Picture post: 8,000+ sign letter urging PM to ban fracking

181201 rally Carol Jefferson-Towner

Campaigner outside Downing Street, where a letter signed by 8,000+ people was delivered to the Prime Minister, 1 December 2018. Photo: Carol Jefferson-Towner

Campaigners delivered a letter to Downing Street this afternoon, signed by more than 8,000 people, calling for an immediate halt on fracking in the UK.

The signatories, who include politicians, academics, community groups and residents in affected areas, also demanded a halt to coal bed methane activities and the use of acid to release oil and gas.

The letter said:

“Developing an unconventional oil and gas industry in the UK will result in unacceptable negative impacts on the environment, local communities, public health and the economy.

“The greenhouse gas emissions resulting from this new fossil fuel industry will also increase climate change at a time when the UK needs to be investing heavily in clean renewable energy and moving rapidly towards a low-carbon economy.”

The letter was delivered during a march and rally in London marking the start of the latest UN climate talks in Poland, which aim to decide the ‘rulebook’ for the Paris Climate Agreement.

181201 rally FFU3

Steve Mason, of the campaign network Frack Free United, with the 8,000+ signature petition, 1 December 2018. Photo: Frack Free United

The signatories comprised:

  • 32 politicians
  • 17 academics
  • 20 non-governmental organisations
  • 39 community groups from across the UK
  • 13 Scottish community councils
  • 18 international organisations
  • 9 leading environmental campaigners
  • 7,922 people in UK areas affected by unconventional oil and gas operations

More details


Barry Gardiner MP calling for a ban on fracking in the UK, 1 December 2018. Photo: Frack Free United

Barry Gardiner MP, the shadow secretary of state for international trade, energy and climate change, supported the calls for a fracking ban:

“Action now could not be more important. … We know that rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented change is needed. Why does this government continue to support fracking? It is economically, environmentally and ethically wrong. We must ban fracking, invest in a low-carbon economy and create a net zero future.”

181201 rally Sian Berry FFU10

Sian Berry, co-leader of the Green Party, with the letter calling on the prime minister to ban fracking, 1 December 2018. Photo: Frack Free United

Sian Berry, co-leader of the Green Party, said:

“The UK must show political leadership by ditching climate wrecking policies like fracking and airport expansion, and committing to the bold and radical action we need to save the planet.”

Steve Mason from Frack Free United said:

“There is heavy opposition [to fracking] already, with only a few active sites in the UK. Thousands of communities are in the firing line. It’s time to halt fracking in the UK and secure our future energy strategy without impacting thousands of communities across the country and locking us to a fracked gas policy for years to come.”

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  1. Still not bothering to complete the “footy must stay” survey as I enter the ground for the match!

    Oh, forgot. There wasn’t one. Strange that.

    Could it be that it is there, happening, and nothing to sign up for? Probably something to do with the majority of the country not being against it, even if they don’t actively support it.

    • Now there is a surprise isnt it boys and girls? Should we say it all together shall we?

      …………You know the rest…..

        • That’s right – give David the last word – someone who’s carbon emissions through travelling must be out of this world and who doesn’t have a single qualification to put him in a position to comment on this subject

          • https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-46266348

            David has the ‘UN’s “people’s seat”.

            ‘It is a platform from which he will give a speech made up of submitted climate change comments from the public for world leaders.

            “The people’s seat is meant to represent the hundreds of millions of people are around the world whose lives are about to be affected by climate change,” Sir David told BBC News.

            “It will sit there to remind politicians who are working at [this] conference – and administrators and governments – that this is not a theoretical enterprise – they aren’t working in a vacuum. They are dealing with real people’s futures.”

            Sir David will take up the seat in his role giving the people’s address for the opening sessions of the conference.’

            So your comment has just dismissed everyone who has a voice and who is being affected right now and in the future by the effects of climate change; what an ego [must get out my psychology dictionary; there’s a name for this]

            • Given the choice boys and girls, who would you trust to tell us how to extract ourselves out of the present climate disaster that the fossil fuel fools have perpetrated upon us all?
              David Attenborough?

              Who has almost single handedly woken us up to the suicidal acts of greed and stupidity from avaricious fossil fuel dummies.
              Or this? From the Paunch and Judith school of death ray diplomacy?

              What does David Attenborough think of the assumed eminence of those comparisons of relative qualifications?

              [Links updated at poster’s request]

            • So Phil C – you don’t seem to be able to provide an answer to my question regarding David’s qualifications. As far as I can see he’s a TV presenter who’s travelled a lot

            • Ahh, i see the Paunch and Judith death ray diplomacy is still sputtering insignificantly and as ineffectively as a Cuadrilla gas flare?

              You didn’t ask a question…..”Judith”…….you never do……….DYOR

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