

      David Cameron once said that it would be ridiculous to build more council houses as by doing so would create more Labour voters; sadly less foresighted with his ‘all out for shale’. Whatever your traditional political persuasions many are now joining together to support a governance who can make a difference, respect the Paris Accord and are not held by the short and curlies!

      Best prepare. When Africa reaches +1.5 there will be mass migration to Europe due to famine, the likes of which we have never seen before. Remember, one day the poor will have nothing to eat but the rich 😉

  5. I see we have started the New Year with the same old side swipes from bitter shale gas investors ….

    TELL ME PLEASE , when is the next Pro-Fracking rally, I could do with a jolly good laugh to start of the New Year ????

    • The pro-fracking rally is going on in the warmth of tens of millions of living rooms this winter as the silent majority continues to benefit from natural gas for heating, cooking, and most of their electricity. They don’t need to protest as they feel very good about the direction the country is taking toward shale gas and away from gas dependency on nations such as Qatar and Russia. You’ll only get serious rallies from this group when you take their gas away!!

      • It will be very interesting to see how many remain in their living rooms when the last coal fired power stations are closed and the government turns its taxation eye towards the next polluting fossil fuels, oil and gas. After all they have to get their money for their expenses from somewhere? As the price of fossil fuel electrical generation rises above that of wind and solar, even those not living next to these hell sites will move on out to say their bit……

        As said many times before, shale will not alter the imports from Qatar. These imports are part of trade deals. We can choose who we trade with as long as the country involved needs something we can provide; those with better morals don’t want the weapons we produce to blast children into pieces. Until we make something useful and come away from being the second biggest arms dealer in the world these imports will continue.

        Besides, we have enough indigenous gas in the North Sea to meet the targets for 2050. The shale gas is only for the ethane for JR to fill the land and oceans with more plastic and toxic chemicals. …

  6. Why on earth would we want to hold rallies Jack? We don’t want to intimidate others, waste police budgets, and produce unnecessary vehicle emissions.

    2018 and you will realise why the minnows were slowly. slowly enabling a position to be built for bigger fish to capitalise upon. You fell for it, hook, line and sinker.We warned you about it but you ignored it. John doesn’t seem aware of what has been going on in 2017, and refracktion even less so. Simple question-with all of Ineos budget, why have they not gone hell for leather? I suspect the penny will not drop (for many) for some while yet. The injunction should have been a whacking great clue, not an excuse to whinge.

    Glad to see you were there though refracktion. How much (Ineos?) diesel did that journey consume? Predictable and logical, me, yes. Hypocrite, no.

  7. “Why on earth would we want to hold rallies Jack?”

    You’d better ask Backing Fracking that one. Their hilarious military exercise at the BFC enquiry was such a failure that they haven’t held one since. Maybe you are right! If you have no support best not advertise the fact too widely eh?

  8. I think you will find “rallies” are being held against fracking, refracktion, but time passes and the drills are a turning. No need for rallies for it-all progressing nicely-if slowly.

    We can spend our time at home calculating how our investments into Barclays Bank are going to make our fortune from their ownership of Third Energy, as we are expected to do so with AJL and Cuadrilla! (Maybe there are a few out there who do, but not too many refracktion. The maths don’t add up. Sorry to burst your bubble.)

  9. A little research Sherwulfe and you will find out. Time for New Year resolutions, that’s one I would recommend.

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