Updated: Angus Energy granted injunction over Balcombe and Brockham oil sites

Balcombe,West Sussex, UK Anti Fracking protests..10th September

Protests about oil drilling at Balcombe in September 2013. Photo: David Burr

Updated 17 September 2018 with more information on the injunction.

Balcombe Parish Council reports this morning that Angus Energy has been granted a High Court injunction against protests at the oil site in the village.

The council said the injunction, granted on 13 September 2018, prohibits trespass at the site at Lower Stumble.

It also outlaws “persons unknown” from committing specific acts on a stretch of London Road from the site, through the village for about four miles to junction 10a of the M23.

According to the parish council, these acts include:

  • Blocking or unreasonably obstructing the highway with persons or things with a view to slowing down or stopping the traffic, and with the intention of causing inconvenience and delay to Angus and its visitors to the Balcombe site;
  • slow walking in front of vehicles;
  • climbing onto vehicles;
  • unreasonably preventing Angus and/or visitors to the Balcombe site accessing the site

The injunction does not cover pavements or footways, the council said.

Court documents were published online on 16 September 2018. They show that the injunction also covers the Angust Energy site at Brockham in Surrey.

Another hearing at the High Court has been set for 2 October 2018. People who wish to challenge the injunction order should file evidence with the court and serve it on Angus Energy by 24 September 2018.

Balcombe Parish Council wrote on its website:

“Angus have observed that other oil and gas sites that are protected by similar injunctions have had a marked decrease in protestor activity during operational periods. They therefore hope this pre-emptive injunction will help in minimising any disruption during the upcoming flow test.”

Angus is currently working on preparation for a seven-day flow test at Balcombe. The scheduled start date for the flow test is now the last week in September.

The Balcombe oil exploration site was formerly operated by Cuadrilla, which drilled an exploratory oil well in 2013. That operation was accompanied by three months of protests.

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  1. If people now risk severe prosecution from doing a slow walk etc, then they leaves some to explore other more drastic options, hung for a sheep as for a lamb.

  2. Finally no more of these tramp eco warriors in our village with there rubbish/ blocking roads We the silent majority don,t want you here .Got it .Angus energy keep a clean site .Just going about there business

    • Look up definition of a tranp A person who moves walks from place to place looking for work or begging .But you lot drive in diesel /petrol car van hypocrisy.This sum up this lot on the dole or rich kid supported by mummy and Daddy bank What you want import energy from Russia .May be there is a splattering of communist in the bunch

      • Wow, Slade, you seen to have big personal anger issues. People who indulge in personal abusive attacks tend not to have cogent and cohesive arguments to support their position.

      • We aim to remove or moderate any comments which are breaking the law or risk doing so.

        We also remove threats of legal action regarding other comments, or suggestions that there could be legal action arising from a comment as this can (intentionally or otherwise) have a chilling effect on the conversation.

        If you see a comment which gives you concern, please contact us via our contacts page

  3. He’s not the first R8. Unfortunately for some, the Courts are likely to come down like a tonne of bricks upon the first prosecuted to stop it gaining traction. I have yet to see any understanding of action producing reaction amongst the antis, so it will be what it will be.

        • Sherwulfe l,m calm not aggressive just sick of people nailing Fracking to angus energy Ukog and the Weald valley include you We need this home grown oil gas .North sea oil in rapid decline l,m sure your a good person but got your preceptive in the wrong order uk need own oil and gas .Do you agree ?

          • I totally disagree but the fracking industry in the South of England is in rapid decline before it even gets started. How much do you stand to be conned for Slade, you sound like a desperate man, who has his shirt invested, oh dear. Am sure people will buy you a coffee and a sandwich when you end up living on the streets!

    • Better tell U.K Councils who have invested £9,000,000,000 of their pension pot in Fracking…

      Offshore wind turbines without subsidies would take 50 years to pay for themselves, scrap after 20! Now that’s a scheme (I know as I’ve been involved in installing them)

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